MAC New York Apple

MAC New York Apple lipstick

Take a bite out of New York Apple!

Hi everyone! I know I have a lot of MAC lipsticks, but I couldn’t resist adding one more to my collection when MAC had a sale in December. I was really interested in trying New York Apple, described as a “muted red with pink shimmer.” Although my favourite finish in MAC lipsticks is lustre, New York Apple is a frost. I only have one other MAC frost lipstick, Angel, which I love. I was really pleased when New York Apple arrived. It is the sweetest shade and I can’t help thinking it would be perfect to wear for Valentine’s Day, which is coming up soon.

MAC New York Apple lipstick
Isn’t this the prettiest lipstick? Its a medium, cool-toned, blue-red, but has a hint of a metallic sheen to the finish that catches the light and gives this shade a lot of dimension.

MAC New York Apple lipstick

Is this not the perfect lipstick for Valentines Day?

swatch MAC New York Apple lipstickMy current favourite red, MAC Spice it Up! is nearly used up (time for back-to-MAC!) and in the meantime New York Apple is becoming my go-to red. Its a very glamorous shade. Its like a little hidden gem in the MAC collection. I haven’t heard much about it. What do you think? Is New York Apple your type of shade?

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❀


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8 responses to “MAC New York Apple

  1. What a pretty colour – I need to add some Mac lipsticks to my collection.


  2. I absolutely love this lipstick! It’s perfect for every occasion! Lovely review x


  3. I am a big red lippie person, and this one has been on my w/l forever but I’ve never bought it! It looks a touch too cool for my skintone – looks great on you. I don’t generally do frosts too much, but I did love MAC O! It went bad recently (after like, 10 yrs) and I’m not sure I’ll replace it.

    My fave MAC reds are Brave Red and Brick-O-La. πŸ™‚


  4. Claire Talks Beauty

    Stunning color!


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