MAC Lustre Lipstick Collection Swatched

MAC lustre lipsticks

My MAC “lustre” finish lipsticks

Hello everyone! I thought I’d share my favourite MAC lipsticks with you today. My favourite finish of all the MAC lipsticks is the lustre, and I have amassed quite a few of them. I find that the lustre lipsticks just don’t get enough love, so I wanted to do a post featuring all of the shades I have, along with some swatches, and let you know what my favourites are. I’ve only included lustres I have from the permanent collection, nothing LE.

Lustre is one of MAC’s 10 (I think?) different lipstick finishes. The lustres are described by MAC as “Demi-sheer with wet-look lustre finish. Very slick. Makes lips look soft,smooth, ultra-moist.” My lips tend to be dry and I find the lustres very moisturizing and light and comfortable to wear, almost like a lip balm. I like that they have some shine and I suppose because I am more fair skinned, I also like that they aren’t super pigmented because that makes them easier to work with. Many of these I can swipe on without a mirror.

The Nudes

  • High Tea: Described as a “beiged pink with pearl”, I think this is a good description of the shade. I tend to need a little bit of pink in a nude shade to make it work on me. High Tea is sheer with a hint of shimmer. I really like putting this one over different lipliners.
  • Fresh Brew: Described as “creamed coffee”, Fresh Brew is a real 1990s nude brown. Its a very neutral brown – not too warm, not too cool. You can see some more pics of this delicious, light caramel shade in a previous post.
  • Jubilee: This is my second tube of Jubilee. Its a warmer brown nude, especially compared to Fresh Brew. I feel like this shade is often overlooked, and its such a good one. Its a “my-lips-but-better” type of shade that looks natural and is so easy to wear.
  • Patisserie: Apparently a very popular MAC shade, I’m not as enamored with Patisserie. Its a very pretty pinky-nude, but I’m not such a fan of the little particles of shimmer. As the lipstick wears, you can be left with specks of gold glitter. Its not as bad as the disastrous MAC Naked Paris, but if you don’t like too much shimmer, you might want to skip this one.
MAC High Tea, Fresh Brew, Jubilee, Patisserie lipstick

High Tea, Fresh Brew, Jubilee, Patisserie

MAC High Tea, Fresh Brew, Jubilee, Patisserie swatch

High Tea, Fresh Brew, Jubilee, Patisserie

The Plums

  • Syrup: This is my second tube of Syrup. I love this shade! This cool-toned, light, mauvey pink is a great everyday shade, perfect for lighter skin tones.
  • Plumful: I did a previous post about how much I love this lipstick. If you are into berry shades, you would probably enjoy this pinky-plum. Plumful is also more pigmented than some of the lustres.
  • Capricious: This is probably my favourite lipstick of all time, and I’m on my second tube. Capricious is a rosy plum with a slightly brown undertone and a hint of purple. I love to pair it with MAC’s Plum lipliner.
  • Sophisto: This is one of those lipsticks that looks much darker in the bullet than it does on the lips. Sophisto is more sheer than some of the other lustres I have. Its a deep, but sheer plum with golden sheen (but no glitter).
MAC Syrup, Plumful, Capricious, Sophisto lipstick

Syrup, Plumful, Capricious, Sophisto

MAC Syrup, Plumful, Capricious, Sophisto lipstick swatch

Syrup, Plumful, Capricious, Sophisto

The Browns

  • Midimauve: Despite the name, I didn’t put this shade in with the plums. On me, Midimauve is a pinky-brown. MAC describes it as “rosy mauve with pearl” but I don’t personally see any mauve in. Midimauve is a great, everyday neutral shade. I wore this one a lot this fall.
  • Touch: I have almost completely used up this lipstick. Touch is a total 1990s warm brown. Its also more of a pigmented, opaque lustre. On fair skin, Touch shows up quite dark, but I could imagine for darker skin tones, this would be more of a nude brown.
  • Polished-up: MAC describes this one as “foxy brown”!  Its a dark, reddish brown. I ordered this shade online on a whim. Its a bit dramatic on me, so I don’t wear this one everyday.
  • Desire: Aptly described as “warmed burgundy wine” I feel in love with this shade in the store. For me, this type of vampy plum  shade in a highly pigmented or matte finish would be harder to pull off, but Desire is a little sheer and a little glossy and it makes it so much more wearable. [Update: Desire is no longer on the MAC Canada site. It must have been discontinued]
MAC Midimauve, Touch, Polished-up, Desire lipstick

Midimauve, Touch, Polished-up, Desire

MAC Midimauve, Touch, Polished-up, Desire swatch

Midimauve, Touch, Polished-up, Desire

Coral, Pink & Red

This last category is a sort of catch-all to describe the last three lustres I have:

  • See Sheer: Described as “grapefruit pink”, I picked this one up earlier this year. On fair skin, its a bright pinky-coral. I think the sheer, lustre finish makes it a wearable coral. I wore this one a lot this summer.
  • Lovelorn: This was a total YouTube-made-me-buy-it purchase. I ordered it online. I was hoping for a more wearable nude shade like Syrup, but Lovelorn is a straight-up cool light pink. This one is a bit harder for me to pull off, but if you love a blue pink, this one would be right up your alley.
  • Spice It Up!: Like Capricious, this is one of my favourite lipsticks of all time. This poor tube is almost done; its time to order  a new one. Although MAC says its “mulled brown berry”, on me this is my perfect red. Its definitely a red with a nice bit of brown going on. I have such strong pink undertones, that reds can turn very pink on me, but Spice It Up! doesn’t. It looks like a classic pin-up red on fair, cool-toned skin.
MAC See Sheer, Lovelorn, Spice it Up lipstick

See Sheer, Lovelorn, Spice It Up!

MAC See Sheer, Lovelorn, Spice it Up swatch

See Sheer, Lovelorn, Spice It Up!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my lustre lipstick collection. Is anyone else out there obsessed with lustres like I am? What is your fav MAC lipstick finish? Leave me a comment below 🙂

Thanks so much for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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9 responses to “MAC Lustre Lipstick Collection Swatched

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  4. I am a fan of Lustre lipsticks too! I own Syrup and Patisserie and they are now two shades I wouldn’t be without! They are my most worn MAC lipsticks and some of the most worn shades in my collection 🙂


  5. I don’t own a single MAC Lustre so this is a great primer for me! You have so many! I tried Plumful at the store but it didn’t suit me. I might have to give Sophisto a whirl! Also on my radar are Jubilee and Midimauve (I’ve honestly never heard of these shades!)


    • Really? Not a single lustre? I feel like the lustres are the hidden gems of MAC lipsticks. There are so many shades that don’t get enough of a shout out 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • Well, I should qualify my statement to say that I only own 6 MAC lipsticks in total… all of them are either Satin, Cremesheen or Amplified finish. I know you’re a lipstick fiend but I always worry about them turning bad before I use them up.


      • In a recent study, they tested lipsticks as old as 5 years and they were totally fine. I have had some of my MAC lipsticks for even longer than that and they are still fine. I think it takes a lot longer than people think for lipsticks to turn. But if you don’t use them very often, I could see how you would be concerned. I am way more paranoid about eye makeup.


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