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Urban Decay Naked Cherry: The thing that broke my no-buy

Urban Naked Cherry review
Well, hello again! It has been quite some time since my last post. Since May 1, I have been on a one-year sabbatical from my regular Librarian job. As awesome as this is, it has meant that I have been very busy traveling and doing research. It also means that I am on reduced salary, so I have basically been on a no-buy and have really been avoiding makeup blogs, social media and YouTube in order to not be tempted! Working from home, I’ve also not been wearing makeup on the daily, so my blog has definitely been neglected. Somehow, I still was unable to avoid the news that Urban Decay was releasing a new eye shadow palette, and when I heard it was cherry themed, it literally made me break my no-buy. Continue reading


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Sephora Visit & My Mini Brow Makeover (Toronto Shopping Part 1)

Goodies from the Eaton's Centre Sephora

Goodies from the Eaton’s Centre Sephora

At the end of January I was off to Toronto for the annual national library conference. While I’m there, I always try to make time to do some of my favourites and sometimes try out new things too (like going to the Bite Lip Lab). I always make time to go to the Eaton’s Centre and hit the Sephora and MAC because there is no Sephora or MAC near where I live. I had a great trip to Sephora this year! Continue reading


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What I Ordered During the Sephora VIB Sale

My Sephora VIB sale items

My Sephora VIB sale items

I love seeing what people chose to pick up at Sephora’s 20% off fall sale. I often use the sale to finally purchase an expensive item on my wish-list or to try out some new products. This year, however, I was totally practical. I decided to save money by restocking some of my staples. I ordered five items that are products that I use everyday. Continue reading


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I Finally Caved: The Naked Smoky

Urban Decay Naked Smoky eye shadow palette

The Naked Smoky was 50% off at http://www.urbandecay.ca

The Naked Smoky has been out for a while (since last year), but I had so far valiantly resisted adding another eye shadow palette to my collection. I have all three of the Naked palettes, the Naked Basics, and the Naked Ultimate Basics. I thought the Naked Smoky looked gorgeous, but I wasn’t sure I’d use the darker, smokier shades often enough to justify the price. This month, the lovely Canadian beauty blogger, Miss Hailey, provided the awesome tip that the Naked Smoky was half price on the Urban Decay Canada site for a one day only sale. Normally $66 CAD, it was going for $33 plus free shipping! Well that was all the convincing I needed. I couldn’t resist the allure of the Naked Smoky eye shadow palette any longer. Continue reading


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UD Naked Ultimate Basics Palette Review

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics eyeshadow palette
First there was the Urban Decay Naked palette (can you believe that was all the way back in 2010?). Then came the Naked 2 and Naked 3. Like any makeup hoarder lover, I have all three eye shadow palettes, although I haven’t picked up the Naked Smokey as of yet. I’m also a big fan of both the Naked Basics palettes, particularly because they had a lot of wearable, everyday matte shades. I have pretty much used up my favourite shades in my Naked Basics palette. Continue reading


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DIY Pedis & My Fav Summer Polishes for Toes

Bon Vital Spa Pomegranate & Acai Berry Salt Scrub and Lavender & Rosemary Sugar Scrub

Bon Vital’ BVspa Pomegranate & Acai Berry Salt Scrub and Lavender & Rosemary Sugar Scrub

Summertime is when you need your feet to look their best. During Canadian winters, I literally don’t see my feet for months on end, but they emerge in the summer to peek out of cute open-toed shoes. I’m a big fan of going for the occasional professional pedicure, but I also really like doing my own at home. The thing I love most about a pedi is that although my skin is generally pretty sensitive to fragrance, the one exception are my feet. Its the one time I can indulge in that luxurious spa-like experience of using lovely scented skincare products like a normal girl! Here are my fav skincare products that I’ve been using for summertime feet, and the polishes I have been loving the most on my toes. Continue reading

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Redeeming Sephora Points, VIB Rouge Welcome Gift, & a Great Beauty Deal (still available!)

Sephora 500 point reward Tarteist Tools, VIB Rouge Welcome Gift, and Urban Decay Beauty Deal

Who doesn’t love Sephora points, amirite?

Hey everyone! I just wanted to do a quick post about the free items I got with my latest Sephora order, especially because one of the Beauty Deals is pretty great and is still available on the website. When I placed my order, I ended up qualifying for VIB Rouge again [hangs head in shame and cuts up credit card]. I was happy to see that the VIB Rouge Welcome Gift was actually available this time. I never did get the VIB Rouge gift last year (which I think was a mini Marc Jacobs Beauty Lipstick) even after contacting Sephora, who continually said they were “out of stock”, which I think was pretty bad customer service considering how much one has spent when one hits the Rouge level. The only VIB Rouge gift I’d received was for 2014, the first time I qualified, and that was the mini Bite Beauty Luminous Creme Lipstick. So I was really pleased with the 2016 VIB Rouge Welcome Gift, a super cute mini NARS blush.

NARS mini blush VIB Rouge exclusive Goulue

This year’s VIB Rouge welcome gift: a baby NARS blush!

Continue reading


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[CLOSED] Three Great Giveaways! Sephora, Birchbox & NY City

Sephora Daily Gift of BeautyI just wanted to let you guys know about a few giveaways I found out about today. The first are from Sephora. In an attempt to address concerns about the recent changes in Canadian shipping, Sephora is running Canada’s Daily Gift of Beauty. You can enter the Canada-only giveaway (sorry to my non-Canadian readers) that runs until Friday, October 2,  for a chance to win a daily beauty prize. Visit the SephoraCanada Facebook page to see what the prize of the day is, or @sephoracanada on Instagram for a hint about the next day’s prize,  and enter to win each day. Continue reading

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Battle of the Setting Sprays: A Fantastic Drugstore Alternative

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray versus Urban Decay

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray VS Urban Decay Chill Cooling & Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray

I have been using the Urban Decay makeup setting spray for several years now. The “Chill Cooling & Hydrating” setting spray is my favourite. I even have the mini size for when I travel. Thanks to the new Sephora Canadian shipping debacle, my setting spray has been out-of-stock for ages. Dangerously low, I was walking through my local Lawtons Drugs, and I noticed a product that looked remarkably similar to the Urban Decay setting spray, L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray. The packaging was extremely similar. I asked the SA if she knew whether or not it was similar to the Urban Decay setting spray and she said she had several customers try it and then tell her they switched to the L’Oreal! Well, that was all I needed to hear to make me want to try a possible drugstore dupe for the Urban Decay setting spray! Continue reading


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Blush Addict Tag!

blush addict tagI saw this tag on the lovely plus+beauty27‘s blog (which if you haven’t checked out, you really should). As a ridiculously pale person incapable of tanning, I pretty much cannot live without blush and if I’m not wearing makeup, its usually the one thing I will pop on before leaving the house, even before lipstick. I am of the Kate Middleton school of blush; you can never have on too much! Blush is one of my favourite makeup products, so I knew I just had to do this tag.

What color blush suits you most?
I have very fair, cool-toned skin and I find the types of blush shades that suit me best are natural/nude shades, and light cool-toned pinks and peaches. I also try to go for more sheer blushes that I can build up so they look more subtle and natural.

Pressed, cream or loose blush?
Pressed all the way. I haven’t had much luck with cream blushes and loose blush is just way too messy for me.

Favorite shimmery blush?
This is a hard one because I’m really into matte blushes right now, but one of my favourite blushes of all time is NARS Orgasm, which is fairly shimmery I think.

Favorite matte blush?
MAC Mocha which I have heard Dita Von Teese wears. Its is so pretty on fair skin (see my post about Mocha).

MAC Mocha blush

MAC Mocha matte blush

Favorite cream blush?
I am not typically a big fan of cream blushes, but I do really love Benefit Benetint, which is a great cheek stain to wear on its own, layer under foundation, or pat on over liquid foundation.

Benefit Benetint Cheek Stain

Benefit Benetint Cheek Stain

Favorite drugstore blush?
I love the NYX blushes so much. I’ve posted about my favourite NYX blushes  and the NYX Baked Blushes. My absolute favourite, most repurchased NYX blush would be Angel.

NYX Angel blush

NYX Angel blush

Favorite high end blush?
I love MAC blushes. You can see my post on what’s in my MAC blush palette for a few of my favs. NARS blushes would be a very close second, and I’ve also posted about my favourite NARS blushes for fair skin. I have one Chanel blush, In Love, and its one of my favourite high-end blush splurges.

Chanel Joues Contraste 55 In Love

Chanel Joues Contraste 55 In Love

Biggest blush disappointment?
Definitely the Tarte Cheek Stains. I found it too sticky on the skin. Compared to Benefit’s Benetint, it didn’t set on me, so trying to apply foundation over it was an issue. I also found it too sheer and not long-wearing. Plus, I hated the strong fruity smell (why add fragrance to a cheek product?). They were a total fail for me.

Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush

Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush

Best blush packaging?
I recently picked up one of the new Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour blushes and I think it has the coolest packaging of any blush I’ve ever seen. Very edgy with such detail. UD really nails it with packaging.

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Blush

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Blush

What’s on your blush wishlist?
I’ve really been wanting to try two high-end blushes: the Make Up For Ever HD powder blushes (which are $31 CAD) and the Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blushers that I’d have to order from Nordstrom for $51.37 CAD. You can see why the Charlotte Tilbury is still just “wishlist” 🙂

Plus I just saw a review of the new Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16 hr blushes with the colour-coordinated heart shaped packaging including a heart shaped mirror and I am totally freaking out!

Too Faced Love Flush blush

I am lusting after the new Too Faced Love Flush blushes!

Holy grail blush?
I have three “go-to” blushes that just never seem to fail me and that I’d never want to be without: NYX Angel, MAC Prism, and Lorac Baked Matte Satin blush in Exposed.

MAC Prism blush

MAC Prism

LORAC Exposed

LORAC Exposed

I think I will do as plus+beauty27 did and invite anyone to do this tag who likes blush as much as I do! I had fun doing this tag and I hope you had fun reading it!

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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Went in for Cheek Pops, Left with a Different Blush!

New Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Blush

New Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Blush

I’ve been in Ottawa for work this past week, and while I was there, visited the Sephora in the Rideau Centre. I totally went in to check out the Clinique Cheek Pop blushes with the super cute flower design. I’d been hearing several other YouTubers & bloggers mention them and was especially interested in the shade Nude Pop.

I have to say, in person, I was so disappointed. After swatching them, I found them to be way too shimmery for me (think lots of little individual flecks of shimmer). All the shades seemed to have the exact same finish. I’m just not a shimmery blush kind of gal. Feeling bummed, I wandered forlornly around Sephora till a SA asked if I needed any help. I told her my tale of Cheek Pop woe and she immediately suggested I check out the new Urban Decay blushes. I’m so glad I did. The “Afterglow” (named in typical UD fashion) 8-hour powder blushes are beautiful!

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Blush in Fetish

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Blush in Fetish

I think this is the coolest blush packaging I’ve ever seen. Several of the blushes were matte and had the softest, buttery texture, much like the UD eye shadows. I chose the shade Fetish, described as a “medium pink nude,” which I would say is a pale, neutral pinky-nude blush with a matte finish. UD describes the Afterglow blushes as “extremely blendable”, “sheer”, and “finely milled”, which I would completely agree with.

swatch Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Blush in Fetish


Look at the subtle, pale loveliness of this blush! Such a perfect blush for fair skin I think.

The Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Blushes are $31 CAD.

What do you think? Clinique Cheek Pop VS Urban Decay Afterglow? Are you loving the shimmery Cheek Pops or do you prefer a matte blush? I’d love to hear from you.

Thank for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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2014 Favourites!

2014 makeup favourites
I have never actually done any monthly favourites posts before, so its a bit ambitious of me to start with yearly favourites, but here it goes! Here are the makeup items that I had been loving and using the most all year in 2014:

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation
You might be sick of hearing me rave about this foundation in 110 Porcelain Pink, but I just love it and have repurchased it 3 or 4 times since discovering it in January. Best foundation for fair skin I have ever found. ($49 CAD)

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara
Another 2014 discovery that has quickly become my absolute favourite! I have repurchased it probably 3 times now? ($34 CAD)

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara
Cannot live without this mascara. This long-time fav is still going strong in 2014. ($12 CAD)

Almay Intense i-Color Liquid Eyeliner (waterproof)
I really only started using liquid liner this year. I don’t like a lot of heavy liner on my top lids because they are a bit hooded. But I like the effect of getting a thin line of black liner right at the lash line to make your lashes look fuller and more dramatic. The Almay brush is tiny enough to draw a thin line right at the lash line. It dries super fast, literally doesn’t budge or smudge, and also doesn’t irritate my eyes. ($9.99 CAD)

MAC Powersurge Eye Kohl
One of my most repurchased products of all time, I am still in love with this subtle, slightly shimmery, golden beige liner which I use on my lower water and lash line nearly every day. ($19 CAD)

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
I picked this up in January, and I must say I have used it a lot throughout the year. I really like this eyeshadow palette and have been into the “rose-hued neutrals” in 2014. See my review comparing it to the other two Naked palettes. ($64 CAD)

MAC Capricious Lipstick (lustre)
I found this fabulous shade this spring after becoming obsessed with the series Once Upon a Time on Netflix. This is Evil Queen Regina’s lipstick. I’ve only had it since April and its almost completely used up! Must reorder… ($19.00)

MAC Lip Pencil in Subculture and Plum
I’ve been totally obsessed with lip liners this year and two of my MAC favs (narrowed down from many, many others, lol) have been Subculture, a rosey-browney nude pink that works with everything and that I’ve sharpened down to a stump, and Plum, a deep brown-toned plum. ($19.00)

Laura Mercier Plumberry Lip Pencil
Speaking of lip liners…I only became obsessed with this one in September but I’m totally obsessed. Its another one I’ve sharpened down to nearly a stump already and need to repurchase. See my full review. ($28 CAD)

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
I found this by first receiving a Sephora sample and picked up a full-size in January. I have been using it all year and have re-purchased it 2 or 3 times. This setting spray is amazing! ($36 CAD)

Benefit Benebalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm
I picked this up in June and I’ve nearly used it up completely! See my full review ($22 CAD)

MAC Patina Eye Shadow
Another of my most repurchased products, I was loving this eye shadow all year. ($12 CAD)

MAC Prism blush
This was without a doubt my favourite blush of 2014. Prism is a matte, muted, slightly peachy, mostly pinky-brown with a completely matte finish. Ever since I got it earlier this year I just never want to wear any other blush. For swatches and more pics see my earlier post. ($26 CAD)

Well that’s it for my 2014 favs!

Happy New Year & thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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Naked Basics 2 Palette VS Original

The new Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette

The new Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette

A new Urban Decay Naked palette coming out is always exciting. I had hit pan on several of the shades in the original Naked Basics palette, so I felt pretty sure that I was going to like the Naked Basics 2, especially because I’d heard that the shadows were more cool-toned. I think I like the second palette even better than the first!

Original Naked Basics vs Naked Basics 2

The Naked Basics

Although I used three of the shades from the original palette – W.O.S., Naked 2, and Faint – a ton, I wasn’t such a fan of Venus and Foxy. Venus was too shimmery for me and Foxy was much too yellow for my skintone. I would  use my MAC Brule with the palette to make it work. But I love the two lightest shades in the Naked Basics 2 – Stark and Skimp! Stark is very similar to MAC Brule and makes a great matte highlight or to blend out shadows.

Naked Basics 2 VS original Naked Basics

Top: Naked Basics 2. Bottom: My (well loved) original Naked Basics

I also love the three cool-toned taupey neutrals, Frisk, Cover & Primal. Soo pretty! The darkest shade, Undone, is a wearable medium gray which I will likely get more use out of than Crave from the original palette.

Swatches: Original Naked Basics vs Naked Basics 2

Swatches: Top – Original Naked Basics. Bottom – Naked Basics 2

Both of the Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes are $35 CAD each.

Thanks for stopping by ❤
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Ipsy August Glam Bag Review & Why I Cancelled My Subscription

Ipsy Glam Bag for August 2014

Ipsy Glam Bag for August 2014

This is my last Ipsy Glam bag review (more about why I cancelled my subscription below). My August bag arrived late this month, just like my July bag. The August bag’s theme was fittingly “Beauty Schooled”, just in time for back-to-school. This month may be the cutest bag yet, a plastic cylinder shaped bag with orange polka-dots.

In the August bag was:

  • Urban Decay Perversion Mascara (0.1 oz mini):  $26.00 for full 0.4 oz size
  • Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Pencil (0.02 oz mini): Could not find a price
  • Coastal Scents Forever Blush Sample Duo in “Fresh” & “Elegant” (0.09 oz sample):  $8.70 each for full 0.28 oz sizes
  • Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner: $6.00
  • Paula’s Choice Skincare Clear Ultra-Light Daily Mattifying Fluid SPF 30+ (0.5 0z sample size): $29.59 for full 2 oz size

Retail prices are in CAD and don’t include taxes or applicable shipping.

The total retail value of the August bag (excluding the Kohl Eye Pencil I couldn’t find a price for) if I were to purchase the full-sized products (not including taxes or shipping, etc.) would be: $78.99 CAD.

I was excited to try the  Urban Decay Perversion Mascara but I have to say I was less than impressed with it. Sephora is currently selling it with the Subversion Primer. I don’t know if you’d get a more dramatic, volumizing effect if you used the primer, but it didn’t wow me. I still love my Guerlain Maxi Lash.

The Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Pencil was a bit of a fail as it was really smudgy and not the type that stays put very well. I’d have to be doing a REALLY smokey eye! Lord & Berry is not a brand that’s available in Canada.

I haven’t tried any Coastal Scents makeup so the blush sample was neat, especially the fact that it was a duo so you get to try two shades. My favourite was the Jersey Shore Sun Mongongo Lip Conditioner! Love this lip balm!!! I have no idea where to buy it in Canada, except on Amazon.com.

So, I decided to cancel my Ipsy subscription. Why?
It wasn’t because I was unhappy with the Glam bags or the products I was receiving. I actually had a lot of fun getting them each month and although some of the products were misses, many were hits. Here are some of the reasons I decided to cancel:

  • I have been subscribing for a year now. The “novelty” or the fun factor was starting to wear off a bit.
  • I now have 12 cosmetic bags! I was starting to run out of things to do with them 🙂
  • I was accumulating a lot of samples and was finding I wasn’t able to keep up with trying them all.
  • I was looking for ways to save some money in my budget and wasn’t as interested in the expense of a monthly subscription service.

I hope my reviews of my monthly Ipsy bags have been helpful for those of you curious about getting a subscription! Maybe I’ll subscribe to another type of monthly sample service eventually. Who knows.

Thanks for stopping by ❤


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How Badass is the Pulp Fiction Makeup Collection?

Urban Decay's Pulp Fiction Makeup Collection!

Urban Decay’s Pulp Fiction Collection!

I can’t even describe how excited I was to see that Sephora package arrive today (more excited than usual even) because I knew it contained the items I’d ordered from the Urban Decay Pulp Fiction makeup collection. I am a huge Tarantino fan and have seen Pulp Fiction about a million times and have even been Mrs. Mia Wallace for Halloween. This collection did not disappoint.

My most favourite details about this collection? 1. The iconic “path of the righteous man” quote is printed on the eyeshadow palette. 2. The quote is even written inside the boxes containing the lipstick and nail polish, and 3. The lipstick and nail polish shades are both named “Mrs. Mia Wallace”! This is seriously the coolest packaging ever.
Path of the Righteous Man quote on Pulp Fiction Palette
Path of the Righteous Man quote on Mrs. Mia Wallace lipstick packaging
Mrs. Mia Wallace lipstick packaging
Let’s start with the amazing Stay Cool Honey Bunny eyeshadow palette. The shadows are the buttery soft, pigmented goodness you’d expect from Urban Decay. And love the names!

Pulp Fiction eyeshadow palette

Pulp Fiction eyeshadow palette

These are shades I would gravitate to anyway – very neutral, cool toned browns and creams.

Swatches: Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette

Swatches: Pulp Fiction Eyeshadow Palette

Then there’s the beautiful deep red lipstick. I love how the Revolution lipstick tube is black (although it isn’t reading as quite as black in this photo).

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace

Revolution Lipstick in “Mrs. Mia Wallace”

I wasn’t in love with the Revolution Lipstick I bought in “Liar”. I didn’t think the formula worked for a nude lipstick (too opaque and matte) but I think it works better in this vampy red. It went on extremely smooth and stayed on for hours and surprisingly didn’t feel drying. It’s a deep, cool-toned red. Definitely very Mia Wallace.

Swatch: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Mrs. Mia Wallace

Swatch: Revolution Lipstick in “Mrs. Mia Wallace”

I also got the nail polish in “Mrs. Mia Wallace”, although Uma Thurman famously wore Chanel “Vamp” nail polish in the original film. Urban Decay’s version is similar (a dark, blood red) but not the same as the shade she wore in the film. Vamp was more of a blackened plum. I love the Urban Decay nail polish bottle with the black skull on the top though!

Urban Decay Mrs. Mia Wallace Nail Polish

“Mrs. Mia Wallace” Nail Polish

I am delighted with this collection. If you’re thinking of picking up these limited edition items, here are the Canadian prices:

  • Stay Cool Honey Bunny eyeshadow palette: $41.00
  • Mrs. Mia Wallace Revolution Lipstick: $26.00
  • Mrs. Mia Wallace Nail Polish: $18.00

Thanks for stopping by! ❤


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So Excited About Urban Decay’s Pulp Fiction Collection!

Urban Decay's Pulp Fiction Collection available July 16th

Urban Decay’s Pulp Fiction Collection available July 16th

I am a huge fan of Pulp Fiction. I remember in the 90s when the film first came out (can you believe it was 20 years ago?) and all my friends and I just wanted to be Uma Thurman. We all loved her look – her black cropped hair, blood red lips and nails – and thought she was the epitome of cool.

Uma Thurman as Mia Wallace in 1994.

Uma Thurman as Mrs. Mia Wallace in 1994

I may not have been able to get Chanel’s famous Vamp nailpolish, which she wore in the film, but I wore anything similar that I could find, like Revlon’s Vixen. A couple of years ago, I even dressed up as Mia Wallace for Halloween, lol.

Dressed up as Uma in Pulp Fiction for Halloween

Dressed up as Uma in Pulp Fiction for Halloween 🙂

Tomorrow, we can live our fantasy of looking like Mrs. Mia Wallace, with Urban Decay’s Pulp Fiction collection, an eyeshadow palette, lipstick, lipliner, and nail polish inspired by Uma’s makeup look. I am so excited!

Will you be picking up any of the Pulp Fiction collection?

Thanks so much for stopping by!


Nerdy Librarian Girl


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Lipstick Addict Tag!

lipstick addict tagI’ve seen a bunch of YouTubers doing the “Lipstick Addict” tag lately. Nobody tagged me specifically, but I really liked this tag and I’ve never done one before and I thought it would be fun. I’m especially excited to tag some other bloggers. So let’s get started…

1. Favorite Lip Balm

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Fragrance Free

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant – Fragrance Free

The Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant (Fragrance Free) works great as a lip balm, especially in winter when your lips get really dry. I put it on at night before bed.

2. Best Eye-Catching Red

MAC Dubonnet Lipstick

MAC Dubonnet Lipstick

I had the hardest time finding a red lipstick that suited me. I have very pink undertones and a lot of pink in my lips. Every red I tried would look hot pink or fushia on me. The first time I went into a MAC store (after swatching literally every red lipstick in Sephora) it was in search of a red. Dubonnet is the first MAC lipstick I ever bought and still the only red lipstick I own. Its a very intense, more blue than orange red, with a bit of a brown undertone. If you have fair, cool-toned skin this would be a good red to get.

3. Best Luxury Brand

Chanel Coco Shine in Parfait

Chanel Coco Shine in “Parfait”

I only have a few lipsticks from luxury brands (Tom Ford, Burberry, NARS) but my Chanel lipsticks are the ones I enjoy the most. I have Rouge Coco in “Mademoiselle” and Rouge Coco Shine in “Bel-Ami” which I have already blogged about, and this one, Rouge Coco Shine in “Parfait” which is the yummiest pink. I love the scent of Chanel lipsticks!

4. Best Drugstore Brand

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in "Adore" & Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in "Fig Jam"

Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in “Adore” (top swatch) & Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter in “Fig Jam” (bottom swatch)

My favourite drugstore brand is definitely Revlon, and the Kissable Balm Stains and the Lip Butters are tied for best Revlon lip product. I have a couple of the Balm Stains and I like ‘Adore” the best. I think its similar to MAC’s Dubonnet in that it’s a slightly blue-toned, slightly brownish red. I have a lot of the Lip Butters (I was a little obsessed there for a while) and “Fig Jam”, a deep reddish brown, is my favourite.

5. Best MAC

MAC "Modesty" lipstick

MAC “Modesty” lipstick

This was a difficult one. How do you pick just one favourite MAC lipstick??? I went with one of my favs that doesn’t get mentioned a lot but I think is just an amazing shade, “Modesty”, a neutral, nude pink. Its such a natural, wearable shade.

6. Most Disappointing

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in "Liar"

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in “Liar”

A few other people who have done this tag have listed the Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick as their most disappointing. I was so excited about this line. Just look at the beautiful hammered gunmetal tube! I was loving the UD Naked palettes and then along comes a UD lipstick line full of wearable, nude shades. But, sadly, I am just not in love with this formula. Too thick, too creamy, too opaque. Its not the kind of texture that applies easily or smoothly and it has a dull, almost matte finish. When I’m wearing it, it just feels “blah”.

7. Lip liner yes or no?
YES! I love lipliners. MAC are my favourite, and I have posts on my favourite drugstore lipliners if you’re interested: Annabelle and Milani.

8. Best Gloss
Its a tie between Rimmel Stay Glossy in “Non-Stop Glamour” and the NYX Butter Glosses. Check out my posts for pics & swatches 🙂

9. Something Extra

Quo Lipstick from Shoppers Drug Mart

Quo Lipstick from Shoppers Drug Mart

If you haven’t tried anything from Shoppers Drug Mart’s line, Quo, you might want to give one of their lipsticks a go. I picked this one up last summer. I don’t know if the shade had a name; it only says “6” on the bottom of the tube. I really enjoyed this sheer lipstick in a pretty peachy-pink. It had no scent or taste and felt really hydrating and smooth on my lips and cost less than $10.00 CAD.

That’s all for my Lipstick Addict tag. Now I am tagging:

Tanja Holland
Melissa Raymond
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Urban Decay Naked 2 Eyeshadow Dupe

Urban Decay Naked Basics palette and Bobbi Brown Cement eyeshadow
I was sad to hit pan on some of the shades in my Urban Decay Naked Basics palette, especially “Naked 2”, the one I wore most often. I really like wearing this shade all over the lid as a very natural, everyday “no makeup” makeup look. While I was in Sephora I asked the SA if UD made Naked 2 as an individual shadow. They don’t, but she was so sweet and helpful and immediately recommended another shade that she said is a very close dupe for Naked 2: Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in “Cement”.

Bobbi Brown Cement Eye Shadow

Bobbi Brown “Cement” Eye Shadow

Cement is described as “a grey beige” and is completely matte.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison:

Urban Decay Naked 2 dupe: Bobbi Brown Cement eyeshadow

Urban Decay Naked 2 dupe: Bobbi Brown Cement eye shadow

Swatches: Urban Decay Naked 2 and Bobbi Brown Cement eyeshadow

Swatches (L-R): Urban Decay Naked 2 and Bobbi Brown Cement eye shadow

It’s extremely similar to Naked 2. Both are very light, matte, cool-toned beigey-taupes. I would say Naked 2 is a little warmer and more brown, and Cement is a little more grey.

I’m really happy with it! If there are your-lips-but-better shades, I would say this is a your-eyelids-but-better eye shadow 🙂

This is the first Bobbi Brown eye shadow I’ve tried. In Canada they’re available at SephoraMurale, and Holt Renfrew for $26.00 CAD. Now I’d like to try some other Bobbi Brown shadows. Which ones would you recommend?

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Ipsy April Glam Bag Review

April Ipsy Glam Bag: UD 24/7 Velvet Glide-on Eye Pencil, Rainbow Honey Midnight Fountain glitter nail lacquer, dr. brandt microdermabrasion skin exfoliant, Jasmine perfume oil, and Mary Kay at Play Jelly Lip Gloss

April Ipsy Glam Bag: UD 24/7 Velvet Glide-on Eye Pencil, Rainbow Honey Midnight Fountain glitter nail lacquer, dr. brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant, Demeter Jasmine perfume oil, and Mary Kay at Play Jelly Lip Gloss

The April Glam Bag’s theme was “Beauty Rocks” and contained products with a rock-n-roll sort of theme. The cosmetic bag was really cute, and also said “Beauty Rocks” with an image of an old vinyl record.  The bag contained 5 products, 4 of which were sample sizes:

  • Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-on Eye Pencil in “Black Velvet” (0.03 oz size): $24.00 CAD for full 0.04 oz size
  • Rainbow Honey glitter nail lacquer in “Midnight Fountain” (sample size): $11.50 CAD for full size
  • dr. brandt Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant (0.25 oz sample size): $90.00 CAD for 2 oz size
  • Demeter Jasmine perfume oil (o.29 sample size): $20.00 CAD for full 1 oz size. This is the first time I’ve received perfume in my Glam Bag.
  • Mary Kay at Play Jelly Lip Gloss in “Berry Me”: $11.00 CAD

Retail prices are in CAD and don’t include taxes or applicable shipping.

The total retail value of the April bag if I were to purchase the full-sized products (not including taxes or shipping, etc.) would be: $156.50 CAD.

I am happy with this month’s products with the exception of the Mary Kay. I am not a fan of Mary Kay because I am allergic to their products, so I won’t be using the lip gloss. The dr. brandt is quite a high-end product. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

In Canada, Rainbow Honey nail lacquer and Demeter perfume is available through nailpolishcanada.com. Urban Decay and dr. brandt are available at Sephora. Mary Kay can be purchased through their “independent beauty consultants”.

Thanks for stopping by ❤


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New Foundation Routine

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, Beautyblender, MAKE UP  FOREVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation, Urban Decay All Nighter Make-up Setting Spray

Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer, Beautyblender, MAKE UP FOREVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation, Urban Decay All Nighter Make-up Setting Spray

Still on a quest to find a new wintertime foundation routine, I am currently trying out these four products: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer (I bought the “travel size”), the Beautyblender sponge, MAKE UP FOREVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation in 110 “Pink Porcelain”, and Urban Decay All Nighter Make-up Setting Spray.

I received a Sephora sample of the Hourglass primer and absolutely loved it, and I’m not usually a big fan of primers. I generally find them too drying for my skin or they don’t seem to really do anything. Of course, the thing you like is inevitably one of the most expensive :P. I held out until I noticed that it does come in a smaller, more affordable size. The 0.33 ounce “travel size” is $21.00 CND. It really makes my skin feel super soft and smooth and works great with my Bareminerals powder foundation probably because they are both mineral-based.

The Hourglass primer doesn’t seem to get on as well with the MUF HD Invisible Cover foundation. I checked the Sephora site and sure enough the Hourglass primer is “water-resistant” and the MUF foundation is water-based. I love them both individually but they don’t seem to work well together.

I was impressed with the shade range of the MUF HD foundation (24 shades). The lightest, 110 “Pink Porcelain” is a really good match and does not seem to oxidize and darken or shift throughout the day. It seems sheer and natural but also manages to provide medium coverage. So far it’s getting along with my skin. I think it’s the best liquid foundation I have used. I should do a post on my liquid foundation “graveyard”. So many fails.

I finally am trying out the Beautyblender. I may be the last person to have bought one. I never use sponges normally because I am allergic to latex (Beautyblender is happily latex-free). Although I find washing it and squeezing the water out a bit more of a pain than washing brushes, I am liking the way it applies foundation. The Sephora site says they “can last up to three to four months if cared for properly”, and you can even mail it to Pennsylvania if you are a dedicated recycler.

My absolute favourite thing I am using right now is the UD All Nighter Make-up Setting Spray. I also discovered this by receiving a Sephora sample (I think it may have been a “deluxe” sample). This setting spray really works! I have previously used the MAC Fix+ and while I like it for other qualities and purposes, I don’t think it extends the wear of your make-up like the UD All Nighter spray. I feel like my make-up would literally stay on looking the same forever.

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Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I was in Toronto over the holidays, and of course, could not resist popping in to a Sephora. Not having a Sephora near where I live means I don’t actually get to shop there live, in person and usually rely on online shopping. Being in a Sephora in December of 2013 naturally meant having to buy a new UD Naked palette. I mean, what choice did I have? 🙂
Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I, like most makeup enthusiasts, already have the original Naked and the Naked 2 palette. Although I liked the original Naked palette, it did contain mostly bronze-toned neutrals, and not all of the shades worked well with my cool-toned fair skin. I actually much preferred the Naked 2, with its cooler-toned neutrals (taupes and greys).

Here are the Nakeds, side by side:
The Naked Palettes

The Nakeds. Top-bottom: Naked 1, 2, and 3.

The Nakeds. Top-bottom: Naked 1, 2, and 3.

The Naked 3 is very pinkey-rosey toned which I am loving! I think it might be my favourite. I am finding all of the shades very wearable, likely because they work well with my pink undertones. I would caution though, if you are not a pink eyeshadow lover, and you find pink-toned shadows don’t flatter you or work with your skin tone, then this palette might not be for you.

I didn’t want to swatch all 12 shades (there are tons of swatches all over the internet, so it seemed unnecessary) but I thought I would swatch my favourite shades out of the Naked 3:

Naked 3 palette swatches. L-R: Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Strange.

Naked 3 palette swatches. L-R: Nooner, Liar, Factory, Mugshot, Strange.

  • Nooner: A matte mauve that is beautiful in the crease
  • Liar: Chocolatey brown with a rose-gold sheen
  • Factory: Rosey-brown with a subtle shimmer
  • Mugshot: Cooler-toned taupey-brown with a really pretty rosey sheen. Similar to MAC’s “Patina”.
  • Strange: Finally a great, matte blending/highlight shade in a Naked palette! This one is similar to MAC’s “Brule” (one of my long-time favs), but more pinkey-peach toned.

A lot of the reviews I have read have commented on the packaging. People don’t seem to be a fan of the hard metallic cases and favour the original fuzzy, velvety one. I really like the Naked 2 and 3 cases though. I think the pink Naked 3 case with its faux, crinkely metal finish is super pretty.

Whats your favourite palette – Naked 1, 2 or 3?


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