MAC is Reading My Mind: The Prissy Princess Palette

MAC Prissy Princess palette

MAC Prissy Princess palette

You know how everyone seems to be paranoid nowadays that everything we do online – everything we buy, every site we visit – is being tracked and used to carefully craft ads targeted directly at us? I’ve always pooh-poohed such notions…until I saw the MAC Prissy Princess Palette. Clearly, MAC has perfected some sort of futuristic, mind-reading technology because it has made a palette that seems to be tailor-made just for me! First of all, the packaging: Pale pink! With polka-dots! Come on, MAC, that’s just not fair. And its adorably called “Prissy Princess”? Upon first glance, I really didn’t even care what was inside. I totally wanted it. Then, you open it up and its an entire palette of cool-toned neutral and pink eye shadows! This is literally the perfect eye shadow palette for me. I mean, look at this beauty:

MAC Prissy Princess palette

a palette of cool-toned neutrals

According to the MAC site, this palette contains their “new pressed powder eye shadow formulas in Satin Shine, Smooth Pearl, Foiled Shadow and Creamy Matte. All deliver a creamy, silky texture with superior colour payoff.” The eye shadows in the top row of the palette are:

  • Colour Me Spoiled: Very light pink (Creamy Matte)
  • Sweet Tart: Shimmery pale pink (Satin Shine)
  • Prissy Princess: Shell grey (Creamy Matte)
  • Spoil Yourself: Dark brown (Creamy Matte)

The eye shadows in the bottom row of the palette are:

  • Eternal Optimist: Shimmery cool brown (Satin Shine)
  • Too Good To Be True: Cool midtone brown with silver pearl (Foil)
  • Fabness: Taupe grey (Smooth Pearl)
  • Good Girl & U Know It: Greyed neutral brown (Satin Shine)
MAC Prissy Princess eyeshadows

So gorgeous!

The shadows are definitely what I expect from MAC – smooth, pigmented shadows with almost no fall-out that are very long-wearing. I did notice they seemed softer and more buttery than my other MAC shadows. I especially love Prissy Princess, Eternal Optimist, and Fabness. I can use the very pale pink Colour Me Spoiled on my brow-bone and to blend out the shadows, and I like Sweet Tart in the crease. I can use just this palette to create entire eye looks so I am looking forward to traveling with it.  The one shade that I’m not the hugest fan of is Too Good To Be True, which is the only foil finish in the palette. This shadow is too glittery for me, and I mostly get a sheer wash of silver glitter but not much actual colour.

I have a lot of MAC neutrals, but the shadows in this palette are all unique and not dupes for the shadows I already have. The swatches in order are: Colour Me Spoiled, Eternal Optimist, Sweet Tart, Too Good To Be True, Prissy Princess, Fabness, Spoil Yourself, and Good Girl & U Know It:

MAC Prissy Princess eyeshadow swatches

Eye shadow swatches

In addition to the eight eye shadows, the palette also contains a highlighter which is in a new Opalescent formula that “is lightweight and glides on skin for just the right amount of pearl and pop.” The Prissy Princess Palette comes with the shade She’s A Rainbow, described as a “rose pink with silver highlighter.”

MAC She's a Rainbow highlighter

She’s a Rainbow highlighter

I have a difficult time finding highlighter shades that are light enough and not too yellow/gold for my cool-toned pale skin. I normally use MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade. She’s a Rainbow is sort of a cool-toned, light, peachy highlighter that I can actually get away with. Its subtle (which I like) and doesn’t emphasize any pores or dryness on my skin, which really shiny highlighters tend to do.

MAC Prissy Princess She's a Rainbow highlighter swatch

She’s a Rainbow highlighter

This palette, for me, is pure perfection. Well-played, MAC, well-played. Take all my monies.

The Prissy Princess Palette retails for $48 CAD. Its sadly sold-out on the MAC Canada site as I’m composing this post, but palettes may still be available in-stores. It is also available through The Bay website.

Thanks so much for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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7 responses to “MAC is Reading My Mind: The Prissy Princess Palette

  1. Khanak

    This is such a gorgeous palette and a cool-toned lovers dream. I can’t wait for them to release these palettes in India. Great post!
    I’d love it if you’d check out my new post at
    Khanak x


  2. I haven’t heard much about these palettes – the colours of this one look so wearable! My main issue with the palette is the spacing of the pans – there is so much wasted space! They could have made the palette 1/3 smaller.


    • I hadn’t thought of that, but that’s true. It is very thin and compact, but they could definitely have made it smaller. There is something about the asymmetrical arrangement of the shadows and the differing pan sizes that is aesthetically pleasing to me though 🙂


  3. This is a gorgeous palette, I can see why it’s sold out! The highlighter is gorgeous too 🙂


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