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I Heart the Besame Snow White Collection!

Besame Snow White Collection

Some things I ordered from the Besame Snow White Collection

I really love Besame Cosmetics – the packaging, the whole vibe and philosophy behind all of their retro vintage-inspired beauty products. I’m also a huge fan of everything Snow White, as evidenced by my 2016 Halloween costume:

Snow White makeup and hair

Halloween 2016

As soon as I saw the limited edition Besame Cosmetics Snow White Collection in my Instagram feed I just about nearly freaked out. The only problem? I live in Canada. I did order from Besame once before in 2013, and the brokerage and customs fees through UPS were $55.00 on top of the exchange rate from USD for the order. Although I loved the products (you can check out my post), particularly the Classic Color Lipsticks, I was reluctant to order from them again. Luckily, my Dad was wintering in Florida. So I had my order delivered to his address and then he mailed it to me through Canada Post. Hooray! Continue reading


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Retro Tiki Decorating Ideas for Summer

tiki hut decorating ideas

My backyard “tiki hut”

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer. I haven’t been blogging in a while (2 months! gulp). I’ve been busy moving into and renovating our new house, trying to sell my old house, and *enjoying* having two mortgages, which has seriously cut into my makeup shopping. I literally haven’t purchased anything beauty-related in months – I’ve been on an unplanned beauty no-buy. Sephora called to ask if I was ok 🙂 We also ran into a major, unexpected issue with the house I’m selling, which has been a source of stress, so blogging has been on the back burner for a while.

So this weekend, I really wanted to do a blog post, and I thought it might be fun to do a non-beauty related post. I have been settling into and decorating our new place, and wanted to show you some of the neat things I’ve picked up that I’ve been really enjoying. Our house came with a small out-building in the backyard that the previous owners referred to as the “love shack”, lol, that has great windows, electricity and even a little wood stove for chilly nights. Its perfect for entertaining in. It already had a bit of a retro, tiki bar vibe with the natural wood, the bamboo blinds, and white ceiling fans. There was no way I could resist adding some full-on tiki bar accessories. If you share my obsession with all things tiki, or are just looking to add a bit of a tropical, retro vibe to your summer, I hope you find some of my buys and DIY decorating tips handy! Continue reading


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Vintage Cat Eye Sunglasses

Vintage cat-eye sunglasses

Vintage cat eye sunglasses from Bernie Dexter

I have been enjoying following “American Rockabilly Pin Up Girl”, Bernie Dexter, on facebook lately. She has such amazing style and posts retro inspired photos wearing some of her very own clothing designs.

I saw this super cute pair of vintage cat eye sunglasses for sale on her ebay site for only $20 USD. I have ALWAYS wanted a pair of 1950’s style cat eye sunnies! I just love them. Summer may be almost over, but retro sunglasses are always in style, right? lol.

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Besame Cosmetics Order Arrived!

I was really excited to open this. Besame is a unique, vintage-inspired make-up line. Although shipping it here was crazy (more on that later) and I probably won’t place another order, it was totally worth it.

Besame Cosmetics

Besame Cosmetics

I ordered two of the Classic Color Lipsticks in Portrait Pink and Noir Red; their Signature Compact in Porcelain; the Crimson Cream Rouge; and their 1930s Mascara.

Besame Classic Color Lipsticks in Noir Red and Portrait Pink

Besame Classic Color Lipsticks in Noir Red and Portrait Pink

I love the lipsticks. You really feel like you’ve gone back in time to the 1950s. Back then, lipsticks were smaller, so the Besame lipsticks are smaller than a typical lipstick:

Besame Lipstick Compared to MAC Lipstick

Besame Lipstick Compared to MAC Lipstick

Speaking of MAC…the Besame lipsticks are similar to the MAC cremesheen lipsticks in formula, finish, and even the vanilla scent.

Besame Signature Compact, 1930s Mascara, and Crimson Cream Rouge

Besame Signature Compact, 1930s Mascara, and Crimson Cream Rouge

The mascara packaging is so glamorous, but it was the only product that was disappointing. I didn’t think the formula or brush did much for my lashes. But, I loved the rouge and the compact. Again, you really feel like you’ve gone back to another era. I mean, just look at this compact:

Besame Signature Compact

Besame Signature Compact

My order initially came to $122.00. The problem was with the brokerage and customs fees which weren’t included. Besame ships using UPS and they charged me an additional $55.00! which means I am not likely to place another order. I will just have to enjoy these for now.


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