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When Your BF Goes to Sephora for Christmas

When your fiance goes to Sephora to get you Christmas presents

When your fiance goes to Sephora to get you some Christmas pressies…

Happy holidays everyone! I have been pretty much AWOL this December. I had a sensitive family matter occur that required me to suddenly go out of town (it has been a stressful month), and then I also had to travel for work. I returned home with literally nothing done for Christmas. I decorated a tree and did some shopping 3 days before Christmas! I was so unprepared this year. I pretty much failed at Christmassing. I hope everyone else had a much more stress-free holiday than I did 🙂

I did have a lovely Christmas day with my fiance though. I couldn’t resist sharing this story of his adventure in Sephora. He was out-of-town in December as well, and when he was in Ontario, for the first time he actually ventured into a Sephora seeking some Christmas presents for me. He is aware that I have a lot of makeup, so he told me that he asked the SA for the most “obscure tools” they sold, that I would be unlikely to already have. This question apparently earned him a very blank look from the poor SA! Here’s what he chose all by himself after wandering around the store: Continue reading


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