In Search of Face Masks for Sensitive Skin

Boscia Hydrogel Sheet Masks review

Boscia Hydrogel Sheet Masks

Hey everyone! I have been interested in finding some more good face masks, since discovering a good fragrance-free sheet mask at the drugstore, the Rejuve Collagen Gel Face Mask. There are so many of these types of masks available now at Sephora. They are super popular. The problem for me is finding ones that don’t have added fragrances, which my face doesn’t react well to. So I asked the Sephora SA and she suggested the Boscia brand (originally a Japanese brand). Boscia claims to be “the world’s first 100% preservative-free skincare brand”, which is pretty cool, and their products don’t have added perfumes or artificial fragrances. I picked up 3 of their sheet masks to try out. Here’s what I thought.

The first one I tried out was the Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask. The primary benefits of this one is that it minimizes pores, purifies and refines texture, and contains Bamboo Charcoal. I was surprised when I opened this one because I wasn’t expecting the mask to literally be charcoal black.
Boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask
The mask looks like its made out of shiny PVC. Its not exactly the cutest look 🙂 Despite that, I really like that the masks are in 2 pieces; it makes it much easier to apply. The Boscia mask also stayed in place better than the one piece mask I tried. I also liked that you only need to leave it on for 15-20 minutes. That’s about all the patience I have for a face mask.

Boscia Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Hydrogel Mask

Chillin in the Charcoal Sheet Mask. I felt like Catwoman

I did feel like I felt and saw some benefit from the Charcoal Pore-Minimizing mask. It felt cleansing and it seemed to reduce redness and irritation. I would use this one again. I think it would be a good once a month (or more often depending on your skin) deep cleansing type of mask.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have as much success with the Sake Brightening Hydrogel Mask. This mask contains real Japanese Sake, which is a pretty unique ingredient, and claims it brightens, firms and hydrates. This mask was a nightmare to apply and fell apart into several pieces while I was trying to remove it from the clear plastic. It seemed to be too soft and slippery and didn’t want to stay put on my face at all and kept tearing as I tried to smooth it out. This hadn’t happened with the charcoal mask. I’m not sure if I just got a bad one? Has anyone else tried this particular mask? After struggling for several minutes to apply it, I left it on for the requisite 15-20 minutes…and…didn’t notice any real difference. My skin looked and felt pretty much the same. I probably wouldn’t buy this one again.

Boscia Sake Brightening Hydrogel Mask review
The last mask I tried was the Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask. I loved the pink packaging on this one and the mask itself is pale pink. Since my skin tends to be dry I love hydrating, moisturizing skin treatments and this mask replenishes, softens, and deeply hydrates. It contains “Tsubaki” or Camellia Oil. Luckily I did not have the same struggle applying this one as I did with the Sake mask. I loved this one! It was my fav out of the 3 and left my face feeling so soft and moisturized.
Boscia Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Hydrogel Mask reviewThe Boscia hydrogel sheet masks are $10 CAD each. I would repurchase the Charcoal Pore-Minimizing Mask and the Tsubaki Oil Deep Hydration Mask.

Do you have any recommendations for good face masks, especially any fragrance-free picks?

Thanks so much for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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9 responses to “In Search of Face Masks for Sensitive Skin

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  2. These look great! I’ll try them if I get my hands on them 🙂
    At the moment I’m loving the Hada Labo face masks for my sensitive skin.

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  3. Ooh I’m interested in that charcoal one!
    I’ve only tried one hydrogel mask, from Etude House, and yeah it’s very finicky to remove from the film and apply onto the face. At least the Etude House one was separated into 2 pieces, top and bottom half of the face, so that helped a lot. Not sure if Etude House is fragrance free though – probably not! I’ve not tried any of Boscia masks but I’m going to have to try at least one.

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    • Yeah the hydrogel have their advantages and disadvantages. I like how “quick” the application is (you just slap them on VS having to apply a cream or gel all over your face) but getting those slippery things out of the packaging can be a pain. I also like how quick they are to remove – no peeling or rinsing, so thats a time saving bonus too.

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