Condition first, shampoo second? Did this work for my colour-treated, dry, thick, tangley hair?

TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume Collection: The new reverse system for touchably soft volume

TRESemme Expert Selection Beauty-Full Volume Collection: The new “reverse system for touchably soft volume”

When TRESemme reached out to me to try their new “reverse system” where you use the conditioner first and shampoo second, I thought I would be the perfect person to review this product. I only respond to offers like this when I feel like its a product I’m truly interested in or if I think I would be a good person to offer an opinion about it. In this case, my hair is literally a nightmare! Its colour-treated and dry/frizzy even before processing. I also have the most un-combable hair in the entire world. I once had a new hairdresser (it was my first and last appointment with her) get totally frustrated and complain that my hair “tangled around itself” inexplicably. I have to use a good conditioner plus a leave-in conditioner/de-tangler. Even then my hair is barely manageable. I like to think I have all the texture of naturally curly hair, but without the benefit of curls πŸ˜› So a reverse hair care system where you shampoo after conditioning? I thought my hair could put that to the ultimate test.Β 

Truthfully? I had zero hope that this would work, and envisioned an hour-long, painful combing of my hair while I held back tears. But I gave it a try. The step 1 pre-wash conditioner “binds to the cuticle to protect hair during washing and leaves it smooth and polished but still full of bounce”, and was very thick and rich and I loved that it came with a pump. It says to apply 2-3 pumps and leave on for 1 minute, although I leave it on for more like 5 minutes while I do other shower tasks. After rinsing, you use the step 2 shampoo. This is probably the foamiest, sudsiest shampoo I have ever used! You only need a small amount. The only complaint I had about the shampoo was that the large, heavy bottle, unlike the conditioner, didn’t come with a pump which is a bit awkward. Finally, when you get out of the shower, you use the Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer on damp hair, meant to provide “amazing body, but also frizz-free smoothness and shine.” You only need a small amount of this.

The results? I am truly amazed to say that the TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume reverse system really worked. I’ve been using it for several weeks and my hair feels so soft! It only takes me about one quarter of the time to comb my hair, and its smooth and not frizzy. I’ve been having good hair days! I do find that every third washing or so, I like to go back to my traditional shampoo/conditioner to switch it up and then the next time I use the TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume again and its ah-mah-zing! I’m finding it works for my colour-treated hair and hasn’t caused the colour to fade or anything either, in case anyone has concerns about that.

I’m also very picky about and sensitive to scents, and the scent of all three of the TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume products I’ve tried is subtle and doesn’t linger and overwhelm me during the day. I hardly notice it actually. This is a really different experience than I’ve had with other drugstore hair products which can often be terribly, overpoweringly fragrant.

The TRESemme Beauty-Full Volume was a hit with me and I’m a pretty tough audience for hair products. And I almost fell over when I looked up the retail price. I normally buy salon products from my hair dresser. Its been a long time since I purchased drugstore hair care products and it is such a great deal. Check out these prices:

TRESemme Expert Beauty-Full Volume Step 1 Pre-Wash Conditioner: $5.99 CAD (for 488ml)
TRESemme Expert Beauty-Full VolumeΒ Step 2 Shampoo: $5.99 CAD (for 739ml)
TRESemme Expert Beauty-Full Volume & Softness Hair Maximizer: $7.99 CAD (for 70ml)

Have you tried any of the “reverse” hair care products where you shampoo after conditioning? I’d love to know what you think and if they worked for you.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❀

Disclaimer: These items were provided to me for free by TRESemme. This is not a paid review. All opinions are my own and 100% my honest opinion.


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16 responses to “Condition first, shampoo second? Did this work for my colour-treated, dry, thick, tangley hair?

  1. Mary B

    hey never heard of this kind of treatment (I read that you can apply conditioner first but didnt know there were done reverse products:)…will check this one out:) /Mary


  2. Erytheia The Red

    I’ve been doing this for ages, but not with this product – just my regular shampoo and condish (one of which happens to be TRESemme as well). I wonder how different the process would be with these? Great review, thanks πŸ™‚


  3. Seen adverts for this and was interested in trying, now I definitely will! Great review πŸ™‚


  4. I haven’t heard of this product yet but it’s an interesting concept! I’m using TRESemme shampoo and conditioner at the moment myself and really liking it πŸ™‚ glad you became a convert!


  5. I will have to try this method!


  6. I’m doing reverse washing for quite a while now and I see better results! my hair it’s not that damaged since I only straighten it from time. but I saw that washing it like this it keeps the hair softer and it becames “oily /dirty” after a longer time… so, yeah! on me it works! πŸ˜‰ xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty


  7. I may have to try this now! It sounds like we have similar hair types πŸ™‚


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