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2017 Favourites!

2017 favourites

2017 favourites

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a great 2017. Personally, I am definitely looking forward to 2018! I had meant to get my 2017 favourites post up sooner, but I ended up being stuck in Nova Scotia for several days longer than anticipated. So many flights here were delayed and cancelled due to weather. Canadian winters! But luckily WestJet was super nice about it and even sent me $250 toward my next flight. Shout out to WestJet!

This time of year I always enjoy looking back over the past 12 months and creating a post about my yearly favourites and I really love checking out other peoples yearly favourite posts too. So, here are some of the products I have enjoyed the most in 2017. Continue reading


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Top 5 Drugstore Blushes for Fair Skin

Top 5 Drugstore Blushes Fair Skin
After starting with my Top 5 High-End Blushes for Fair Skin I said I would return with my top 5 “drugstore” picks. Let me start by admitting that my choices are definitely on the higher-end of what is available in drugstores in terms of price. Although I have plenty of favourite inexpensive makeup products, I find that every time I search through lower priced blushes I have a difficult time finding shades suitable for fair skin. For some reason, lower-priced blushes tend to be either very, very bright or very, very dark. I would love to receive suggestions for good drugstore blushes in more subtle shades that work on lighter skin tones.

Anyway, here are my top five best blushes for fair skin:

NYX Angel blush

NYX “Angel”

The one really big exception in my search for drugstore blushes would be NYX. I love NYX powder blushes and find they wear longer on me than any other blush I’ve tried, including high-end blushes. After 8-12 hours it looks exactly like it did when I first applied it. There are so many shades (at least 25 I believe) but NYX Angel is my absolute favourite. It a unique “neutral” type of blush, with a subtle sheen, that I can only describe as peachy-pinky-apricotty perfection! NYX describes it as “matte soft pink” which I think is totally inaccurate 😛 ($6.50 CAD)

Benefit Coralista Blush

Benefit “Coralista”

Benefit Coralista is a beautiful coral blush with a bit of shimmer. The Benefit blushes have a slight scent that fades after applied. It has not irritated my skin, but I don’t wear it everyday, just in case. I know the price point on this one is high, but in Canada, Benefit is available at all Shoppers Drug Marts. Plus, you could redeem your Optimum points for this and get it for free! ($36.00 CAD)

Cargo Tonga Blush

Cargo “Tonga”

I mentioned this one in a Cargo haul. I have been obsessed with it since I got it. Its a completely matte “earthy” pink – a brownish-pink with a hint of mauve – that is perfect for fair skin. Again, expensive, but in Canada, only sold in drugstores. ($26.00 CAD)

Physicians Formula Rosy Glow Mineral Blush

Physicians Formula “Rosy Glow” Mineral Wear Blush

I heard about Physicians Formula Mineral Wear Blush in “Rosy Glow” when it was mentioned as a drugstore favourite by Tati (GlamLifeGuru). What I like about the Physicians Formula blushes is they are fragrance-free, long-wearing, and come in really light and natural shades. What I don’t like about them is the bulky, unwieldy packaging. “Rosy Glow” is a very natural looking, mostly matte, light pink. ($15.99-$19.99 CAD)

Bourjois Radiant Rose / Rose Eclat

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush in “Radiant Rose / Rose Eclat”

I picked up several Bourjois blushes last year in England (view post). Although Shoppers Drug Mart carries Bourjois, I don’t think the shade Radiant Rose – a matte, warm pink, which turns out to be my favourite – is available in Canada. They do have lots of other shades that work well with fair skin though. ($19.00 CAD)

Here are all five side-by-side, swatched in natural daylight:

caption here

Swatches (L-R): NYX Angel, Benefit Coralista, Cargo Tonga, Physicians Formula Rosy Glow, and Bourjois Radiant Rose

For information on where to purchase these brands in Canada, checkout my Makeup Shopping Guide for Canadians.

Thanks for stopping by

I’d love to hear what your favourite blushes are for fair skin!


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More London Make-up Shopping: Bourjois Little Round Pot Blush

Allegedly, Shoppers Drug Mart now carries Bourjois, although I have yet to see it in-store. On the Bourjois website for Canada, the selection of products available here  definitely does not include the entire line. So when I saw the giant Bourjois section in Boots in the UK, including all 12 Little Round Pot Blushes (only 7 are sold in Canada) I may have gotten a little carried away. In my defense, in Canada they retail for $19 CND, and in the UK they are only 7.99 pounds, or about $13 CND. And look how cute they are…

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blushes

The little round “pots” are the perfect size and have a mirror. I really like that the pots are colour coded to match the blush shade inside. The blushes are the baked, dome type of blushes. I am a fan of baked blushes. According to the Bourjois website, they have been making these little baked blushers for over 150 years and they were the world’s first powder blush. They are scented, with what Bourjois describes as a “rose” scent. It’s likely a love it or hate it thing. You don’t notice it once applied and so far it hasn’t irritated my skin at all. All of the shades have the word “rose” in the name:

Bourjois Blush Swatches (L-R): #34 Rose d'Or (Golden Rose), #40 Rose The (Rose Tea), #54 Rose Frisson (Frosted Rose), #15 Rose Eclat (Radiant Rose), and #16 Rose Coup de Foudre (Love-struck Rose)

Bourjois Blush Swatches (L-R): #34 Rose d’Or (Golden Rose), #40 Rose The (Rose Tea), #54 Rose Frisson (Frosted Rose), #15 Rose Eclat (Radiant Rose), and #16 Rose Coup de Foudre (Love-struck Rose)

#34 Rose d’Or (Golden Rose) – A bright pink with gold flecks of shimmer. One of their most popular shades. This is the only one out of the five I purchased that is also available in Canada.
#40 Rose The (Rose Tea) – A nearly matte, deeper plum-pink
#54 Rose Frisson (Frosted Rose) – A slightly shimmery, light pink leaning towards coral
#15 Rose Eclat (Radiant Rose) – A matte, reddish-toned pink. Fairly similar to Rose Tea, but more red than plum.
#16 Rose Coup de Foudre (Love-struck Rose) – A bright, shimmery coral.

All of these blushes work well for fair skin. I can’t decide on my favourite. If you can find them at your Shoppers Drug Mart I would check them out.


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