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Retro Tiki Decorating Ideas for Summer

tiki hut decorating ideas

My backyard “tiki hut”

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer. I haven’t been blogging in a while (2 months! gulp). I’ve been busy moving into and renovating our new house, trying to sell my old house, and *enjoying* having two mortgages, which has seriously cut into my makeup shopping. I literally haven’t purchased anything beauty-related in months – I’ve been on an unplanned beauty no-buy. Sephora called to ask if I was ok 🙂 We also ran into a major, unexpected issue with the house I’m selling, which has been a source of stress, so blogging has been on the back burner for a while.

So this weekend, I really wanted to do a blog post, and I thought it might be fun to do a non-beauty related post. I have been settling into and decorating our new place, and wanted to show you some of the neat things I’ve picked up that I’ve been really enjoying. Our house came with a small out-building in the backyard that the previous owners referred to as the “love shack”, lol, that has great windows, electricity and even a little wood stove for chilly nights. Its perfect for entertaining in. It already had a bit of a retro, tiki bar vibe with the natural wood, the bamboo blinds, and white ceiling fans. There was no way I could resist adding some full-on tiki bar accessories. If you share my obsession with all things tiki, or are just looking to add a bit of a tropical, retro vibe to your summer, I hope you find some of my buys and DIY decorating tips handy! Continue reading


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turducken kebabs
I know this isn’t a food blog, but I just wanted to share a fun recipe that I came up with for the annual library Christmas party. You’ve probably heard of “turducken”, that famous chicken baked inside a duck, inside a turkey? I wanted to bring a turducken appetizer to the party in hors d’oeuvre form. After some Googling, I couldn’t find any recipes for anything like that, so I decided to come up with my own. It was so fun that I thought I would share it with you!

The first thing I had to do was get a hold of some turkey, duck and chicken. I could easily find chicken breasts, but in a smaller town, I could only find an entire duck and turkey, which needed to be de-boned and chopped up. Luckily my sweet vegetarian fiance was happy to oblige, but I would recommend trying to find turkey and duck in pieces or bringing the birds to a butcher. De-boning them yourself is a lot of work! Once they were all diced into bite sized pieces, the next step was marinading. The marinades are totally up to you, but here’s what I did. Continue reading

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Life Hack: How to Sanitize Makeup

Ethyl alcohol

How do makeup artists sanitize their makeup? 90% alcohol

Do you ever worry about how many microbes might be hanging out on the surface of your makeup? As a self-confessed germophobe, I’ll admit that I like to make sure that the products I’m putting on my face, particularly around my eyes, are as sanitary as they possibly can be. This is especially important when you have a lot of makeup and can have items in your collection – like eye shadows or blushes – for several years. Of course, if any product starts to look or smell different, its always best to err on the side of caution and just toss it. I thought I would share my quick tips for keeping your makeup germ free. Continue reading


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How to Remove That Hard Film on Top of Powder Products

How to remove the hard film on powder products
I was really bummed that one of my favourite blushes, MAC Mocha, had recently developed what seemed to be a hard build up on top in a few patches that was making it hard to get any product on my brush. I wondered what the hardened film could be and if it meant that the blush had gone bad (although I’ve only had it about 6 months and regularly spray my powder products with 99% rubbing alcohol to disinfect them). Continue reading


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