Some New Bite Beauty Lip Products

Bite Beauty Maple Agave Lip Mask, Amuse Bouche Lipstick, Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub review

Maple Agave Lip Mask, Amuse Bouche Lipstick, Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub

Hey everyone! I have been away on vacation (in sunny Jamaica!) but I’m back and have quite a few things to post about that I picked up in the spring Sephora sale before I left. Canadian brand Bite Beauty known for its lip products made from natural, organic, food-grade ingredients that are “good enough to eat” recently came out with a new line of Amuse Bouche lipsticks. I loved the Bite products I’ve tried so far, including their Luminous Creme lipstick in the shade Cava, and their Agave Lip Masks. During the Sephora sale I wanted to try out one of the new Amuse Bouche lipsticks and I couldn’t help add a couple of additional Bite products to my cart. How much do you love the box for the Amuse Bouche lipsticks? The shade that I was the most attracted to was Liquorice, described as an “oxblood.” I was not disappointed! This is a stunning deep berry red. When I wore it the first time, my fiance even commented on it (and he rarely notices a new lipstick shade). This shade looks amazing on fair skin.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Liquorice

New Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Liquorice

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick in Liquorice

Liquorice “Oxblood”

Although the packaging is identical, the formula of the Amuse Bouche lipstick is very different than the Luminous Creme. The Luminous Creme is a creamier, glossier, slightly more sheer type of lipstick, that reminds me of the MAC lustre finish. The Amuse Bouche is more on the matte side and reminds me of the MAC cremesheen or amplified finishes. The Amuse Bouche lipstick is also crazy, super pigmented! Bite’s not lying when they describe it as a “bold”, “saturated” lip colour. It is incredibly long-wearing, but it doesn’t dry out my lips at all. It feels moisturizing and comfortable. I like that you can dab it on and use it almost as a rosy lip stain, or apply it full-on for a dramatic look.

Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche Lipstick Liquorice swatch

Liquorice swatched: bam!

The scent is different too. The Luminous Creme has a subtler scent. It doesn’t have any added fragrance, but had a natural, slightly fruity scent. The Amuse Bouche lipstick has a much more noticeable lemon scent. The Sephora site says it has “a citrus flavor made from fresh pressed fruit.” Personally I prefer the subtler scent of the Luminous Creme. The Luminous Creme lipsticks are no longer on the Sephora website, so I’m not sure if they’re still available.

After falling in love with the samples of the Agave Lip Masks I received, I really wanted to try the Maple Agave Lip Mask. Created exclusively for Canada, the Maples Agave Lip Mask is infused with real Canadian Maple syrup! It smells and tastes AMAZING!

Bite Beauty Maple Agave Lip Mask

Maple Agave Lip Mask

It does have a slight caramel colour, which doesn’t really show up on my lips, but it does give them a bit of a sheen. I have been applying this non-stop. I love it. Its a bit pricey, but you do get a generous tube (0.52 oz). My Blistex is less than half of that at 0.25 oz.

Bite Beauty Maple Agave Lip Mask

Maple Agave Lip Mask

The other Bite Beauty lip product I’ve been wanting to try is the Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub.

A 100-percent natural cherry-flavored mousse infused with exfoliating beads to smooth and condition lips. Made from antioxidant Resveratrol, fruit acids rich in vitamin C and rice bran, the Fruit Scrub exfoliates and helps to brighten lips over time while fighting free radicals and conditioning around the lip line.

I love the packaging of this. Its a little glass jar. And the lip scrub is pink!

Bite Beauty Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub

Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub

This also smells amazing, if you like cherry. It isn’t an artificial cherry scent and isn’t overpowering. Just a little bit of yummy. You really want to eat it (I haven’t…yet). I really like that the exfoliating beads are rice bran and not plastic microbeads, which are harmful to the environment. Its quite textured and I find it gently exfoliating and very moisturizing.

Bite Beauty Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub

Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub

I am very happy with these three Bite Beauty products. I’d love to hear if you’ve tried them, especially any of the other shades of the Amuse Bouche Lipsticks you’d recommend.

Amuse Bouche Lipstick: $30 CAD
Maple Agave Lip Mask: $30 CAD
Whipped Cherry Fruit Scrub: $21 CAD

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl


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17 responses to “Some New Bite Beauty Lip Products

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  5. I love the new Bite Beauty Amuse Bouche lipstick line! They’re so pretty and long lasting!


  6. How was your vacation? Are you going to do a vacation post?
    Man, I’m sad that the maple lip mask is only available in Canada, that sounds so good!
    Liquorice looks so pretty!


  7. I was wondering what the Cherry Lip Scrub was like – glad to hear it’s worth the $$$. I currently use Lush’s Lip Scrub and it’s good but it dries up really quickly which is a pain.

    Loving the lipstick shade!


  8. Great products, I’m jealous! When my no buy is over Bite Beauty is definitely on my list of brands to shop again! I love their Matte Lip Crayons and lip glosses 🙂 xo J


  9. I have the Luninous Creme lipstick in Pepper. I love it. Happy the included the shade in Amuse Bouche. I want that one & Chai.


  10. Thanks so much for the comparison between the Luminous Creme and the Amuse Bouche finishes. I’ve been curious about the new lipsticks but I love the Luminous Creme finish so much, I was worried the Amuse Bouche would be too matte for my liking. I breathed a sigh of relief when you compared it to MAC Amplified! I will definitely give the Amuse Bouche a try (eyeing the shade Sake). The shade you got is stunning! It would look fabulous as a light tint.
    Be careful with that Agave tube! I bought it during the VIB sale too and mine busted open and so did Ingrid’s – I ended up returning mine:


    • Nooo! I just read your post. That is truly awful. I hope it doesn’t happen to my mine. Out of the 3 samples I had of the Agave Lip Masks, I liked the natural one the least. I think the tinted/scented ones are much more enjoyable. You are welcome for the review 🙂 I actually had the Amuse Bouche on all day today and my lips feel great. I am not a matte lipstick lover either, so if I can do these, I think you can too!


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