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Retro Tiki Decorating Ideas for Summer

tiki hut decorating ideas

My backyard “tiki hut”

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer. I haven’t been blogging in a while (2 months! gulp). I’ve been busy moving into and renovating our new house, trying to sell my old house, and *enjoying* having two mortgages, which has seriously cut into my makeup shopping. I literally haven’t purchased anything beauty-related in months – I’ve been on an unplanned beauty no-buy. Sephora called to ask if I was ok 🙂 We also ran into a major, unexpected issue with the house I’m selling, which has been a source of stress, so blogging has been on the back burner for a while.

So this weekend, I really wanted to do a blog post, and I thought it might be fun to do a non-beauty related post. I have been settling into and decorating our new place, and wanted to show you some of the neat things I’ve picked up that I’ve been really enjoying. Our house came with a small out-building in the backyard that the previous owners referred to as the “love shack”, lol, that has great windows, electricity and even a little wood stove for chilly nights. Its perfect for entertaining in. It already had a bit of a retro, tiki bar vibe with the natural wood, the bamboo blinds, and white ceiling fans. There was no way I could resist adding some full-on tiki bar accessories. If you share my obsession with all things tiki, or are just looking to add a bit of a tropical, retro vibe to your summer, I hope you find some of my buys and DIY decorating tips handy! Continue reading


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