Who Can Resist the Sephora Minis?

Sephora mini sizes

Can you get past the Sephora line without being tempted by the minis?

The last time I was in Sephora, I was waiting in the check-out line surrounded by shiny, tempting, mini-sized products and of course the next thing I knew, some of them *mysteriously* ended up in my basket. They get me every time. I can never resist the lure of all of the adorable miniatures and add-ons in the Sephora line. Partly, I love anything miniature, but I also love that you can often sample higher-end products this way at a lower price.The mini that immediately caught my eye was the Viseart Eye Shadow Palette Petit Pro. I have heard a lot of rave reviews about Viseart but hadn’t tried anything from this brand. The full-sized Viseart eye shadow palettes are a pricey $60-100 CAD. The Viseart Eye Shadow Palette Petit Pro is $40 CAD. Now, that is still pricey for your typical Sephora mini, but I have heard that the brand makes very high-quality eye-shadows and I thought the mini-size was a more affordable alternative to the full-sized eye shadow palettes.

Viseart Eye Shadow Palette Petit Pro

Viseart Eye Shadow Palette Petit Pro

I was really impressed with the packaging on the Petit Pro. Some of the mini-sized eye shadow palettes I’ve gotten have fairly flimsy, cardboard packaging, but the Viseart is very sturdy plastic that folds over the shadows like an envelope, and even has a magnetic closure.ย  I would feel very safe traveling with this sturdy little palette.

Viseart Eye Shadow Palette Petit Pro 1

An eight-shade eye shadow palette in versatile pigment rich colors in matte, satin, and shimmer textures

You get eight shades; four matte and four shimmer. The quote from the Sephora site indicates that there are also “satin” formula shades, but I think that is an error. I loved the Viseart matte formula. It isn’t hard to blend at all. The mattes went on very evenly and smoothly. The shade Tawny is a perfect neutral taupe shade. I found the shimmer shades were also easy to work with although they do have some fall-out while applying. They are also not super glittery. I liked mixing Tawny with Starlight and applying them over my favourite new MAC Paint Pot, Groundwork. I think these shadows are great, but I am really glad to have only paid $40. I don’t know if these wowed me enough to get one of the $100 Viseart palettes.

Viseart Eye Shadow Palette Petit Pro swatches

unique shades from 2017 fashion-forward trends”

The other high-end mini I spotted was the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini. I constantly see the Pixiwoo sisters using the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors so I have been curious to try these for a while. The full-sized highlighters, which honestly would probably take me 25 years to go through, are $46 CAD. The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Minis are $23 CAD. The only downside is that the minis only come in four shades, whereas the full-sized highlighters come in eight shades. I was interested in Pearl “soft luminescent white” and Prismatic Amethyst “lavender duo-chrome”, but they are only available in the full-sized. So I went with Vanilla Quartz “light gold infused with pink pearl”.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini

This mini highlighter is so cute! It even comes with a miniature mirror โค

Okay, enough about the cuteness. The Vanilla Quartz was the only shade out of the four that I could probably use. The other thre were just too dark to be a “highlighter”. The description “light gold” seems a bit scary for us fair skin gals, but this is a very light, nearly white highlighter that really suits pale skin. The texture is very soft and creamy and it blends in so well you hardly see it…until a little bit of light catches it. Its subtle. I’m not so into the blingy, full-on highlighter trend, so I liked that this highlighter just gives a bit of a healthy glow.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini Vanilla Quartz

Vanilla Quartz, “light gold infused with pink pearl”

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed Highlighter Mini Vanilla Quartz swatch

Vanilla Quartz swatch

The final item in the Sephora line that hopped into my basket was the Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Cupuacu Lip Butter. You had me at coconut oil. I am generally obsessed with lip balm and with coconut so this just immediately went into my basket. Not a mini, this full-sized lip butter was $23 CAD. Expensive, yes? But this Lip Butter smells amazing! Its like a delicious blend of coconut, vanilla and caramel. It also works! It is really hydrating and long-lasting. Not regretting this impulse buy ๐Ÿ™‚

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Kiss Lip Butter

Are you like me and can’t seem to get past the Sephora line without being tempted by the mini-sized items and shiny add-ons? For me, this section of Sephora is almost my favourite. I always take time to peruse the minis and usually have to wave people in line behind me to go ahead, lol.

Thanks so much for reading,
Nerdy Librarian Girl โค


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9 responses to “Who Can Resist the Sephora Minis?

  1. I had no idea Viseart came out with a mini palette – it looks great.
    I think getting the Becca highlighter in a mini form is the perfect size – I mean, I’ve never even made a dent in any of my full size highlighters, much less use one up entirely.
    By the way, Groundwork is my favourite MAC Paint Pot too! So versatile and I’ve had my jar going on 3 years now… probably time to replace.


    • Yes, agreed – highlighters come in such humongous sizes and I don’t know how anyone ever uses them all. I will probably have to put my MAC Lightscapade in my will or else be buried wit it, lol. Yay – another Groundwork fan! I have only had it a few months and I’m about half-way through the pot. I just love it.


  2. The becca mini looks so cute and I love the eyeshadow bottom row


  3. I have that Viseart palette. I like it but itโ€™s so tiny I forget about it sometimes. Now I want to use it tomorrow.


  4. I have a Becca mini and it is so cute! The eyeshadow palette colours look lovely, especially the bottom row ๐Ÿ™‚


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