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A Few New Discoveries & Oldies but Goodies from MAC

MAC eye shadow Patina, Sable, Omega, Cranberry

A few MAC single eye shadows I picked up recently

I have not been very good at getting blog posts out lately. I am moving into a new house in less than 7 days, so I have been super busy with packing up my current house and also preparing it for sale. Its so much work! But I’m very excited about moving. I have all kinds of ideas for the new house and think I’d like to share some of the renovating, decorating, and organizing ideas I have planned on my blog. Would you like to see that? Please leave me a comment if you’d be interested in some DIY retro-inspired home decorating type of posts.

In all of the chaos, I still have found time to get some new eye shadows from MAC. This is a quick post about four of the MAC eye shadow singles I’ve been enjoying recently. Continue reading


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The MAC Lipstick Tag

I saw this tag on Chanelle Hayley’s blog (you can check out her post) and thought this was such a great tag for MAC fans that I wanted to do it too.

1. What was your first MAC lipstick?
Dubonnet. I remember searching fruitlessly for a red that suited me and didn’t immediately turn hot pink after I applied it. I went into a MAC for the first time and had them pick one for me and totally loved it!

MAC Dubonnet Lipstick


Continue reading


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2016 Favourites

2016 makeup favourites

2016 favs

Its that time of year again! Its January, and I love hearing about other people’s favs from the past year. This will be my 3rd yearly favourites post. I enjoy going through my makeup and thinking about which things I reached for the most in 2016. Some of my 2014 favs and 2015 favs have sneaked in again, plus I’ve got some all new favourites. Continue reading


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MAC Lustre Lipstick Collection Swatched

MAC lustre lipsticks

My MAC “lustre” finish lipsticks

Hello everyone! I thought I’d share my favourite MAC lipsticks with you today. My favourite finish of all the MAC lipsticks is the lustre, and I have amassed quite a few of them. I find that the lustre lipsticks just don’t get enough love, so I wanted to do a post featuring all of the shades I have, along with some swatches, and let you know what my favourites are. I’ve only included lustres I have from the permanent collection, nothing LE.

Lustre is one of MAC’s 10 (I think?) different lipstick finishes. The lustres are described by MAC as “Demi-sheer with wet-look lustre finish. Very slick. Makes lips look soft,smooth, ultra-moist.” My lips tend to be dry and I find the lustres very moisturizing and light and comfortable to wear, almost like a lip balm. I like that they have some shine and I suppose because I am more fair skinned, I also like that they aren’t super pigmented because that makes them easier to work with. Many of these I can swipe on without a mirror. Continue reading


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My New Favourite Setting Powder!

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder

I had been seeing the Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder on favourites lists everywhere. My skin is on the drier side, so I don’t generally use a ton of powder, except on my chin and around my nose where I can tend to get a little shiny throughout the day. I find that my Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation doesn’t require much powdering to set and I like leaving the luminous finish. I’ve been loving the MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural in Light, which made my 2015 Favourites. When I ran out, I wanted something to replace it faster than I knew a MAC order would take to arrive. MAC can take three weeks or more to get to me, whereas the new Canadian Sephora shipping is crazy fast – about 2-3 days! Continue reading


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2015 Favourites!

2015 makeup favouritesI’ve been blogging for two years and this is my second yearly favourites post. I’ve been enjoying reading other people’s yearly favs and it inspired me to think about what my true favourites were this past year, things I reached for the most and in some cases things I used up and repurchased. Some of my 2014 favs have turned up again in 2015 and some are new favourites. Continue reading


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Top 5 MAC Blushes & Giveaway! – CLOSED

top five MAC blushes for fair skin
Hey there! I’m back. Its been a crazy busy month with work and I’ve had very little time for anything, especially blogging. The fall is the busiest time of the year for me. I thought I’d get back in the swing of things with a giveaway! I absolutely love MAC blushes and I thought I’d share my favourite MAC blushes for fair skin and at the end of my post I’ll reveal which of those 5 blushes I will be giving away to a subscriber! Continue reading


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The New MAKE UP FOR EVER Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

The new reformulated Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

The newly reformulated Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation

I can’t believe its been ages since I last posted! I had an unexpected work situation occur: I had to take over a project in a sort of emergency capacity to get it back on track and it has seriously taken up all of my time for the past couple of weeks. Today was the start of the new semester at my university and even though I was busy with orientation events for new faculty and students all day and am exhausted, I really wanted to do a post and get back in the swing of things. I have several new products that I’ve been using that I’ve been dying to write about.

If you’re familiar with my blog, you know that I’m head over heels in love with the MUFE HD Foundation (read about how its the best foundation for fair skin imo). Its the only liquid foundation I’ve found that is light enough for me, that doesn’t oxidize, and also doesn’t irritate my skin or break me out. I tried a lot of foundations in my quest for a good liquid foundation as evidenced by my foundation graveyard. So imagine my horror to discover that my beloved foundation was *gasp* being reformulated!

New Make Up For Ever Ultra formula VS original HD Invisible Cover Foundation

How does the new “ultra” formula compare to my beloved HD Foundation?

Turns out, I shouldn’t have worried. The new Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation is just as even more awesome as the original. I didn’t notice a huge difference in the formula, although MUFE claims the new formula “appears more invisible, comfortable, and natural-looking than ever before.” I think it was just so good to begin with that its difficult to notice a huge improvement. It’s still long wearing and sheer and natural looking, letting your own skin come through but also provides good coverage.

For me the two differences are 1. even cuter, and more high-end looking packaging, and 2. improved shade range. I really like the new silver band around the bottle versus the original black. I also liked the addition of the little MUFE lips holding a makeup brush logo on the cap.

Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation packaging

Some cute touches on the new packaging!

I think the most impressive improvement is that the Ultra HD foundation comes in even more shades; an astonishing 40 shades! (compared to 26 in the original formula). I had been using the lightest shade in the original line, N110 Pink Porcelain, which I still found slightly too pink-toned for me. In the new line, the equivalent of 110 is R220, but there is an even lighter shade (which looks to be about 2-3 shades lighter than Pink Porcelain), Y205 Alabaster. You can see the difference in the swatches below:

Make Up For Ever original HD foundation formula N110 compared to new Ultra HD formula Y205 "alabaster"

Left: Original formula in N110 Right: New formula in Y205 (both the lightest shades available)

Alabaster is an even better match for me! So the new Ultra HD Foundation gets a huge thumbs up from me. If you have a difficult time finding a foundation light enough for your skin tone, definitely check this out. I think its nice that they include a sample of the Step 1 Skin Equalizer Hydrating Primer with the foundation as well.

Make Up for Ever Step 1 Skin Equalizer Hydrating Primer

A sample of their Step 1 Skin Equalizer Hydrating Primer is included

The Make Up For Ever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation is $50 CAD.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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Blush Addict Tag!

blush addict tagI saw this tag on the lovely plus+beauty27‘s blog (which if you haven’t checked out, you really should). As a ridiculously pale person incapable of tanning, I pretty much cannot live without blush and if I’m not wearing makeup, its usually the one thing I will pop on before leaving the house, even before lipstick. I am of the Kate Middleton school of blush; you can never have on too much! Blush is one of my favourite makeup products, so I knew I just had to do this tag.

What color blush suits you most?
I have very fair, cool-toned skin and I find the types of blush shades that suit me best are natural/nude shades, and light cool-toned pinks and peaches. I also try to go for more sheer blushes that I can build up so they look more subtle and natural.

Pressed, cream or loose blush?
Pressed all the way. I haven’t had much luck with cream blushes and loose blush is just way too messy for me.

Favorite shimmery blush?
This is a hard one because I’m really into matte blushes right now, but one of my favourite blushes of all time is NARS Orgasm, which is fairly shimmery I think.

Favorite matte blush?
MAC Mocha which I have heard Dita Von Teese wears. Its is so pretty on fair skin (see my post about Mocha).

MAC Mocha blush

MAC Mocha matte blush

Favorite cream blush?
I am not typically a big fan of cream blushes, but I do really love Benefit Benetint, which is a great cheek stain to wear on its own, layer under foundation, or pat on over liquid foundation.

Benefit Benetint Cheek Stain

Benefit Benetint Cheek Stain

Favorite drugstore blush?
I love the NYX blushes so much. I’ve posted about my favourite NYX blushes  and the NYX Baked Blushes. My absolute favourite, most repurchased NYX blush would be Angel.

NYX Angel blush

NYX Angel blush

Favorite high end blush?
I love MAC blushes. You can see my post on what’s in my MAC blush palette for a few of my favs. NARS blushes would be a very close second, and I’ve also posted about my favourite NARS blushes for fair skin. I have one Chanel blush, In Love, and its one of my favourite high-end blush splurges.

Chanel Joues Contraste 55 In Love

Chanel Joues Contraste 55 In Love

Biggest blush disappointment?
Definitely the Tarte Cheek Stains. I found it too sticky on the skin. Compared to Benefit’s Benetint, it didn’t set on me, so trying to apply foundation over it was an issue. I also found it too sheer and not long-wearing. Plus, I hated the strong fruity smell (why add fragrance to a cheek product?). They were a total fail for me.

Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush

Tarte Cheek Stain in Flush

Best blush packaging?
I recently picked up one of the new Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour blushes and I think it has the coolest packaging of any blush I’ve ever seen. Very edgy with such detail. UD really nails it with packaging.

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Blush

Urban Decay Afterglow 8-hour Blush

What’s on your blush wishlist?
I’ve really been wanting to try two high-end blushes: the Make Up For Ever HD powder blushes (which are $31 CAD) and the Charlotte Tilbury Cheek to Chic Swish & Pop Blushers that I’d have to order from Nordstrom for $51.37 CAD. You can see why the Charlotte Tilbury is still just “wishlist” 🙂

Plus I just saw a review of the new Too Faced Love Flush Long-Lasting 16 hr blushes with the colour-coordinated heart shaped packaging including a heart shaped mirror and I am totally freaking out!

Too Faced Love Flush blush

I am lusting after the new Too Faced Love Flush blushes!

Holy grail blush?
I have three “go-to” blushes that just never seem to fail me and that I’d never want to be without: NYX Angel, MAC Prism, and Lorac Baked Matte Satin blush in Exposed.

MAC Prism blush

MAC Prism

LORAC Exposed

LORAC Exposed

I think I will do as plus+beauty27 did and invite anyone to do this tag who likes blush as much as I do! I had fun doing this tag and I hope you had fun reading it!

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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The Lipstick Tag!

I saw this tag on Stashmatters blog, and in addition to tagging the required 3 people, she also said if you haven’t been tagged and wanted to do this tag, to post a comment and she’d officially tag you! I loved the questions and wanted to do it.

The questions:

1. How many lipsticks do you own? Ok, this was scary. I’d never actually counted them before. Shamefully, I own 86 lipsticks (not including glosses, jumbo lip pencils or crayons, etc.).

2. What was your first ever lipstick? In highschool, no one wore lipstick. We were all about filling in our lips with brown-hued lip liner. Hey it was the 90s! So I actually remember purchasing my first actual lipstick when I was in university. It was a Clinique lipstick. I remember I loved the fluted silver tube!

clinique lipstick

My first lipstick was a Clinique lipstick in a bronzey-brownish type of shade

3. What is your most worn lipstick? Currently, MAC Capricious. I’m on my second tube.

MAC Capricious Lipstick

MAC Capricious

4. What is your favorite brand for lipsticks? MAC!

5. What is your favorite finish? MAC lustre. Best finish ever.

6. What is the last lipstick you bought? Anna Sui Lipstick V in Beige Pink. I will be doing a full review soon!

Anna Sui Lipstick V in Beige Pink

Anna Sui Lipstick V in Beige Pink

7. How many lip products do you currently have in your bag? This is always a ridiculously high number! Right now, 13. Make no wonder my purse weighs a ton.

8. What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip? MAC Dubonnet.

MAC Dubonnet Lipstick

Best red lipstick for cool-toned fair skin!

9. How do you store your lipsticks? I have clear plastic containers that I picked up at a home-decor store, some that have actual dividers specifically for lipsticks. But they are overflowing!

Current lipstick storage

Current lipstick storage

10. What lip products are you currently lusting over? Cle de Peau because I cannot get it in Canada (you always want what you can’t have), Chantecaille Lip Chic and Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. in Bitch Perfect.

Lipsticks I'm currently lusting over

Lipsticks I’m currently lusting over

Hope you enjoyed this. If you’d like to do this tag, please leave me a comment below to consider yourself tagged!

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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What Would You Like to Pick Up at the Sephora VIB Sale?

Sephora VIB Sale

Its the VIB Sale at Sephora!

Hi everyone! I took advantage of the 15% off VIB Rouge discount to order a few things today. I re-ordered some favourites, the Guerain Maxi Lash Mascara, the Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara, and my favourite perfume, Issey Miyake. I love getting it in the rollerball form because its so easy to apply and to travel with.

I’d purchased a WEN On the Go Travel Kit and really liked the Sweet Almond Mint Replenishing Treatment, but the full-size is fairly pricey ($41 CAD), so I’m glad I could get this on sale.

I also got two lipsticks to review for my ongoing High-end Lipstick Review series, Dolce & Gabbana and YSL. Can’t wait to review these!

How about you? Are you taking advantage of the VIB sale?

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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Another Hit from Revlon Gel Envy

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in 300 All In

Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy in All In

I am totally in love with Revlon Colorstay Gel Envy, a nail polish that actually stays on more than a day for me. The latest colour that I’m loving is 300 All In, a rich, midnight blue with shimmer. This shade is so pretty! I love that you get an iridescent sheen but it’s not a “glitter” polish. This lasted a full 5 days which, on me, is amazing. With other polishes, like Essie or OPI, I sometimes don’t even get a full 24 hours without significant chipping.

Check out my reviews of some of the other shades I’m loving, like High Stakes and Ace of Spades.

Thanks for reading!
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NYX Eye Shadow Collection

NYX Singles Eye Shadows
Hi guys! After doing My Favourite NYX Blushes post, I thought I’d share my collection of NYX Single Eye Shadows with you and let you know which ones work for me on fair, cool-toned skin, and which didn’t. However, these square eyeshadow singes are no longer on the main  NYX site, so I am now wondering if NYX has discontinued them!!! They are still available through Cherry Culture and are also still in my local stores. If anyone has any info on this, please let me know!

I have 12 of the NYX Single Eye Shadows:

  • True Taupe (matte): a light, subtle, cool-toned taupe, this is a great shadow for fair skin. I know some people even use it as a contour colour, but I haven’t done that.
  • Taupe: Compared to True Taupe, Taupe is slightly warmer and more brown, whereas True Taupe is more grey-toned. Its similar to MAC Omega, except that Omega is matte and Taupe has a slight sheen to it.
  • Hawaiian Coffee (matte): a rich, medium brown with cool, purpley undertones. This is one of my favourite NYX eye shadow shades. Its apparently a dupe for MAC Handwritten (but I don’t own that shade).
  • Frosted Flake: Often referred to as a dupe for MAC Shroom, this is a shimmery, cool off-white. Its one of those shades, like Shroom, that I never know what to do with. I don’t particularly like a light, shimmery shadow that emphasizes my hooded lid, and I don’t like a shimmery highlight (I prefer a matte shade on my brow bone).
  • Ultimatum: A shimmery cream or “champagne” type of shade. I have a similar issue with this one as I do with Frosted Flake – I never know what to do with it.
  • Nude (matte): a very yellow-toned, cream matte shade. I was hoping this might be similar to MAC Brule, but its a bit too yellow for my skin tone.
  • Black (matte): Seriously the blackest of the black eye shadows!
  • Rock (shimmer): a very glittery, dark charcoal, similar to MAC Black Tied. Great for doing a dramatic smokey eye for a night out.
  • Charcoal Brown (matte): Not very well-named, this shade isn’t really brown but much more grey with some warm, purpley undertones. Its quite a complex type of shade that might look different on different people.
  • Suede: This one was a miss for me – way too much orange for my skin tone.
  • Dark Brown (matte): More of a medium matte brown, than a “dark” brown. Fairly neutral, true brown; not overly warm or cool toned. Great shade!
  • Brown (matte): Another mis-named shade, I don’t really think this is a brown. Its a warm, yellowy cream shade, maybe bordering on tan. This one also did not work at all with my skintone.
NYX Single Eye Shadow True Taupe, Taupe, Hawaiian Coffee, Frosted Flake, Ultimatum, Nude

TOP ROW, L-R: True Taupe, Taupe, Hawaiian Coffee
BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Frosted Flake, Ultimatum, Nude

NYX Single Eye Shadows Brown, Dark Brown, Suede, Charcoal Brown, Rock, Black

TOP ROW, L-R: Black, Rock, Charcoal Brown
BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Suede, Dark Brown, Brown

NYX Single Eye Shadow swatch Nude, Ultimatum, Frosted Flake, Hawaiian Coffee, Taupe, True Taupe

L-R: Nude, Ultimatum, Frosted Flake, Hawaiian Coffee, Taupe, True Taupe

NYX Single Eye Shadows Swatche Brown, Dark Brown, Suede, Charcoal Brown, Rock, Black

L-R: Brown, Dark Brown, Suede, Charcoal Brown, Rock, Black

My favourites are definitely True Taupe, Taupe, Hawaiian Coffee, Dark Brown and Black.  Three misses for me were Nude, Suede and Brown which I wouldn’t recommend for cool-toned skin.

I do really like the NYX eye shadows and I’d be sad to see some of these shades being discontinued. I haven’t tired any of the new singles in the round pans and I wonder if they are the same formula/quality.

Hope you enjoyed this post & thanks for reading!

Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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Some New Wrap Bracelets from Victoria Emerson

Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelets
Whoa, another Friday the 13th. Crazy! Apparently we normally only have a Friday the 13th about every two to three years. How weird is it to have had one two months in a row? So here I am with another Friday the 13th post 🙂

I have previously ordered wrap bracelets from Victoria Emerson before, and you can check out my earlier review if you’d like. I’ve had them for nearly a year now, and I’m still wearing them and they look just as good as when I first got them. The leather, while a little stiff at first, is now worn in and they fit me even better and are more comfortable (just like a pair of shoes!). I always get compliments when I wear them. I saw that Victoria Emerson was having yet another “sale” and although I love the two black wrap bracelets I got, I really wanted some other colours.

I decided on three wrap bracelets: the Silver Dorado and Mint Green on Silver ($27 USD, originally $199), a beautiful pink Rose Crystals on Brown ($24 USD, originally $199), and a Mixed Freshwater Pearls on Brown ($34 USD, which is now out-of-stock).

Shipping on purchases over $75 is free, but I did pay $11.05 USD in tax. I didn’t incur any additional customs charges and the shipping was just as fast as last time – about a week. The total was $96.05 USD or roughly $120 CAD, which works out to about $40 CAD per bracelet.

Victoria Emerson Silver Dorado and Mint Green on Silver

Silver Dorado and Mint Green on Silver

The silver and green is my favourite of the three. I love this colour combination and I think this is a unique wrap bracelet. This one also pairs well with either of my black wrap bracelets.

Victoria Emerson Rose Crystals on Brown

Rose Crystals on Brown

I really wanted a pink wrap bracelet, and this one is perfect. The little, square pink crystals are so sweet.

Victoria Emerson Mixed Freshwater Pearls on Brown

Mixed Freshwater Pearls on Brown

I have no idea if these are ‘real” freshwater pearls but they are very pretty. (UPDATE: After seeing my review, a Victoria Emerson rep contacted me via email and confirmed that they are in fact genuine freshwater pearls). I love pearls and have a lot of pearl necklaces and wanted something to wear with them. The only thing about this bracelet is that the leather is really stiff. I am hoping that with wear it will start to get worn in and fit more comfortably. (UPDATE: It did! The leather is getting much softer and flexible with wear)

Once again, I’m super happy with my Victoria Emerson bracelets. They have never messed up my order, and shipping is super fast. My year old bracelets which I’ve worn a ton still look as good as new. I would definitely recommend them.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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My Favourite NYX Blushes

NYX Blushes for fair skin

Hi everyone! I thought I’d give a little love to one of my favourite makeup products, NYX powder blushes. NYX are my favourite drugstore blushes. They wear longer on me than many other blushes I’ve tried, including high-end brands. After 8-12 hours they look exactly like they did when I first applied them. Typically priced at less than $6.50 CAD, they are a great deal, with the only downside being that the blushes are small (4g VS a 6g MAC blush for example) and very soft, so I do go through some of my favourite shades rather quickly.

Here are my favourite, top six NYX powder blushes:

Pinched, Bourgeois Pig, Natural, Peach, Angel, Mauve

Top L-R: Pinched, Bourgeois Pig, Natural. Bottom L-R: Peach, Angel, Mauve

NYX Pinched blush

PB25 Pinched

Pinched: A peachy-coral blush with subtle golden shimmer, Pinched has been compared to NARS Orgasm. Although similar, I don’t feel that they are exact dupes. Orgasm is much more pink and the finish is quite different. Orgasm has more of a duo-chrome type of sheen, reflecting differently from different angles, whereas Pinched is just shimmery. Here is Pinched swatched with Orgasm, Benefit Coralista, and MAC Peachykeen for comparison:

swatches NYX Pinched compared to NARS Orgasm, Benefit Coralista and MAC Peachykeen

NYX Pinched compared to NARS Orgasm, Benefit Coralista and MAC Peachykeen

NYX Bourgeois Pig blush

PB28 Bourgeois Pig

Bourgeois Pig: Love the name of this one. 🙂 Although a bit washed out in this pic (don’t get me started on lighting during a dark Canadian winter), its actually a very pigmented matte pink. On fair skin you do have to apply carefully with a light hand, but I like this blush for getting that flushed, rosy-cheeked, “I’ve been out in the cold” type of look. Its a great fall blush.

NYX Natural blush

PB07 Natural

Natural: A light, cool-toned matte pink. Great shade for fair skin.

NYX Peach blush

PB06 Peach

Peach: NYX is known for inexplicable shade names that don’t give a very accurate description of the actual colour. Peach is a perfect example of that. This blush is not even remotely peach. Its really a pale, soft, matte ballerina pink, very similar to Benefit’s Dandelion. Really love this one!

NYX Peach is a dupe for Benefit Dandelion

NYX Peach is a close dupe for Benefit Dandelion

NYX Angel blush

PB03 Angel

Angel: This is one of my favourite blushes ever! The prettiest shade on fair skin, its a unique “neutral” type of blush, with a subtle sheen, that I can only describe as peachy-pinky-apricotty perfection! I have hit pan on this shade so many times it made my Most Repurchased Products of all time.

NYX Mauve blush

PB13 Mauve

Mauve: Again, another NYX shade name that is very misleading. This is not a plum-toned blush at all. Its one of those soft, neutral, matte blushes with beigey/browny undertones, similar to some of my favourite MAC blushes like Prism, Blushbaby, or Mocha. None are dupes for Mauve. Mauve is more peach than any of them.

swatches NYX Mauve VS MAC Prism Blushbaby Mocha

MAC blushes that give a similar effect as NYX Mauve

Here are all six NYX blushes swatched side-by-side:

swatches NYX blushes Pinched, Bourgeois Pig, Natural, Peach, Angel, Mauve

L-R: Pinched, Bourgeois Pig, Natural, Peach, Angel, and Mauve

I’d love to hear what your favourite NYX blush shades are!

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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MAC Capricious Dupe!

MAC Capricious dupe

Revlon Super Lustrous Mauvy Night VS MAC Capricious

I’m such a huge fan of MAC’s Capricious lipstick. I just bought another one. This lustre finish lipstick is the perfect rosy plum (and also the shade worn by Evil Queen Regina on Once Upon a Time). It may just be my all time favourite MAC lipstick.

I recently did a post on my Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick collection and my favourite Revlon shade is without a doubt the beautifully plum, Mauvy Night (with the recently discovered Plumilicious a very close second). It suddenly hit me that the two shades are quite similar. Although they don’t initially appear to be dupes in the tube, I tried side-by-side swatches and it turns out that Mauvy Night may just be a dupe for MAC Capricious! and probably why I love them both so much.

Swatch Revlon Mauvy Night VS MAC Capricious

Left: Mauvy Night Right: Capricious

I would say that Capricious is a bit more pigmented and slightly glossier than Mauvy Night, but otherwise they are extremely similar. MAC lipsticks are $19.00 CAD and Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks are only $9.99 CAD, so Mauvy Night is a pretty great drugstore alternative if you’re on a budget.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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Favourite Makeup Geek Eyeshadows

favorite makeup geek eye shadows
Although I really like the Makeup Geek eyeshadows, it can be tricky purchasing them because your only option is ordering them online, which means you don’t get to see the colours in person or swatch them. I have quite a number of MUG shadows, and most of them are awesome but some of the shades, once I received them, didn’t really work on me so much.

makeup geek eyeshadow collection

the rest of my MUG eyeshadow collection

I thought a post about the MUG eyeshadows that work really well on fair skin might be helpful for others contemplating which shades to order. I generally prefer cooler toned shadows and I do find that the MUG shadows can tend to be on the warmer side. Here are the 9 shadows that are my favourite of all of the ones I’ve ordered:

  • White Lies:  a matte white
  • Vanilla Bean: a creamy beige that is a close dupe for MAC Brule. You can see I’ve hit pan on this one.
  • Rockstar: a very unique shade, described ad “pale silver with purple iridescence”
  • Moondust: a slightly shimmery silver taupe
  • Barcelona Beach: a creamy matte, sandy brown (pretty neutral)
  • Hipster: a very natural looking, light, shimmery taupe. absolutely love this one!
  • Prom Night: a cool, purpley-gray taupe that is very similar to MAC Satin Taupe. One of my favourite eyeshadows from any brand.
  • Taupe Notch: a neutral, satiny taupe
  • Pretentious: a wearable bronze, even for fair skin, that isn’t overly warm
White Lies, Vanilla Bean, Rockstar, Moondust, Barcelona Beach, Hipster, Prom Night, Taupe Notch, Pretentious

Can you tell I like neutrals?

swatches White Lies, Vanilla Bean, Rockstar, Moondust, Barcelona Beach, Hipster, Prom Night, Taupe Notch, Pretentious
These super pigmented, creamy eyeshadow pans sell for an amazing $5.99 USD, which at the current exchange rate is about $7 CAD. They ship via Canada Post so I have never incurred any additional duties or customs charges. Shipping is less than $10 USD and is very fast. I could definitely recommend ordering from the Makeup Geek site.

I purchased both my Z Palettes from the Makeup Geek site as well. The small black palette, which I ordered to keep my favourites in, was $14.99 USD, and the large pink Z palette (which holds 27 MUG e/s pans) is $20 USD.

I hope this helps you if you’re are trying to decide which MUG shadows to get. Have you tried the MUG shadows yet? What are your favourites?

Thanks for reading!
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My Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Collection

Favourite Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks

yeah, um, so I *might* have a lipstick “problem”…

I thought I’d do a post about my favourite drugstore lipsticks: Revlon Super Lustrous. Actually, they are about the only drugstore lipstick I like. The deal breaker for me for so many lipsticks is the scent, and for some reason, I’m not a fan of a lot of the drugstore brands, like Maybelline (weird playdough scent), Loreal (old fashioned perfumey scent), Milani (fake watermelon scent), and NYX (perfumey/soapy scent & taste).

The Revlon Super Lustrous are totally unscented (hooray!) and have a really nice formula that’s comfortable to wear, non-drying, glossy, and there is such a huge colour selection. Evidently I have 14 of these (Sorry – I totally forgot Blackberry but for pics/swatch see this post). I didn’t include the 3 “Shine” lipsticks that I have, because I don’t like the formula, but I do have a whole review on those. You’ll notice I don’t have any of the matte finishes. I did try one once and absolutely hated it, but I typically don’t like matte lip products at all.

The shades I have are:

  • 631 Luminous Pink (pearl)
  • 415 Pink in the Afternoon (creme)
  • 651 Porcelain Pink (pearl)
  • 030 Pink Pearl (pearl)
  • 420 Blushed (pearl)
  • 130 Rose Velvet (creme)
  • 641 Spicy Cinnamon (pearl)
  • 473 Mauvy Night (pearl)
  • 477 Black Cherry (creme)
  • 663 Va Va Violet (creme)
  • 640 Blackberry (creme) – Not pictured

best revlon super lustrous lipsticks fair skin

631 Luminous Pink: A little bit of a peachy-pink, this is the sheerest and most shimmery one I have. Remarkably, it works on fair skin and is a pretty, subtle, glossy shade that looks good for everyday AND with a dark, smokey eye.

415 Pink in the Afternoon: A light, cool-toned pink that also woks really well for fair skin. This shade has a very retro feel to it to me, like Betty Draper might have worn it.

651 Porcelain Pink: Ok, I honestly have no idea what makes this frosty pink work in me, but there’s just something I really like about it.

030 Pink Pearl: This shade is more of a neutral brown-pink, and isn’t full on pink like 415 or 651. Its one of those my-lips-but-better shades.

420 Blushed: Speaking of my-lips-but-better shades, Blushed is a warm, pink-brown. I like this one, but I wouldn’t say its one of my favourites.

130 Rose Velvet: A rich, rosy brown-toned shade. This works well on me because of my pink undertones so it looks more “pinky-brown” on me. But reviewers have mentioned it can look more brown on some people (great for the 90s brown lip trend though).

641 Spicy Cinnamon: This is a very wearable berry red shade for me because of the brown undertones in it.  Like Rose Velvet I think it might look more brown on some.

473 Mauvy Night: My favourite Revlon lipstick! Love this plum shade.

477 Black Cherry: A dramatic, dark wine shade, it reminds me of a vampy lipstick from the 1920’s or 1930’s. Really like this one.

663 Va Va Violet: Full on, gothy dark purple. Not for the faint of heart.

640 Blackberry: A deep burgundy red, great on fair skin for a “Snow White” effect or a classic 1950’s type of look. Another fav. (pic/swatch)

favorite revlon super lustrous lipsticks fair skin

swatches revlon super lustrous lipsticks fair skin

Hope you enjoyed my collection! I’d love to hear what your favourite Revlon lipsticks are!

Thanks for reading!
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Plum Perfect! MAC Plumful Lipstick

MAC Plumful Lipstick

MAC Plumful Lipstick

I’d been coveting this lipstick for a few months now and was so excited to get it for Christmas. It did not disappoint! This was instantly one of my favourite MAC lipsticks. A lustre finish (my fav), Plumful is on the more pinkish side of plum. Its slightly sheer, slightly glossy and so wearable! Its not too dark and not too light – just perfect!

Lipsticks have a tendency to pull very pink on me, so I was a tiny bit worried that this might turn fuchsia on me, but it did not. It retains just enough plummyness and I even think it may have some brown undertones going on. I think this complex shade would work on so many skin tones.

Swatch: MAC Plumful

Swatch: MAC Plumful

I can definitely see why Plumful has made so many favourite lists!

Thanks for reading!
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2014 Favourites!

2014 makeup favourites
I have never actually done any monthly favourites posts before, so its a bit ambitious of me to start with yearly favourites, but here it goes! Here are the makeup items that I had been loving and using the most all year in 2014:

MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation
You might be sick of hearing me rave about this foundation in 110 Porcelain Pink, but I just love it and have repurchased it 3 or 4 times since discovering it in January. Best foundation for fair skin I have ever found. ($49 CAD)

Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara
Another 2014 discovery that has quickly become my absolute favourite! I have repurchased it probably 3 times now? ($34 CAD)

Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara
Cannot live without this mascara. This long-time fav is still going strong in 2014. ($12 CAD)

Almay Intense i-Color Liquid Eyeliner (waterproof)
I really only started using liquid liner this year. I don’t like a lot of heavy liner on my top lids because they are a bit hooded. But I like the effect of getting a thin line of black liner right at the lash line to make your lashes look fuller and more dramatic. The Almay brush is tiny enough to draw a thin line right at the lash line. It dries super fast, literally doesn’t budge or smudge, and also doesn’t irritate my eyes. ($9.99 CAD)

MAC Powersurge Eye Kohl
One of my most repurchased products of all time, I am still in love with this subtle, slightly shimmery, golden beige liner which I use on my lower water and lash line nearly every day. ($19 CAD)

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette
I picked this up in January, and I must say I have used it a lot throughout the year. I really like this eyeshadow palette and have been into the “rose-hued neutrals” in 2014. See my review comparing it to the other two Naked palettes. ($64 CAD)

MAC Capricious Lipstick (lustre)
I found this fabulous shade this spring after becoming obsessed with the series Once Upon a Time on Netflix. This is Evil Queen Regina’s lipstick. I’ve only had it since April and its almost completely used up! Must reorder… ($19.00)

MAC Lip Pencil in Subculture and Plum
I’ve been totally obsessed with lip liners this year and two of my MAC favs (narrowed down from many, many others, lol) have been Subculture, a rosey-browney nude pink that works with everything and that I’ve sharpened down to a stump, and Plum, a deep brown-toned plum. ($19.00)

Laura Mercier Plumberry Lip Pencil
Speaking of lip liners…I only became obsessed with this one in September but I’m totally obsessed. Its another one I’ve sharpened down to nearly a stump already and need to repurchase. See my full review. ($28 CAD)

Urban Decay All Nighter Long-Lasting Makeup Setting Spray
I found this by first receiving a Sephora sample and picked up a full-size in January. I have been using it all year and have re-purchased it 2 or 3 times. This setting spray is amazing! ($36 CAD)

Benefit Benebalm Hydrating Tinted Lip Balm
I picked this up in June and I’ve nearly used it up completely! See my full review ($22 CAD)

MAC Patina Eye Shadow
Another of my most repurchased products, I was loving this eye shadow all year. ($12 CAD)

MAC Prism blush
This was without a doubt my favourite blush of 2014. Prism is a matte, muted, slightly peachy, mostly pinky-brown with a completely matte finish. Ever since I got it earlier this year I just never want to wear any other blush. For swatches and more pics see my earlier post. ($26 CAD)

Well that’s it for my 2014 favs!

Happy New Year & thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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Merry Tip’s Eve!

pink christmas treeToday was my last day at work before the Christmas break. The library closes tomorrow and doesn’t re-open until January 5. I am really looking forward to the time off. Today, in Newfoundland, its “Tip’s Eve” or as I like to call it, Christmas Eve Eve. Traditionally it was the official start of the holiday season – when you put up your Christmas tree, had your first “spirit”, had a party or went out visiting.

I thought I would share some pics of my library all decked out for Christmas. We have 3 trees – a white, a dark gray, and a pink tree.

vintage retro christmas decorations

the library all decked out for the holidays!

pink christmas tree

the pink tree is my favourite!

That is one of my fascinators on top of the pink tree. I couldn’t find a tree topper I liked 🙂

retro vintage inspired xmas decorations
Tomorrow evening we are hosting some friends and family for dinner. In my family we always have a baked ham on Christmas Eve. I’m also making Julia Child’s scalloped potatoes (or potatoes “gratineed” with cheese) and her brussels sprouts braised in butter. I already baked gingerbread for desert which I like to serve with warm rum sauce.

I wish everyone a happy and relaxing holiday filled with eggnog, family and friends, and lots of good food and fun!

Merry Christmas
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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Sephora VIB Sale Order Finally Arrived!

Sephora VIB 20% off sale

Gotta love a 20% off sale!

I typically have a long wait to receive nearly anything I order online (the joy of living on an island in the middle of the North Atlantic – lol), but this order seriously took ages. Normally when I place a Sephora order I get a second email that it’s shipped within a couple of days. This time it took 10 days before it even shipped. I guess the volume of orders was extra high because of the big sale.

So I was super happy when it finally arrived. I re-stocked on some favourites that I was nearly out of like:

  • MAKE UP FOREVER HD Invisible Cover Foundation in “110 Porcelain Pink”: This is my third bottle. For a full review checkout my post on why this is the best liquid foundation for fair skin.
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER HD Microfinish Powder: Love this powder for setting my under-eye concealer. I featured it in my Most Re-purchased Products of All Time post. I only ever order the 0.14 oz “mini” size because you use so little it lasts forever (for me, nearly a year).  I was surprised that they changed the packaging on the HD Powder though. What I really liked about the mini size was that it was so mini it barely took up any space and was perfect for traveling. The new container is much bigger. Not lovin that so much.
MAKE UP FOREVER HD Powder old packaging VS new packaging

MAKE UP FOREVER HD Powder old packaging VS new packaging

MAKE UP FOREVER HD Powder old packaging VS new packaging

MAKE UP FOREVER HD Powder old packaging VS new packaging

  • Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara: The best mascara ever. They aren’t lying when they call it a “volume-creating and curl-sculpting mascara”. It also doesn’t budge or flake on me. A mascara worth $34 CAD? Absolutely! For more pics see my Guerlain Store shopping post.
  • Laura Mercier Secret Concealer 0.5: Also featured in my Most Re-purchased Products of All Time post. Best under-eye concealer ever IMO.

Now on to the new stuff. I could not resist ordering the Tony Moly Bbo Bbo Lip Balm. I mean, look at this packaging!

Tony Moly Bbo Bbo Lip Balm in "Honey"

Tony Moly Bbo Bbo Lip Balm in “Honey”

Here’s the description from the Sephora site: “It is a cult-favorite amongst Korean pop stars, and ‘Bbo Bbo’ means ‘kiss’ in Korea. This clear-colored balm is infused with hydrating ingredients that include vitamin E and either honey or blueberry extract. Its soft fragrance leaves lips with an irresistible scent.”

I love the packaging, but I am not in love with the lip balm. Its heavily scented (and doesn’t smell like honey) and the perfumeyness lingers and it was all I could taste. Ick.

Speaking of cute packaging though, I love the free Sephora tote that came with the order!

I’m going to do separate, full reviews on my other two purchases – Benefit’s World Famous Neutrals Most Glamorous Nudes Ever eyeshadow kit and the NARS Audacious Lipstick in “Liv”. So check back for those soon!

Thanks for reading ❤
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I Can’t Stop Buying Revlon Shadow Links!

Revlon Shadow Links in "Bone"

Revlon Shadow Links in “Bone”

It started with Greige, then I picked up some more of the taupes and browns, and now I think I might officially have a Shadow Links “problem”. In my defense my drugstore had them on sale again (for $2.95 CAD) and I also can’t seem to resist anything miniature. The little Shadow Links are just so darn cute!

I decided to try out Bone a light, matte cream shade. It seriously reminded me of Brule from MAC (a “soft-creamy beige”). Brule is officially a “satin” finish but on me it looks completely matte. I use Brule so much it was in my Most Repurchased Makeup Products of All Time post. I love to have a matte shade that matches my skin tone to blend out shadows and use on my brow. I have to say I think Bone is a pretty close dupe for MAC Brule.

MAC Brule eyeshadow

MAC “Brule”

Revlon Shadow Links Bone Dupe for MAC Brule

A dupe for MAC’s Brule?

In the pan, Bone looks a little lighter and cooler toned, but once applied they are extremely similar. Bone blended really smoothly. It stayed on all day (I always use my Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer). I did try to get a side by side swatch pic, but they just didn’t show up at all; both totally match my skin tone which is kind of the point but doesn’t make for much of a swatch 🙂

I just continue to be impressed by these little Shadow Links!

Thanks for reading!


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How to Get that 1990s Brown Lipcolour

1990s icons: Shannen Doherty, Claire Danes & Liv Tyler

1990s icons: Shannen Doherty, Claire Danes & Liv Tyler

As someone who was in highschool and university in that decade, I sort of know from 1990s brown lips, and its super exciting to me that this look is back in. In the 90s, makeup (from foundation to lip colour) was totally matte. My friends and I actually filled in our lips with lipliner and would never have thought of wearing gloss. The lipliner we were all obsessed with was Bonne Belle “Chutney”, a warm, orangey brown (sadly discontinued). Since I can’t get in a time machine and go back to a drugstore circa 1993, I thought I’d suggest some other good lip pencils for rocking a retro 1990s matte brown lip.

Lipliners for a 1990s brown lip

Lip pencils for a 1990s brown lip

MAC Lip Pencils for a 1990s brown lip

MAC Lip Pencils for a 1990s brown lip: Oak, Spice, Cork, & Subculture

Here are my 9 picks from a number of different brands in various price points:

  • MAC “Oak” ($19 CAD)
  • MAC “Spice” ($19 CAD)
  • MAC “Cork” ($19 CAD)
  • MAC “Subculture” ($19 CAD)
  • MAKE UP FOR EVER Aqua Lip 3C “Medium Natural Beige” ($23 CAD)
  • NYX Slim Lip Pencil in “Natural” ($4.99 CAD)
  • Annabelle Lipliner in “Nude Lustre” ($5.95 CAD)
  • Milani Color Statement Lipliner 04 “All Natural” ($3.99 CAD)
  • Milani Color Statement Lipliner 09 “Spice” ($3.99 CAD)

swatches 1990s brown lipAre you into the brown lip trend?

Thanks for stopping by ❤


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Vampy Retro Lips (just in time for fall)

vampy, retro, vintage fall lipsticks

Vampy, plum-toned lipsticks perfect for fall!

All the leaves have turned beautiful fall colours here in Canada, and isn’t fall a perfect time for rich, plum-toned lip colours? Dark, vampy lipsticks always make me feel like I’m in a classic black and white film. These are some of my favourite vintagey lipsticks:

Besame Noir Red: Not actually a red, but a deep 1930s plum, it has a semi-matte finish. Totally vintage, the Besame lipsticks are exact reproductions of shades worn by Hollywood starlets. This is a perfect film noir, retro pin-up lipstick! $22 USD.

theBalm Girls Amanda Kissmylips: More of a brown-toned plum, on fair skin this has a similar, old-school vampy look as the Besame Noir Red. But theBalm Gilrs lipsticks are very hydrating and have a bit more shine. Love the cute names too! $20 CAD.

Revlon Super Lustrous Va Va Violet:  The Revlon lipsticks are some of my favourites. This rich purple lipstick is a full-on goth type of shade. It goes on a bit sheer, so you could go for a more subtle plum stain or build it up for a bold, vampy lip. Embrace your inner femme fatale! $9.99 CAD.

Revlon Colorstay Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion: Another great drugstore option. I was really impressed by the Moisture Stain and love this deep purple/plum shade. Check-out my full review. $9.99 CAD.

MAC Hang-up (cremesheen): This “deep berry” is a perfect fall shade. I think depending on your undertones, it could look either more raspberry or more blackberry. Its definitely more purpley-plummy on me. $19 CAD.

MAC Capricious (lustre): This luscious plum lipstick is my absolute favourite right now. I have almost used it up and will definitely be repurchasing this shade. Its also the plum lipstick worn by “evil queen” Regina on one of my favourite shows, One Upon a Time. $19 CAD.

Swatches: Besame Noir Red, theBalm Amanda Kissmylips,Revlon Va Va Violet, Revlon Parisian Passion, MAC Hang-up, MAC Capricious

Swatches: Besame Noir Red, theBalm Amanda Kissmylips, Revlon Va Va Violet, Revlon Parisian Passion, MAC Hang-up, MAC Capricious

I’d love to hear your fall lipstick favourites!

Hoping all my Canadian readers are having an awesome, turkey-filled Thanksgiving long-weekend!
Nerdy Librarian Girl


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