Smashbox Indecent Exposure VS X-Rated Mascara

Smashbox Indecent Exposure Mascara

Love the velvet mascara wand handle

Hi everyone! A few weeks ago, I reviewed the Smashbox X-Rated Mascara, which is my new favourite mascara. I loved the wand and the formula, which really volumized my lashes and is very black and dramatic.  I was excited to try another new mascara from Smashbox, the Indecent Exposure Mascara, but also a little nervous because I just love the X-Rated so much. Here’s what I thought of the Indecent Exposure and how it compared to the X-Rated.The first thing I liked about the Indecent Exposure Mascara was, just like the X-Rated, it had a very innovative packaging design. I have never seen a mascara with a velvet handle. Fancy! It feels very comfortable to hold and apply and I think makes the wand more ergonomic. I found the formula very similar to the X-Rated as well. Its on the thicker, dryer side, super black, and really stays put without flaking or smudging. I really liked the formula.

The biggest difference between the two mascaras though would be the brush. Here’s how Smashbox describes the brush:

The slim, Zoom Out brush features a spiral of wavy-cut bristles and a micro tip so that you capture every last lash. It’s easy to coat lower lashes for a doe-eyed effect or take outer lashes to new heights. Its high-impact, innovative wavelength fibers adhere to you lashes and stretch as you apply the formula from root to tip. ”

Although its a more traditional natural bristle brush like the X-Rated (which I prefer over the new plastic mascara wands) its a completely different shape and size. I found that the bristles are very short and densely packed together.
Smashbox Indecent Exposure Mascara wandHere is the Indecent Exposure brush compared to the X-Rated brush:

Smashbox X-Rated versus Indecent Exposure mascara

Top: Indecent Exposure    Bottom: X-Rated

Personally, I didn’t like the Indecent Exposure brush as much. I think it lengthened extremely well, but didn’t quite get in there and separate and coat each lash to add thickness and volume the way the X-Rated wand did. The Indecent Exposure brush was a little more difficult to work with and had a tendency to make my already sparse lashes stick together and give me that spiky look, which some people actually like but I am not such a fan of.

Smashbox Indecent Exposure Mascara

Left: Before Right: After

I am still in-love with the Smashbox X-Rated mascara. I will be reviewing the Full Exposure mascara next, but I think the X-Rated will be pretty hard to beat. The Smashbox Indecent Exposure Mascara is $25 CAD. Have you tried it yet? I’d love to hear what you think!

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤

Disclaimer: These items were provided to me free of charge by Smashbox. This is not a paid review. All opinions are my own and 100% my honest opinion.


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2 responses to “Smashbox Indecent Exposure VS X-Rated Mascara

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  2. Based on the brush alone, I think I’d prefer the X-rated one too – looks like it would provide more volume!


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