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Temporary Root Touch Ups: Do they really work?

L'oreal Root Cover Up, AG Dry Shampoo, Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color reviews comparisons

three wash-out root touch up products I’ve tried

Hi everyone! I’ve been on a quest lately to try out some products that might keep me from having to visit the hair salon too frequently. I have been colouring my hair regularly to cover grey since I was in my late 20s. Sadly its genetic. My Mom and my Grandma went completely white very early too. My Grandma never coloured her hair, but my Mom and I do. I used to go every 6 weeks, but now I’m getting some pretty white roots going on up there and they are starting to contrast sharply against my black hair (which, in case you’re wondering is fairly close to my natural colour, a very dark brown). My hairdresser recommended going every 4 weeks! I just find it so time consuming. So I decided to try out some of the temporary root touch-up products out there to see if they really worked. So far I’ve tried the L’Oreal Root Cover Up, the AG Dry Shampoo Root Touch–Up, and the Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color. Here are my thoughts on them.
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Battle of the Setting Sprays: A Fantastic Drugstore Alternative

L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray versus Urban Decay

L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray VS Urban Decay Chill Cooling & Hydrating Makeup Setting Spray

I have been using the Urban Decay makeup setting spray for several years now. The “Chill Cooling & Hydrating” setting spray is my favourite. I even have the mini size for when I travel. Thanks to the new Sephora Canadian shipping debacle, my setting spray has been out-of-stock for ages. Dangerously low, I was walking through my local Lawtons Drugs, and I noticed a product that looked remarkably similar to the Urban Decay setting spray, L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Spray & Set Makeup Extender Setting Spray. The packaging was extremely similar. I asked the SA if she knew whether or not it was similar to the Urban Decay setting spray and she said she had several customers try it and then tell her they switched to the L’Oreal! Well, that was all I needed to hear to make me want to try a possible drugstore dupe for the Urban Decay setting spray! Continue reading


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Two Drugstore Lippies: Riche & Buttery

L'Oreal Color Riche Extraordinaire Lip Color and NYX Butter LipstickI know neither of these lip products are new to the drugstore, but both are new to me. It took a while for the NYX Butter Lipsticks to show up at my local drugstore, even though they’ve been out for ages now (sometimes living in small-town Canada has its disadvantages). I also had never been drawn to the L’Oreal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche Lip Color until recently when I saw My Exquisite World‘s review. So I picked up one of each the last time I was at Lawton’s.

I am in love with the L’Oreal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche Lip Color in the shade Molto Mauve. Not like a sticky gloss at all, these are more of a light, glossy liquid lipstick. Its super easy to apply and I can’t believe how long it stays on! It also wears off very evenly and in the prettiest way (unlike some liquid lip products).

L'Oreal Extraordinaire Color Riche Lip Color in 500 Molto Mauve

L’Oreal Extraordinaire Color Riche Lip Color in 500 Molto Mauve

Look how pretty this pinky nude shade is. On me, Molto Mauve is a my-lips-but-better type of shade. I am loving it for a natural, summertime look. Thanks for the recommendation Pooja! 🙂

L'Oreal Extraordinaire Color Riche Molto Mauve

Molto Mauve

The L’Oreal Extraordinaire does have a slight scent, but doesn’t smell like the L’Oreal Color Riche lipsticks which I really dislike the scent of. These have also been called a dupe for the YSL Glossy Stains, but I haven’t tried them so I wouldn’t know. Leave me a comment if you’ve tried both. Are they similar?

NYX Butter Lipstick in BLS11 Licorice

NYX Butter Lipstick in BLS11 Licorice

The second lip product I’m not as in love with. I’m a huge fan of the NYX Butter Glosses, so in fairness, I had high expectations. I think the word “Butter” in the product name had me anticipating something different. I’m not finding this lipstick buttery. I feel like it has a formula more similar to the MAC creamsheens, and I find both can feel a bit drying on my lips. The finish is a bit flat and very opaque and after wearing it for a while I almost felt like I was wearing a matte lipstick. I think a lot of people would totally go for this but the Butter Lipstick just isn’t really the type of formula I typically like. If you’re looking for something long-wearing, this would also work for you, especially the vampy burgundy shade, Licorice, that I tried.

swatch NYX Butter Lipstick in Licorice


What I did enjoy about the Butter Lipsticks was the packaging – how great is it that the colour of each tube matches the lipstick shade? – and the scent. The Butter Lipstick has the same yummy, sugary, edible scent as the Butter Glosses. Mmm!

The L’Oreal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche Lip Color is a slightly pricey for drugstore $13.49 CAD, but I really love it. The NYX Butter Lipsticks are a very reasonable $8.99 CAD.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❀


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Review of L’oreal La Nude Palettes 1 & 2

Loreal La Nude Palette 1 and 2

Couldn’t choose so I got them both!

After seeing reviews for the L’oreal La Nude palettes, I was bummed that I hadn’t seen them yet in any of my local drugstores. While I was in Toronto I happened to pop into a Shoppers Drug Mart and when I saw the La Nude palettes 1 and 2 I was so excited I grabbed them both. I had high hopes for these after being really impressed with the Maybelline The Nudes palette (see review).

The La Nudes 1 has your typical brown and taupe type of neutral shades that I think has a nice mix of both cool and warm tones, vs some palettes which tend to lean one way or the other. It has 4/10 matte shades.

Loreal La Nude Palette 1

La Nude 1 – brown and taupe neutrals

La Nudes 2 is more of a pink and plum toned palette. It has 6/10 matte shades.

Loreal La Nude Palette 2

La Nude 2 – more pinks and plums

Here are the swatches of the La Nude 1 VS La Nude 2:

swatches Loreal La Nude Palette 1

La Nude 1

swatches Loreal La Nude Palette 2

La Nude 2

Sadly, I can’t do a positive review of these palettes. I found the quality of these shadows just isn’t there for me. Here were my main issues:

Major fall-out: The La Nude 1 had the most fall-out. It was a mess trying to apply them and I would have to do a ton of clean-up under my eyes with a cotton bud. I did think the La Nude 2 had less fall-out.

Dude, where’s my eye shadow? When I tried to blend these shadows, they would nearly disappear and I would have to go back and reapply them to try to build the intensity back up (who has the time?).

Creasing & fading: Most of the shades from the La Nude 1 creased on me – with primer. The La Nude 2 shades didn’t crease, but both palettes would fade on me throughout the day.

Too expensive! In Canada, the La Nude palettes are a whopping $29.99 CAD. By comparison, Maybelline The Nudes palette is only $14.99 CAD and you get 12 neutral shadows (vs only 10 in the L’oreal palettes). I would skip the L’oreal and get the Maybelline or some of the new NYX shadows which are awesome (see review) instead.

I think I could have been less critical of the La Nudes if it wasn’t for the price. I expected better quality from a $30 palette. I have so many other shadows that I like way more. The L’oreal La Nudes were a miss for me.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❀


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Review: L’oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara

L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara

L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara

I’m a big fan of the L’Oreal mascaras – Telescopic and the original Voluminous both come to mind. There was something about this new L’oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara that grabbed me and made me really want to try it out, and when I saw it on sale at my local drugstore I couldn’t resist. I blame the pretty, pretty packaging! Plus, who doesn’t want to look as beautiful as a butterfly?

L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara

L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara

I also thought the wand was very different and intriguing.

L'oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza Mascara wand

Double Wing Butterfly Brush

Here’s what L’Oreal has to say:
Lashes are dressed in ultra-intense deep matte black volume, spread like butterfly wings. The exclusive Double Wing Butterfly Brush spreads lashes outwards while building greater intensity. L’OrĂ©al’s Intenza formula is enriched with micro-fibres for up to 9X the volume without clumps or flakes. Creates a simply sophisticated matte finish.”

I find the whole “matte” thing a bit perplexing. Are other mascaras not matte? I have no idea. Anyway…on to the review. I liked the brush. Similar to the Telescopic mascara, it had awesome short little rubber bristles that make it very easy to apply and get down to the base of your lashes without the mascara smudging all over your lids.

I thought the formula was kind of meh though. I like a very intense black, very dramatic, volumizing mascara that almost gives you a false eyelashes effect (insert another nerdylibraiangirl shout out to Guerlain Maxi Lash if you’re not too sick of hearing about it). This mascara is more of a your-lashes-but-slightly-better. It was very lengthening, but not volumizing, which is what I really need.

I did get a tiny bit of flaking (not too bad) and otherwise it wore well. I like it, but am not in love with this mascara.

I got the L’Oreal Voluminous Butterfly Intenza on sale for $8.99 CAD (yay!) but its regularly about $12.99 CAD.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❀


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I heart L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer

L'Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer

L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer

I tried this out after reading reviews that it was similar to the YSL Touche Eclat. I haven’t been able to bring myself to pay $50 CAD for the YSL, but wanted a highlighter pen to brighten my under-eye area after concealing. Since I haven’t personally tried it, I can’t tell you if the L’oreal Magic Lumi is a dupe for the YSL Touche Eclat, but I do know that I really love the Magic Lumi.

Although called a “concealer”, L’Oreal’s description clearly puts it firmly in the land of highlighter: “Awaken your skin with targeted illumination…highlights your complexion and boosts radiance for a subtle glow. Dab it on dark areas or shadows for instant enlightenment.” This is not meant to cover blemishes or dark circles. If you buy it for that purpose I think you would be disappointed. I got it in the shade “860 Fair” and was super impressed with how light it is – actually lighter than my very fair skin. Finally, something light enough to actually work as a highlighter!

L'Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer in 860 Fair

L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer in 860 Fair

After I apply my under-eye concealer, I dab this underneath the area I have concealed, just in that slightly more shadowy area that needs a little extra brightening (you know what I mean, and if not, check out gossmakeupartist’s video on this technique). The Magic Lumi has a light, sheer consistency, so it brightens without adding extra cakeyness. It also doesn’t crease or settle into lines. I do set it and my under-eye concealer with MUF HD Microfinish Powder.

If you have tried the YSL Touche Eclat, let me know if you think it’s worth the splurge. Would you recommend it? Leave me a comment.

The L’Oreal Magic Lumi Concealer retails for about $12.99 CAD.

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Loreal Magic B.B. Cream & Foundation Review

Normally, I swear by my BareMinerals powder foundation, but the Canadian winters are long, dry, cold and hard on a girl’s skin. When my skin gets super dry, adding mineral powder can just make it look worse. For several winters in a row now, I’ve  delved in to the world of liquid foundations, BB creams, and tinted moisturizers in search of something that will a) actually match my extremely fair skin, and b) not irritate my skin and make me breakout. My sensitive skin has a difficult time with liquid products.

I found myself in the drugstore purchasing two of the new Loreal “Magic” line products in the hopes of finding something that might work on my dehydrated skin. I love the Loreal MagicLumi Concealer/Corrector (I’m literally on my third one) so I had high hopes.

Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream and Magic Nude Liquid Powder

Let’s start with the Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream. I purchased the lightest shade, “Fair”. I did NOT realize that this is one of those adjusts-to-match-your-skintone products. Gotta read the fine print next time. These NEVER work for me, but instead alway morph into some kind of dark orange mess. Here is a swatch of what it looks like straight out of the tube next to what it looks like rubbed in:

Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream in Fair: "Before and after" swatches

Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream in Fair: “Before and after” swatches

I know what you’re thinking: Well, that looks like a pretty good match. Yeah but only for about 5 seconds, and then it continues to oxidize and gets darker and more orange as the day goes on. It also had a “gritty” texture that felt very strange and unpleasant to rub in.

On to the Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder foundation. Of course also bought the lightest shade, 310 “Light Ivory”. The colour match for this was much better and I quite liked the coverage (sheer to medium). But, unfortunately, a liquid to powder product was, in retrospect, perhaps not the best solution. I did find this rather drying and powdery. It clung to any dry patches I had on my skin and accentuated them.

While using these two, I also got a huge blemish on my cheek where I normally don’t even break out. I’m not sure which product was responsible. So, overall, the Loreal Magic was not at all magical 😩

The Loreal Magic Nude Liquid Powder and the Loreal Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream both retail for $17.99 CND and are available in Canada at Shoppers Drug Mart, Lawtons Drugs (Atlantic Canada), Wal Mart, Target, London Drugs, Rexall, Pharma Plus and online at: Well.ca.

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