Make Up For Ever’s New Artist Color Eye Shadows

Make Up For Ever newly reformulated Artist Color Eye Shadows

MUFE’s newly reformulated Artist Color Eye Shadows

Was anyone else surprised to find out last fall that Make Up For Ever had completely reformulated their entire line of eye shadows? It seemed like they had just did that. I was definitely surprised because I had really loved the Custom Artist Palettes they had brought out in fall 2014. Just 3 years later, all 210 eye shadows and matching customizable palettes were scrapped to make way for the newly reformulated Artist Color Eye Shadows.

The biggest difference that immediately struck me was that the new shadows are square and therefore don’t match the old Custom Artist Palettes, designed to hold their round eye shadows. So if you invested in one of the Custom Artist Palettes, like I did, it isn’t going to hold the new Artist Color Eye Shadows (which seems a bit wasteful).

Here is the new design of the Artist Color Refillable Makeup Palettes. I picked up a size “Medium” which fits 3 eye shadows. The new palettes also fit the MUFE highlighters and blushes, which I haven’t tried.

Medium Artist Color Refillable Makeup Palette

“Medium” Artist Color Refillable Makeup Palette fits 3 eye shadows

MUFE new refillable makeup palette

The new refillable makeup palette (above) VS the previous Custom Artist Palette

I had the shades I-550 Olive Gray (Iridescent) and S-556 Taupe Gray (Satin) and you can see how much I used them. I loved both of these awesome neutral taupes. In my review I’d written “I think I might like these shadows as much as I like my MAC shadows. They are very pigmented, creamy and blendable, yet don’t leave any fall out when you’re applying them. They are as long wearing as my MAC shadows too.”

MUFE Duo Custom Palette

My much loved Duo Custom Palette

I was truly disappointed to see these go. The shades I-550 Olive Gray and S-556 Taupe Gray are no longer available in the new line of 121 eye shadow singles. The number of overall shades has been reduced. The previous five finishes were: matte, satin, iridescent, diamond and metallic. Confusingly, the new shadow’s finishes are listed differently on the Canadian Sephora site and on the Canadian MUFE site. The five finishes seem to be:

  • M: matte
  • S: satin (Sephora) or satiny (MUFE)
  • I: shimmer (Sephora) or iridescent (MUFE)
  • ME: metallic
  • D: glitter (Sephora) or diamond (MUFE)

The reformulated MUFE shadows promise “a professional-level pigment-loaded shadow with unprecedented 12 hour wear…[the] artist-grade atomized formula is loaded with pigment for high-impact color in a single swipe. Its smooth, buttery texture allows for superior blendability, and silicon-coated pigments allow for it to stay put for up to 12 hours of wear.” I was super curious to see how the new formula compared to the old formula I loved.

While I was in St. John’s over the mid-term break, I visited Sephora and got a chance to swatch some of the shades the location had available. The first shade that jumped out at me was S-314 Nile Green. If you remember my post about my last visit to MAC in Toronto, I was recently inspired to leave my neutral eye shadow comfort zone and try out some bluish greens.

MUFE Artist Color Eye Shadow

New square Artist Color Eye Shadows come in a temporary plastic “case”

MUFE S-314 Nile Green

S-314 Nile Green

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Eye Shadow Nile Green

Nile Green

Sadly, I wasn’t overly impressed with the pigmentation or the wear-time with this particular shade. It went on much lighter than I expected, compared to the pack it appeared to have in the pan. That wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me because I actually liked the more subtle effect. What really didn’t work for me was that this shade was a bit patchy and seriously faded and creased during the day (even with primer) and seemed to wear off in the inner corner.

I really liked the shade M-540 Gray Beige. It instantly reminded me of one of my favourite shadows, Revlon Shadow Link in Greige, which I think are discontinued. That shade is so unique and I was worried I would never find a dupe for Greige. This type of shade is such a perfect, understated, “no makeup” look, especially on fair skin. This matte finish shadow performs great! It is so smooth and soft, and it stays put all day. I would really recommend this shade.

MUFE M-540 Gray Beige

M-540 Gray Beige – so neutral!

I am always looking out for light, matte eye shadow shades that are light enough to match my skintone. They are surprisingly not easy to find. M-530 Eggshell was calling to me. Like Gray Beige, this shadow also performs well, and is super soft, blendable and long-wearing. So maybe the matte shades in this line are the way to go?

MUFE M-530 Eggshell

M-530 Eggshell

MUFE custom 3 shadows palette

My finished custom 3 shadows palette

At the check-out, I had the option to redeem points for a sample-sized Artist Color Eye Shadow in I-544 Pink Granite. I thought, why not try out another shade? I feel like this shade is oddly named, because it isn’t really pink; more of a warm taupe with mauve undertones. This iridescent shade was definitely more pigmented than Green Nile. I did have some issues with it not being as long-wearing as I would have liked. It didn’t perform as well as the matte shades. So there are definitely some inconsistencies between the different finishes and shades.

MUFE I-544 Pink Granite

I-544 Pink Granite sample – so smol ❤

Swatch love! (I swear Eggshell is swatched – it is just literally the same colour as my skin):

MUFE Artist Color Eye Shadow swatches

L-R: M-530, M-540, S-314, I-544

The new Artist Color Eye Shadows are slightly cheaper than their predecessors at $22 CAD each versus $24 CAD each. The size medium Artist Color Refillable Makeup Palette is $2 CAD. However, the current discount available on the Sephora site is that if you buy three eye shadows and any size palette, you get them all for $50 CAD (a $68 value, or a discount of $18 CAD basically). The new square Artist Color Eye Shadows are also bigger than the previous round pans at 2.5g versus 1.98g. You do get a ton of eye shadow. For comparison, a MAC pro pan is only 1.5g.

Am I sold on these new eye shadows? I’m not sure. I feel like it was literally 50/50 with these shades. I loved the two matte shades, but wasn’t impressed with the two iridescent shades. I also think it is a little excessive that they came out with a whole new line of plastic cases and that the new eye shadows won’t fit in the old cases. Environmentally that maybe wasn’t the greatest choice. I would have preferred if they had stuck with the round pan shape so I could just reuse my Custom Palette.

Have you had a chance to try out the newly formulated Make Up For Ever Artist Color Eye Shadows? I’d love to hear what you think.

Hope you found my review helpful!

Thanks so much for reading,
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤

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