Can a Silicone “Sponge” Compete with the Beauty Blender?

The Beauty Blender VS the Silisponge makeup blender

The Beauty Blender VS the Silisponge silicone sponge makeup blender

If you are a YouTube fan, you will likely have seen some of the reviews of the newest (and possibly oddest) beauty product being talked about right now – the silicone makeup applicator/blender. Its getting fairly mixed reviews, and I was so curious I just had to try it out for myself. Originally created by indie beauty brand Molly Cosmetics, their SiliSponge is currently sold out. However, I ordered one from (they ship to Canada via Canada Post) for the same price that looks identical in shape and size. It is basically a blob of 100% silicone, so I’m not sure how they could be that different?

As soon as I heard about a silicone makeup “sponge” I was intrigued, mainly because Nerdy Librarian Girl is also a huge germaphobe, as evidenced by such posts as How to Sanitize Makeup, AKA my unnatural obsession with 95% rubbing alcohol, or Microwaving your Beauty Blender (spoiler alert: it really works). Silicone is super hygienic! I loved the idea of a makeup applicator that is non-porous, that wouldn’t absorb product, and that would be incredibly easy to clean. But, would it work as well as the Beauty Blender for applying foundation? I have tried numerous brushes, but by far my all time favourite way to apply liquid foundation is the Beauty Blender. I have also tried similar sponges, like the Real Techniques or Sephora brand, and I have found them to work equally well. They just make it so quick and easy to blend the foundation so it sits more naturally on your skin. The only downside is cleaning them. They tend to soak in a lot of product and are a bit of a pain to wash.

My very own weird little mini-breast implant arrived in only 4 days, which is very fast shipping to where I live. The Silico-Sponge comes in a neat little snap-lid plastic box, which I think is a great packaging choice because it will help prevent your silisponge from getting punctured or torn, which you definitely don’t want. Think leakage. The site warned “If you puncture the product in anyway: dispose of it immediately and order a new one.”

Silisponge silicone sponge Makeup Blender


Silisponge silicone sponge Makeup Blender

It looks so weird!!!

The Silisponge is unlike any other type of makeup applicator I’ve ever seen. When you first pick it up, it feels so weird! Its sort of like very firm jello. Its squishy and has an extremely smooth surface. Its thinner than I expected, but also heavier, especially compared to the lighter than air Beauty Blender. Silisponge silicone sponge Makeup Blender
So now it was time to try this silicone makeup “sponge” out. The Molly Cosmetics site offers the following instructions: “Take the littlest amount of cream/liquid product and go in circular motions or back and forth to spread…Tap repeatedly to blend and settle.” That sounded fairly similar to using the Beauty Blender. I used it with my Make Up Forever Ultra HD Invisible Cover Foundation.

The verdict? I cannot express how much I hated this thing! My first impression was no, no, no, no, no. Just no. The silicone applicator did not work for me AT ALL. First of all, the size, shape and weight of the sponge makes it awkward to hold. I’m not sure why it is so thin and flat. I found it especially difficult to maneuver around areas like my nose. Compared to the perfect shape of the Beauty Blender, the ergonomics of the silicone sponge just didn’t work.Β  Worst than that though was that it didn’t blend the foundation! It moved it around, but left it in a streaky, blotchy mess. No amount of tapping or bouncing seemed to help. I felt like I was slapping myself in the face with a cold, hard (compared to an actual sponge), weird miniature chicken cutlet. The whole experience in a word was: unpleasant.

I had to use my Beauty Blender to finish applying my foundation. I decided the thing I like best about the Beauty Blender is that you dampen it first. I think this is what really helps blend in foundation and make it look natural. I could not get the same results with the SiliSponge. It was so awful, I really cannot recommend even trying it. I think its one of those things that sounds like a good idea in theory, but in reality just doesn’t really work.

The SiliSponge is $9.99 USD. Shipping was $9.00 USD and I did not incur any additional customs fees or charges. Once that was converted into CAD, my credit card charge ended up being $26.23 CAD. Definitely not worth it. The SiliSponge was a fail for me.

Have you tried the SiliSponge? I would really love to hear from anyone else who has ordered one, especially if you’ve managed to get a hold of the perpetually sold-out original Molly Cosmetics version. Does that one work any better? Have you found a way to make a silicone makeup applicator work for you or was your experience similar to mine? Please leave me a comment below.

Thanks so much for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❀


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20 responses to “Can a Silicone “Sponge” Compete with the Beauty Blender?

  1. I tried this out too and it was really disappointing! It’s nice to see an honest review after seeing so many people trying to promote it. I will definitely be sticking to my beauty blender!


  2. I had zero interest in trying this and you’ve confirmed my suspicions. I just couldn’t think how a product like this could apply foundation without smearing it around the face. Lol. But I love my Beauty Blender and will stick to that. Thank you for the detailed review, sweetie! xo


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  4. Claire Talks Beauty

    This thing is so weird! I don’ t like how it pushes the product into the skin


    • I just watched gossmakeupartist’s review of it and he said he didn’t see how it was different than just using your fingers. I think that is a good way to describe it. It is no replacement for the Beauty Blender.


  5. There’s SO much hype abound this and I can’t see myself trying it at all. I have a silicone spatula that I keep in the bathroom to apply moisturizing on my back (learned it in a life hack! πŸ˜† ) and I can tell you that it doesn’t spread out lotion that well, let alone trying to BLEND in foundation? Nope, not gonna try this gimmick!


  6. I watched Jefree use it ….
    such a cool idea but … i like sponges better xo


  7. These things are so weird. Too gimmicky for me.


  8. Watch jefree star’s youtube video on it!


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