Finally Got My Paws on a New Bite Beauty Lip Pencil

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil
I have been dying to try the new Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil since it first came out. I am already a fan of the Bite Beauty Agave Lip Masks, Amuse Bouche Lipsticks, and the Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub. So knowing that they now also made a lip liner kinda made my life complete. The Canadian brand is known for its lip products made from natural, organic, food-grade ingredients that are “good enough to eat.” They also have really unique shades. I can’t wait for the next time I’m in Toronto, so I can visit the Bite Beauty Lip Lab where you can create your own custom or bespoke lipsticks. It looks so fun!

I am pretty obsessed with lip liner. My all time fav lip pencils are MAC, because I love a traditional wood barrel liner, they feel very comfortable on the lips, and they come in such a great range of shades. I was excited that the Bite lip pencils also have the traditional wood barrel (seriously I hate the plastic lip pencils) and that their new lip pencils come in 50 shades! You should really check out this mesmerizing video of how BITE makes the perfect lip pencil. For some reason watching this just fills me with joy.

The Lip Pencil claims to “provide perfect, allover, opaque lip coverage. Bite Beauty’s lightest formula yet, it offers addictively creamy coverage that’s so lightweight it feels like nothing on your lips. The case is an artisanal wood barrel that encapsulates whipped shea butter and three times the amount of pigments for a perfectly defined line.

I was actually in a Sephora IRL and got to swatch a bunch of the shades (although they didn’t have all 50 in store) and I picked out 014 Dusty Mauve. Who doesn’t love them some mauve lip, amiright?

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil 014 Dusty Mauve

014 Dusty Mauve

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil 014 Dusty Mauve

014 Dusty Mauve

This lip pencil definitely lives up to its claims of being creamy and lightweight. This lip liner is almost like applying a lipstick it is so creamy, but at the same time doesn’t feel like there’s anything on your lips. It isn’t sticky or drying.  Dusty Mauve went on evenly and was very pigmented.

Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil 014 Dusty Mauve swatch

Dusty Mauve

I was really surprised at how long wearing this was too! I wore it on its own topped with a little lip balm and it stayed on for hours. And my lips felt totally moisturized. The only downside to this luxurious creaminess though, is that its a particularly soft lip liner. More so than any other lip liner I’ve tried. So although the creaminess of this liner makes it super easy to apply and wear, it also makes it very susceptible to breaking off. You have to be careful with it and remember to not apply too much pressure when applying it. I had the tip of mine instantly snap off. At $20 CAD, you don’t want to be wasting any of that product! I would say thats the only downside.

The Lip Pencil also did not seem to be scented at all, which I really enjoyed. I find I could do without the citrusey scent of their Amuse Bouche Lipsticks. Another reason why I’d love to visit the Bite Lip Lab – you can pick your own scent, and coconut is one of the options!!!

I am really enjoying this lip liner. I would for sure like to try out some more of the shades. There are so many beautiful options to chose from. Have you had a chance to try Bite Beauty’s The Lip Pencil? What did you think?

Thanks so much for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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9 responses to “Finally Got My Paws on a New Bite Beauty Lip Pencil

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  2. ladyofthelake

    It looks a lot pinkier than mauve though. What lipstick do you pair it with?


  3. Jenna

    Looks like a great product (the color is soooo pretty!). Great blog 🙂
    -Jenna ❤
    Follow me back? The Chic Cupcake


  4. I want to try these but I have so many lip pencils as it is. I need to use what I got right now.


  5. Wow I had no idea that they had 50 shades of lip liners – that’s an extensive collection!

    Love the shade you selected – very pretty!


  6. This looks like a solid product! I was toying with buying either one of these or the Buxom Plumpline lip liner and I got the Buxom one. Bite is still on my radar though! xo J


  7. Yesss, that’s literally my dream colour! So gorgeous x


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