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Some New Wrap Bracelets from Victoria Emerson

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets
Whoa, another Friday the 13th. Crazy! Apparently we normally only have a Friday the 13th about every two to three years. How weird is it to have had one two months in a row? So here I am with another Friday the 13th post 🙂

I have previously ordered wrap bracelets from Victoria Emerson before, and you can check out my earlier review if you’d like. I’ve had them for nearly a year now, and I’m still wearing them and they look just as good as when I first got them. The leather, while a little stiff at first, is now worn in and they fit me even better and are more comfortable (just like a pair of shoes!). I always get compliments when I wear them. I saw that Victoria Emerson was having yet another “sale” and although I love the two black wrap bracelets I got, I really wanted some other colours.

I decided on three wrap bracelets: the Silver Dorado and Mint Green on Silver ($27 USD, originally $199), a beautiful pink Rose Crystals on Brown ($24 USD, originally $199), and a Mixed Freshwater Pearls on Brown ($34 USD, which is now out-of-stock).

Shipping on purchases over $75 is free, but I did pay $11.05 USD in tax. I didn’t incur any additional customs charges and the shipping was just as fast as last time – about a week. The total was $96.05 USD or roughly $120 CAD, which works out to about $40 CAD per bracelet.

Victoria Emerson Silver Dorado and Mint Green on Silver

Silver Dorado and Mint Green on Silver

The silver and green is my favourite of the three. I love this colour combination and I think this is a unique wrap bracelet. This one also pairs well with either of my black wrap bracelets.

Victoria Emerson Rose Crystals on Brown

Rose Crystals on Brown

I really wanted a pink wrap bracelet, and this one is perfect. The little, square pink crystals are so sweet.

Victoria Emerson Mixed Freshwater Pearls on Brown

Mixed Freshwater Pearls on Brown

I have no idea if these are ‘real” freshwater pearls but they are very pretty. (UPDATE: After seeing my review, a Victoria Emerson rep contacted me via email and confirmed that they are in fact genuine freshwater pearls). I love pearls and have a lot of pearl necklaces and wanted something to wear with them. The only thing about this bracelet is that the leather is really stiff. I am hoping that with wear it will start to get worn in and fit more comfortably. (UPDATE: It did! The leather is getting much softer and flexible with wear)

Once again, I’m super happy with my Victoria Emerson bracelets. They have never messed up my order, and shipping is super fast. My year old bracelets which I’ve worn a ton still look as good as new. I would definitely recommend them.

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Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets

I ordered two wrap bracelets online through the Victoria Emerson site. I was a bit skeptical because although the “regular” prices are listed as $199.00, they’re ALWAYS on sale for $24.99-$29.99. I ordered two bracelets: Midnight Mist (on sale for about $27.50 CAD) and Silver & Black Pearl (on sale for about $33.00 CAD).

With taxes and very reasonable shipping ($7.71 CAD) it worked out to a total of $74.75 CAD. I didn’t incur any additional customs charges and I received them in about a week.

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets. Top: Silver & Black Pearl. Bottom: Midnight Mist

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets. Top: Silver & Black Pearl. Bottom: Midnight Mist

I really like them. They look pretty much like the photos on the site. I believe they’re real leather because they smelled like leather. I have no idea if they actually are “hand made” as claimed. The fastener seems like good quality and has three loops to accommodate different wrist sizes. They are comfortable to wear.

Do I think they are worth paying $200 for? Absolutely not. Do I think they are worth paying $25-$35 for? Absolutely! Fortunately the “sale” seems to be perpetual 🙂

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