Urban Decay Naked Cherry: The thing that broke my no-buy

Urban Naked Cherry review
Well, hello again! It has been quite some time since my last post. Since May 1, I have been on a one-year sabbatical from my regular Librarian job. As awesome as this is, it has meant that I have been very busy traveling and doing research. It also means that I am on reduced salary, so I have basically been on a no-buy and have really been avoiding makeup blogs, social media and YouTube in order to not be tempted! Working from home, I’ve also not been wearing makeup on the daily, so my blog has definitely been neglected. Somehow, I still was unable to avoid the news that Urban Decay was releasing a new eye shadow palette, and when I heard it was cherry themed, it literally made me break my no-buy.
First let us take a moment to mourn the original Naked palette, which Urban Decay announced in August that it was discontinuing! Like any crazy makeup enthusiast, I have all of the “Naked” palettes (except for the Naked Heat, which was way too warm and orange toned for me). I think the original Naked palette may have been the first eye shadow palette I ever purchased! [wipes away tear]. So any new palette in the Naked universe would of had my attention, but Cherry!!! O.M.G. What is more retro and adorable than cherries?

Urban Decay Naked Cherry

How cute is this packaging?

I actually received an email from Urban Decay when this dropped, and literally ordered it the day it was released directly from the Urban Decay Canada site, as it wasn’t yet available through Sephora. I was very happy with the site, the quick shipping (which was free), and three awesome and generous free samples. I discovered that they also have their own rewards program and they have pretty good sales, so I may be ordering from them some more in the future.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry

Ooohhh! So pretty

I am so thrilled with the shades in the Naked Cherry palette. I love all these pinks, burgundies, and purples. I don’t really have any other palettes like this, as I tend to always be a neutral girl. These are just so pretty I think I may have actually gasped when I opened it.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry

Urban Decay Naked Cherry swatches


These shadows have the same quality we’ve all come to expect with the Naked palettes – Urban Decay is nothing if not consistent I think. These shadows don’t irritate my sensitive eyes, blend beautifully, and are long wearing, with an eye shadow primer of course. Is anyone out there not using eye shadow primer? I do find that the UD shadows tend to work best with the UD Primer Potion versus some of the other primers. My only slight complaint with the UD shadows is that compared to MAC or Make Up For Ever, they do tend to kick up a bit of shadow and can have more fall out. I don’t find this a major issue though.

I did check out the additional items in the Naked Cherry Collection. I could not resist one of the super cute Vice lipsticks in the Naked Cherry packaging. They have three shades, but I’m always a sucker for a vampy shade and ordered (of course) the shade named Cherry. This may be my favourite packaging on a lipstick ever.

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Naked Cherry Collection

Naked Cherry Collection Vice Lipstick

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick Naked Cherry Collection

Love the attention to detail. There are even cherries inside the box!

Two years ago, I had gotten the Urban Decay Vice Lipstick sampler from Sephora with samples of 24 different shades, and had really enjoyed trying them out, but hadn’t actually purchased one yet. Cherry is a satin finish, described as a “deep berry wine.”

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection Vice Lipstick in Cherry

Cherry, a “deep berry wine”

I was having a difficult time with the lighting photographing the lipstick itself, but the swatch is very true to colour. When I am wearing a deep shade like this, I really like to do a more matte-ish finish, so I really like that this is a satin. There is something about a really dark, dramatic shade combined with glossy or shiny that I find a bit too over the top (plus I’d worry about it smearing all over everything). This is a gorgeous deep purple shade!

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection Vice Lipstick in Cherry swatch

Cherry swatched

I am feeling super excited to be blogging again and I’ve ordered some products for our upcoming annual Day of the Dead party, so I will be sharing some more reviews with you all soon. I hope you enjoyed this post. I’d love to hear whether other folks are as excited about the Naked Cherry palette as I am, or if its a pass for you. Please feel free to leave me a comment below 🙂

The Urban Decay Naked Cherry eye shadow palette is $66.00 CAD, and the Vice Lipstick is $22.00 CAD.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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13 responses to “Urban Decay Naked Cherry: The thing that broke my no-buy

  1. Amazingly, I have not tried many Urban Decay products. They seem amazing, I just don’t own anything from their brand. This palette looks amazing and deff something I need to get my hands on NOW lol


  2. I still haven’t bought this pallet. I haven’t been very happy with the latest pallets that i’ve gotten from UD. Their quality is still amazing of course, but i’m not as drawn to their shadows as I used to… Especially now that i’ve tried Korean shiny shadows. This sherry collection looks beautiful though… xoxo Sarah


  3. I also love Naked 1 & 2 Palette. So sad that they discontinued producing.


  4. nice post girl ! This palette has been added to my favorites on Ulta’s site since the day it launched, lol there’s so many palettes coming out right before holidays that I’m keeping my options open lol


  5. This palette looks pretty but I already have similar shades in other palettes. But welcome back! 😊


  6. This is so pretty and I love your swatches! I have a few palettes with these types of shades in them, and I don’t really wear them that often, so I’ll be passing on it. But it is pretty!


  7. Hope you’re been enjoying your travels, I like seeing your photos on Instagram! This palette is very pretty and I love the lipstick you chose! 🙂


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