The MAC Lipstick Tag

I saw this tag on Chanelle Hayley’s blog (you can check out her post) and thought this was such a great tag for MAC fans that I wanted to do it too.

1. What was your first MAC lipstick?
Dubonnet. I remember searching fruitlessly for a red that suited me and didn’t immediately turn hot pink after I applied it. I went into a MAC for the first time and had them pick one for me and totally loved it!

MAC Dubonnet Lipstick


2. What was your most recent MAC lipstick addition?
I literally just posted about my newest MAC lipstick, New York Apple, lol

MAC New York Apple lipstick

New York Apple

3. What is your most used MAC Lipstick?
Probably Capricious, or Spice it Up! which I’ve almost used up.

MAC Capricious lipstick


MAC Spice it Up! lipstick

Spice it Up!

4. What is your favourite nude/pink/red MAC lipstick?
Favourite nude: Hug Me. I can’t really pull off a lot of “nude” lipsticks. For me a nude has to be a more my-lips-but-better type of shade. Hug Me was my favourite and I used it completely up (sorry no photo). Time to order a new one! Hug Me is described as “flesh pink” and is a pale pinky-brown.

Favourite pink: I don’t have a lot of pink lipsticks in general. One of my favourite MAC lipsticks is Angel, a subtle, soft pink frost and one of MAC’s most famous shades. Because I’m so pale, I think the pink in Angel shows up on me more than it might on other skin tones. I think of it as a pink, but this one could also be considered a nude.

MAC Angel lipstick

I’m wearing MAC Angel in this pic

Favourite red: Spice it Up!

5. Have you ever repurchased a MAC lipstick?
Yes. I’ve repurchased Capricious, Jubilee, and Syrup. If you haven’t tried Syrup, you should really check it out! This cool-toned, light, mauvey pink is a great everyday shade.

MAC Syrup


6. Which of the different MAC finishes do you own?
I think I have all of the finishes represented in my collection. Most of the MAC lipsticks I have are lustres, which is my favourite finish (you can check out my post on my lustre collection). I only have two mattes, Please Me and Whirl. Matte isn’t my favourite finish of because in general I find mattes uncomfortable to wear. I have a couple of frosts, some creamsheens, amplifieds, and satins, and one glaze, Hue.

7. Which shade do you want to wear more?
One shade I love, but don’t get to wear often enough is Film Noir. This is a perfect shade if you like a retro, vampy lip look. Its dramatic, so not something I can wear every day but I’d like to break it out more.

MAC Film Noir

Film Noir

MAC Film Noir swatch

Film Noir

8. Which shade doesn’t get enough hype?
I think I would have to go with Jubilee. I’m on my second tube and I really love this easy to wear, 1990s-esque, warm brown lustre. MAC describes it as “naked beigey-pink.” It works as a nudey, my-lips-but-better type of shade and I think so many people would love this, but you don’t hear as much about it. For pics/swatches, you can see my lustre collection post.

9. Do you regret buying any shades?
Yes! See my post on the awful Naked Paris 😦

10. What next?
I don’t currently have any new shades on my wishlist, but I have a couple of shades that I’d like to repurchase, like Hug Me and Spice it Up!

I hope you liked this tag, and feel free to do it too! I am such a MAC lipstick fan. This was a lot of fun.

Thanks so much for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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17 responses to “The MAC Lipstick Tag

  1. This was a cool tag! I just reviewed my MAC lipstick collection and I can think of some that fit into these categories!!


  2. Jessica

    Great post! I’m so happy that I found your blog – bc I FREAKING LOVE lipstick hahaxx


  3. Definitely need Syrup in my life 😍 right now Captive is on my wish list


  4. Capricious looks lovely! I would wear that!
    Oh man, I just had a look at Naked Paris, what a horrible chunky mess.
    Fun tag! I am not much into lipsticks in general but MAC ones are generally good – plus, so many colours and finishes to choose from!


  5. Janine

    “Syrup” is at the top of my MAC wishlist!


  6. I loved reading your answers and finding out the names of a couple of MAC shades I’ve never heard of before!


  7. Love the idea of this tag as so many of us own MAC lipstick! xo J


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