Dry Shampoos & Dark Hair: Did any of these really work?

Best dry shampoos for dark hair

Which of these five dry shampoos got a passing grade and which one got an F?

I colour my hair. I’ve been battling greys since I was in my 20s (sadly its hereditary). Visiting the salon every 4-5 weeks to have my roots done is hard on my hair. I’m sure those of you with colour treated hair can relate. Any type of chemical processing can really leave your hair dry and damaged. A couple of years ago, I decide to try to join the “no poo” movement and gradually decrease how frequently I shampooed my hair. Instead of washing my hair daily, I have now reduced it to twice (sometimes 3 times) a week. I can’t even begin to tell you what a difference this has made in the health and texture of my hair. Its so much softer and more manageable. In between shampoos, I will often use a dry shampoo on my roots. I thought I’d do a quick review of some of the brands I’ve tried. Dry shampoo on very dark hair like mine can be tricky. You don’t want to be left with a visible white, powdery cast. I also don’t want a dry shampoo to have a strong, overpowering scent. So here are five dry shampoos I’ve tried, from drugstore to high-end, graded from A to F.

Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodified Dry Shampoo (approx. $5 CAD)Garnier Fructis Volume Extend Instant Bodified Dry Shampoo
This drugstore option was definitely a fail for me. I really, really did not care for the scent. It has a very strong citrus-fruit type of scent that lingers all day long. I guess its a personal preference thing – some people may like the scent – but it was a bit too overpowering for me personally. This one also sprayed on fairly “white” and I had to be careful to work it in and comb it through to avoid having a noticeable white cast on my hair. I also found this one a little itchy. I could feel it in my hair (the way hairspray feels) and by the end of the day I just had the urge to wash it out of my hair.  I think if you are on a budget and need something inexpensive, this would do, but I will not repurchase it. Grade: D-

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder Spray ($33.00 CAD)

Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo Powder Spray
I can’t recall how I came upon a sample sized Oscar Blandi, whether it was a mini from the Sephora check-out line or a deluxe sample. This was actually a very effective dry shampoo. It was completely invisible and really worked! If you have very dark hair like I do and are looking for a truly invisible dry shampoo, you may want to consider this one. I also liked how I didn’t “feel” it in my hair either. Its completely weightless and your hair still feels like your hair. One issue I had with this was the scent. It isn’t a strong scent, but it literally smells like lemon furniture polish. So for the first half an hour or so you feel like a coffee table. Luckily the scent fades quickly and isn’t noticeable throughout the day.  The other issue I had is with the price. I’m not sure I can regularly spend $33 on a dry shampoo. Its a high-end option for sure! Grade: B

Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo (approx. $10.00 CAD)
Marc Anthony 2nd Day Clear Dry Shampoo
This was my favourite of the dry shampoos I’ve tried so far. Similar to the Oscar Blandi, it was fairly invisible in my dark hair (as long as I didn’t spray it too close) and I could hardly feel it. It wasn’t quite as weightless as the Oscar Blandi, but didn’t feel itchy or gritty like some dry shampoos. It was very effective, and best of all it hardly has any scent! The price is much more reasonable too. This is the only one that I have completely used up, and I would repurchase. Grade: A

Sebastian Professional Dry Clean Only Instant Refreshing Spray Dry Shampoo ($22.58 CAD)Sebastian Professional Dry Clean Only Instant Refreshing Spray Dry Shampoo
Where to even begin with this one. First of all, after only using about a quarter of the can, the nozzle broke and now I cannot get any product out at all. For a $20+ dry shampoo, this is definitely not acceptable! The Sebastian dry shampoo also seemed overpriced to me because it performed similarly to the $5 Garnier Fructis drugstore brand: it left a noticeable white cast on my hair, and felt gritty and itchy.  It also smelled terrible! It smelled like old-fashioned, perfumey, aerosol hairspray. This was definitely not worth the money! Grade: F

AG Hair Brunette Style Refresher and Root Touch-up ($27.55 CAD)Brunette style refresher and root touch-up
I reviewed this one as a root touch-up, and for that purpose it was a definite fail. However, as a dry shampoo, its ok. Not amazing. Having a “brunette” tint to it, I didn’t have to worry about it leaving a white cast on my hair. It also didn’t have a strong, noticeable scent. However, compared to the Oscar Blandi and the Marc Anthony, it did not do near as good a job at absorbing oil at the roots. At almost $30, I would not be interested in repurchasing. Grade C-

I have heard great things about Batiste dry shampoo, but haven’t been able to find it locally. I’m in a small town, and my local stores carry a very limited brand selection. I would welcome any recommendations for a good, affordable dry shampoo. What’s your fav?

Thanks so much for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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11 responses to “Dry Shampoos & Dark Hair: Did any of these really work?

  1. I’m going to have to try that Marc Anthony one sometime. Batiste is my fave. It does leave a white cast when you spray it on but it goes away when you work it in with your fingers. I’ve gone through at LEAST a dozen cans of the stuff. I usually stock up when Ulta has it BOGO.


  2. I’m still almost a daily shampoo-er but I did cut down by not washing my hair on Sundays. On Sundays I use a dry shampoo. My favourite is the COLAB one – in the Extreme Volume formula. No white residue and gets rid of the grease. I’ve tried Batiste and I found it left a white residue. I’m curious to try the Marc Anthony one now!


  3. I really like teh Dove dry shampoo.


  4. Beauty by Brooke LeAnne

    It’s so hard finding dry shampoos as a brunette, the struggle is real! Have you tried the brunette one from batise?


    • So true! The struggle IS real. I am dying to try the Batiste, but oddly, my local stores (I’m in a very small town) don’t seem to carry it, although its a common brand. I’m heading to Toronto this month so I will be looking for it and will try to bring some back with me.

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  5. I like the CoLab one in the Rio scent. I think that I’ll try the Marc Anthony one next.


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