A Few New MAC Lip Pencils!

MAC lip pencils in Beet, Edge-to-Edge, Half-Red
Hi everyone! Lipliners are one of those love-it-or-hate-it type of makeup products. You either love lipliner or you just never use it. I am in the first category. I love lip liners and MAC lip pencils are my all time favourite. I like to combine different liners and lipsticks to create more customized colours, use lipliners as a base to make my lipstick wear longer, and sometimes I wear liner on its own topped with a bit of lip balm. MAC liners don’t dry out my lips and come in the most beautiful selection of colours. In December, the MAC Canada website had a 25% off sale and I added three more MAC lip pencils to my collection that I thought I’d share with you.I ordered Beet, which had been on my wish list for a while, and Edge-to-Edge and Half-Red.

MAC lip pencils in Beet, Edge-to-Edge, Half-Red

MAC lip pencils in Beet, Edge-to-Edge, Half-Red
Beet is described as “vivid reddish-pink”, but I think its much more of a red than a pink. On me, its more of a cool-toned red that is on the berry or burgundy side of red. Beet totally lived up to my expectations. Edge-to-Edge is “midtone dirty blue pink” and its a very wearable neutral pink, the type of shade that works really well with a smokey dramatic eye look. My favourite out of the three and quickly becoming one of my favourite lipliners is Half-Red, which is described as “soft burgundy.” The description just doesn’t seem to match the name right? lol. To me its a brown-red with a hint of burgundy similar to my MAC lipstick favourites, Capricious and Spice it Up! I love it!

MAC lip pencils in Beet, Edge-to-Edge, Half-Red

Beet, Edge-to-Edge, Half-Red

swatches of MAC lip pencils in Beet, Edge-to-Edge, Half-Red

Left to right: Beet, Edge-to-Edge, Half-Red

I’m really pleased with these lipliners and especially happy that I got them for 25% off. I am thinking of doing a post where I swatch all of my MAC lipliners.

Please feel free to weigh in and leave a comment: when it comes to lipliner do you love it or skip it? I’d love to hear from you. If you have a favourite lipliner I would also love to hear your recommendations πŸ™‚

Thanks so much for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❀


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6 responses to “A Few New MAC Lip Pencils!

  1. Beauty Break With Betsy

    I honestly can’t find a lipliner that I am just obsessed with! I’m always looking for something better. I haven’t tried MAC so maybe that’s something I need to do!


  2. Nice! I have Edge to Edge and really need to use it more. I also have Whirl and Fruit Cocktail. I like them all but it’s a lot of money for a pencil. I have so many drugstore ones that work just as well (I love the ones from Palladio and NYX).


    • Yes NYX are great too. I also really like the Annabelle liners that they have in Canada which are very similar to MAC. I am just such a sucker for a good MAC lip liner! I will have to check out Fruit Cocktail. I haven’t tried that one.


  3. Great score on these! I ordered some stuff during their 25% off sale too but my shipment got messed up and they ended up cancelling my order! I emailed MAC but haven’t heard back. 😦
    I don’t use lip liners very often – I go in waves where I’d use one every day and then I kind of let it slip again. It could be that I just don’t wear lip colour all that often.


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