Temporary Root Touch Ups: Do they really work?

L'oreal Root Cover Up, AG Dry Shampoo, Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color reviews comparisons

three wash-out root touch up products I’ve tried

Hi everyone! I’ve been on a quest lately to try out some products that might keep me from having to visit the hair salon too frequently. I have been colouring my hair regularly to cover grey since I was in my late 20s. Sadly its genetic. My Mom and my Grandma went completely white very early too. My Grandma never coloured her hair, but my Mom and I do. I used to go every 6 weeks, but now I’m getting some pretty white roots going on up there and they are starting to contrast sharply against my black hair (which, in case you’re wondering is fairly close to my natural colour, a very dark brown). My hairdresser recommended going every 4 weeks! I just find it so time consuming. So I decided to try out some of the temporary root touch-up products out there to see if they really worked. So far I’ve tried the L’Oreal Root Cover Up, the AG Dry Shampoo Root Touch–Up, and the Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color. Here are my thoughts on them.

L'Oreal Root Cover Up in Black review

L’Oreal Root Cover Up in Black

First up is the relatively new, L’Oreal Root Cover Up. I picked mine up at Shoppers Drug Mart. Its available in 6 shades: Light to Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Red, Light to Medium Blonde, and Dark Blonde. I’ve been using the shade black. The thing I really like about this is the applicator, a long thin nozzle that allows you to spray the colour on fairly precisely and evenly. It feels similar to dry shampoo. I only need a few spritzes of this and it REALLY completely covers my roots. It stays in very well – until I wash my hair and then washes out completely. It can be a bit messy to apply near the front of your hair or the hairline. I usually press a tissue to my forehead to avoid getting any little flecks of colour on my face. You also have to be careful not to run your fingers through your hair as this will transfer onto them (but washes off). This one was my favourite of the three. It retails for about $11.99 CAD depending on where you purchase it.

AG Dry Shampoo Brunette review

AG Dry Shampoo Root Touch–Up in Brunette

The next product I tried was the AG Dry Shampoo Root Touch Up. This one only comes in 3 shades: blonde, light brown, and brunette. I got this at a chain hair salon that has quite an extensive selection of hair care products for $27.55 CAD, but its also available online through the Canadian site Keep Beautiful. The SA really talked it up and said the Brunette shade was quite dark and should work for me. Unfortunately this one was a fail for me as a root touch-up. It worked fine as a dry shampoo (although at nearly $30 a pricey one!), but this really did not cover my roots. I’m not sure if the Brunette shade just wasn’t dark enough or if this generally isn’t pigmented enough, but in any case this wasn’t a successful root touch-up for me.

Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color in Dark Brown review

Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color in Dark Brown

The third product I tried, I got from my own hairdresser for $12.75 CAD, and its typically only available through professional salons, although I have see it on Amazon. The Greyfree Professional Temporary Hair Color is available in the widest range of shades (9) including: Ash Brown, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Black, Light Blonde, Medium Blonde, Dark Blonde, and Auburn. My hairdresser was trying for ages to order in the black shade but it was constantly out of stock, so eventually we went with Dark Brown. The Greyfree is the mascara style of root touch-up. I found this one the trickiest one to apply. Sometimes my hair would get caught in the mascara wand. Once I did get it on, it worked really well at concealing and matching my roots and, like the L’Oreal, stayed in until I washed my hair and then washed out completely. I liked this one, but I preferred the spray-in L’Oreal Root Cover Up.

I hope you found this helpful if you, like I do, struggle with pesky roots but don’t like the idea of colouring your hair once a month. I would love to hear about your experiences with any root touch-ups you’ve tried. I’ve heard that some people use regular ol’ mascara to match black hair and that you can also use eye shadow. I haven’t tried either of these methods yet, but if I get brave enough, I will be back to let you know how they worked out!

Thanks so much for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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4 responses to “Temporary Root Touch Ups: Do they really work?

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  2. I’ve seen these but no one makes them in the shade I color my hair, so I just use the Nice N Easy root touchup Kit every other month as they have a shade that matches my hair.


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