European Makeup Shopping!

European brands Make Up Store, Art Deco, & Bell

I picked up items from the brands Make Up Store, Art Deco, & Bell

Hey everyone! I just got back from a trip to Estonia and while I was there I made time to do a little bit of makeup shopping (of course!). It was really neat to be in Eastern Europe and see all sorts of different brands I ‘d never heard of and that aren’t available in Canada. Once I got back, I did some internet research to learn more about the brands and I’m pretty happy with my new discoveries.

The first brand I discovered was the Swedish brand, Make Up Store. I happened upon one of their shops while I was in Helsinki for the day. The English-language sign caught my eye and at first I thought it was a store that sold various brands of makeup, but it turned outย  “Make Up Store” is the name of the actual brand. The small shop reminded me so much of a MAC store. It was arranged very similarly and the packaging was predominantly black. The SA was dressed in all black as well. She was very nice and assisted me with sanitizing and trying on lipsticks.

Swedish brand "Make Up Store"

Swedish brand “Make Up Store” in Helsinki

I fell in love with their Sheer Lipsticks and chose one in the shade Sweetheart. The lipsticks seems to be mostly unscented (with maybe a hint of a chocolate scent?) and have a very cool design and packaging. The Sheer formula is described in English on the box: “Lightweight and creamy texture with an irresistible sheer finish. Our unique formula provides long-lasting color result and ultra-soft comfortable wear. Emollient ingredients with nourishing and hydrating properties.” Its also not tested on animals and is paraben free.

Make Up Store Sheer Lipstick in "Sweetheart"

Make Up Store Sheer Lipstick in Sweetheart

Make Up Store Sheer Lipstick in Sweetheart

Love the pattern on this lipstick!

The shade Sweetheart is a sheer, slightly glossy, rosy berry shade. It feels so comfortable on the lips, just like applying a lip balm, and leaves my lips feeling very moisturized, and its pretty and natural looking. The Make Up Store Sheer Lipstick was 20 Euros (which is about $29 CAD) so a bit of a high-end lipstick for sure.

Make Up Store Sweetheart lipstick swatch

Sweetheart swatched

In Tallinn, I visited the Viru Keskus shopping centre, a huge mall in the downtown. A big difference between Canadian malls and Estonian malls? In Viru Keskus, in addition to coffee shops, there were several different bars so you could stop for a wine-break while shopping. Very civilized! In Viru Keskus, I found Estonia’s answer to Sephora: Kaubamaja. The cosmetics section was enormous and included most of the brands (both high-end and drugstore) available in North America, all in the one place – MAC, YSL, Urban Decay, L’oreal, Maybelline, etc. – plus so many European brands I wasn’t familiar with.

Kaubamaja in Viru Keskus

The Estonian version of Sephora?

Kaubamaja in Viru Keskus

Kaubamaja in Viru Keskus

Kaubamaja in Viru Keskus

Makeup brands I’d never seen before

I was drawn to the display and the packaging of ARTDECO, a German brand. Their eyeshadow singles had such a cute 3D design. I really liked the shade 24 Glam Earth Brown, a cool, shimmery, silvery taupe. The ARTDECO Glam Couture Eyeshadow was 8 Euros (about $12 CAD) so I thought it was worth a try! The shadow is very creamy, smooth and pigmented. The ARTDECO website says “The Glam Couture Eyeshadow “Shine Couture” represents a revolutionary texture, combining the best features of a powder-, baked-, cream- and fluid-eyeshadow in a lovely three dimensional art design. The smooth texture transforms into a soft and creamy powder when applied to the skin, and creates gorgeous luminous colors with outstanding durability.
The Glam Couture Eyeshadow “Shine Couture” has a color with high definition pigments and pearls merging into a metallic shine on your skin
.” The shadows are talc, fragrance, silicon and paraben free.

Art Deco Glam Couture Eyeshadow "Shine Couture" in the shade 24 Glam Earth Brown

German brand, ARTDECO, Glam Couture Eyeshadow “Shine Couture” in the shade 24 Glam Earth Brown

Art Deco Glam Couture Eyeshadow #24 Glam Earth Brown swatch

#24 Glam Earth Brown swatch

There were also several “sale” tables filled with makeup at 50-75% discounts. I thought I just had to pick something to try out!

Kaubamaja in Viru Keskus

The sale tables!

There were a lot of Bell lipsticks on sale, a brand from Poland. I decided to take a chance on a Hypoallergenic Creamy Lipstick. I paidย 5.50 Euros (or about $8 CAD). It also probably helped that the packaging was pink! The packaging reads, “Velvety lipstick formula covers lips intensely with opaque color, leaving them feeling smooth and moisturized. Creamy consistency ensures even and smooth application. Does not contain fragrances. Tested under the supervision of a dermatologist. Suitable for people with sensitive and prone to irritation skin.”

Bell Hypoallergenic Creamy Lipstick 08

Polish brand, Bell, Creamy Lipstick in the shade 08

The shade 08 is a stunning deep, cool-toned berry red.

Bell Hypoallergenic Creamy Lipstick in the shade 08 swatched

Bell Hypoallergenic Creamy Lipstick 08 swatched

I have got to say, these European brands hit it out of the park. I love all three of these products, especially how unscented they are and how great they are for sensitive skin. The packaging is also very unique and cool. I only wish I’d had more time to makeup shop and try out more brands.

Have you heard of any of these brands? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Thanks so much for reading!
Love,Nerdy Librarian Girl โค


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9 responses to “European Makeup Shopping!

  1. I love that eyeshadow and the red lipstick that you picked out!
    I think if malls in NA had more bars I could really get behind shopping ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. That lipstick is incredible! Never heard of those brands in Australia. Love the photos! Great work on the photos and swatches!


  3. When I was in Helsinki, I did some damage at their version of Sephora, called “Kicks”. Did you ever come across that? I wish I’d hit up that Kaubamaja store in Tallinn.
    I have a few bits from Make Up Store and Artdeco through my travels. It’s so fun to discover new to us brands! ๐Ÿ˜€ The brand I was most curious to try was Face Stockholm but it was so pricey… but, I think as is with Japanese brands, you get what you pay for! All of your picks look STELLAR.


  4. I love the look of everything you picked up, especially the Bell lipstick! The pattern on the Make Up Store lipstick is insane, but in a good way ๐Ÿ™‚


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