I Finally Caved: The Naked Smoky

Urban Decay Naked Smoky eye shadow palette

The Naked Smoky was 50% off at http://www.urbandecay.ca

The Naked Smoky has been out for a while (since last year), but I had so far valiantly resisted adding another eye shadow palette to my collection. I have all three of the Naked palettes, the Naked Basics, and the Naked Ultimate Basics. I thought the Naked Smoky looked gorgeous, but I wasn’t sure I’d use the darker, smokier shades often enough to justify the price. This month, the lovely Canadian beauty blogger, Miss Hailey, provided the awesome tip that the Naked Smoky was half price on the Urban Decay Canada site for a one day only sale. Normally $66 CAD, it was going for $33 plus free shipping! Well that was all the convincing I needed. I couldn’t resist the allure of the Naked Smoky eye shadow palette any longer.When it arrived, I just loved the swirling smoke design on the outside of the palette.

Urban Decay Naked Smoky palette

So smokey!

The shades themselves are what you’d expect from one of the Nakeds – a beautiful selection of smoky neutrals with a nice mix of shimmer and mattes – and some deeper shades than the other three UD palettes. Like the Naked 2, I think the Smoky palette overall  is more on the cool-toned side of things.

Urban Decay Naked Smokey palette

The 12 shades in the Naked Smoky are:

  • High (champagne shimmer with micro-glitter)
  • Dirtysweet (medium bronze) – shimmer
  • Radar (metallic taupe with iridescent micro-glitter)
  • Armor (metallic silver-taupe with tonal sparkle)
  • Slanted (light metallic grey)
  • Dagger (medium charcoal with micro-shimmer)
  • Black Market (jet-black satin)
  • Smolder (deep plum-taupe) – matte
  • Password (cool taupe matte)
  • Whiskey (rich brown matte)
  • Combust (soft pink-taupe) – matte
  • Thirteen (light beige satin)
Urban Decay Naked Smoky swatched on fair skin

Top, L-R: High, Dirtysweet, Radar, Armor, Slanted, Dagger. Bottom: Black Market, Smolder, Password, Whiskey, Combust, Thirteen

I’ve had a chance to play around with it a little, and so far I really like it, especially some of the matte shades, like Combust, Password, and Smolder. Radar is also super pretty. I’m glad I was able to pick this up at half price as an early Christmas present to myself, lol. Its a great palette.

Have you tried the Naked Smoky? What did you think? What’s your fav Naked palette? Leave me a comment below.

Also – Merry Tips Eve (what we call Christmas Eve Eve here in Newfoundland!)

Thanks so much for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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10 responses to “I Finally Caved: The Naked Smoky

  1. I have the Naked 1 and 3, and I’m always on the fence whether to get the Smoky are not. But I feel like, if it’s not love at first sight, I won’t get it, because there are so many pallets out there. xoxo Sarah


  2. Kim

    Fellow Newfie girl here! Also fair cool toned skin so I am glad to find out this palette has a lot of cool toned shades. I might pick it up myself. Thanks!


  3. I really liked this! I’ve been having the same issue as you when it came to spending money on a new palette when I already have so many! It looks so beautiful though, and I think the next time it goes on sale I’m gonna grab one myself! Have a Merry Christmas xxxx



  4. This palette looks to die for, i might need to invest! xx


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