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Trying out Arbonne Cosmetics

Arbonne lipstick and lip liner
Up until a few weeks ago, I’d never heard of the Arbonne brand. If you’re wondering why you’ve never seen it in stores, that’s because Arbonne is sold through reps (like Avon or Mary Kay). Known primarily for their skincare products, they also have a line of makeup. When I got invited to an Arbonne party by someone I work with, I thought it might be fun to check out their makeup.

arbonne makeup

Playing around with the Arbonne rep’s makeup kit!

I tried out the eye shadow, blush, lip products, and mascara. Overall, my initial impression was that the products are pretty pricey! For example, the small blushes looked extremely similar to the NYX blushes in size and shape and had similar inexpensive plastic packaging. However the NYX blushes (which are awesome) are about $6.50 CAD, and the Arbonne blushes are $36 CAD, which is more than what a NARS blush costs! I had to pass on the blushes.

Arbonne blush

I didn’t get any good pics of the Arbonne blushes

I had a chance to swatch many of the Arbonne eye shadows, but they left me similarly unimpressed. They didn’t feel smooth or soft. Several were patchy when swatched. None of the shades really appealed to me either. At $27 CAD each, these were also a pass for me.

Arbonne eye shadows

The Arbonne eye shadows available to swatch

You know how when you go to a party like this you feel like it would be rude not to order anything though? What I ended up getting was the Arbonne Lipstick ($31 CAD) and Lip Liner ($26 CAD). Shipping was an additional $7 CAD, which I wasn’t super happy about, because I’m sure reps place one order for multiple customers and it all gets shipped together, so the shipping fee seemed a little bit gougey to me.

The lipstick packaging is quite nice: classic black, sleek, substantial, with a secure snap-shut cap. I like the cute little Arbonne logo too. My only complaint is that its one of those skinny lipsticks instead of the standard sized bullet. Its also only 2.17g of product (vs a less expensive 3g MAC lipstick). Remember how I mentioned it all seemed a tad overpriced?

Arbonne Lipstick in Mauve

Arbonne Lipstick in Mauve

The lipstick is described as “Longwearing, feather-resistant…glides on easily for full coverage, and intensely conditions and hydrates lips.”

I got the oddly named shade Mauve which isn’t really mauve at all. Its a pinky-brown nude type of shade. Very pretty. The lipstick is rich and moisturizing and slightly glossy – the type of formula I really like. Its completely unscented too.

Arbonne Lipstick in Mauve swatch

Arbonne Lipstick in Mauve

I am such a sucker for lip liners. I love them! So, unsurprisingly I couldn’t help getting one. The Arbonne Lip Liners are the retractable kind, and are described as “Smudge-proof, creamy…defines lips with durable pigments, helping to extend the wear of…lipstick.”

Arbonne Lip Liner in Pink Mauve

Arbonne Lip Liner in Pink Mauve

There wasn’t a huge range of shades, but I thought Pink Mauve was a pretty and versatile pinky-nude that I would get a lot of use out of.

Arbonne Lip Liner in Pink Mauve swatch

Arbonne Lip Liner in Pink Mauve

The lip liner is the kind of liner that is a bit thick and matte, which means its super long-wearing, but needs to be paired with a balmy, hydrating lipstick to avoid drying out your lips, which the Arbonne definitely is. So these two work awesome together. They stay on for hours feeling comfortable. I do think they’re both on the expensive side, but I don’t regret getting them.

For me the Arbonne makeup was a little hit and miss. I wasn’t impressed with the blush or eye shadow, but I ended up quite liking the lip products. I’d love to hear about other people’s experience with Arbonne!

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