3 New Additions to my MAC Lipstick Collection

three new MAC lipsticks
Hi everyone, I’m back! February has not been a good month and I have not been blogging. My fiance’s daughter, who was traveling abroad, was involved in a serious accident (she is now ok) and he had to rush to be with her. As you can imagine it was a stressful time for us and our families. It really made beauty blogging take a backseat. To make blogging matters worse, my trusty old hot pink Dell laptop that I’ve had since 2008 gave up and I had to get a new laptop. I am finally back up and ready to blog again! I have many, many things to review and share with you so my goal is to get back on a regular schedule.

I thought I’d share my three newest MAC lipstick acquisitions. Who doesn’t love a MAC lipstick, right? I was in Toronto for a conference at the end of January and went to the MAC store in the Eaton’s Center. I wanted to try on Film Noir, after having seen it in a Pixiwoo tutorial. Of course I ended up coming out with more lipsticks than I intended. I am in love with Film Noir, a very vampy reddish-toned dark brown with a satin finish.

MAC Film Noir lipstick

Film Noir

MAC Film Noir swatch

Film Noir

This is a great shade for fair skin if you like a retro, vampy lip look! Very dramatic.

The lovely MAC sales girl had me try on a bunch of the lustre shades when I told her it was my favourite finish. One of the ones I tried was Patisserie, a very flattering pinky-brown nude, described as a “sheer creamy neutral pink”. Nude shades are tricky on fair skin. You don’t want to end up looking like a corpse. Patisserie is a warm, shimmery, my-lips-but-better type of nude that I can pull off.

MAC Patisserie lipstick


MAC Patisserie swatch


The only thing about this shade is that when it wears off, it does leave behind some discernible flecks of glitter. It isn’t obviously glittery when first applied, but if you’re an anti-glitter gal, which I totally get, Patisserie might not be for you.

After suggesting several lustre shades that I already owned, the determined MAC sales girl appeared with See Sheer. I am not normally a coral lipstick girl, but one of my 2015 favourites was the LE Real Redhead, a dip your toe in the land of corals, peachy-corally nude. So I was game for trying See Sheer, described as a “grapefruit pink”. On fair skin, it is a very wearable, bright pinky-coral that isn’t overly in-your-face, probably because of the slightly sheer, lustre formula.

MAC See Sheer lipstick

See Sheer

MAC See Sheer swatch

See Sheer

I wouldn’t have picked this for myself, but I love it! That’s one of the great things about going to a MAC store in person I think. I love getting recommendations for products I otherwise might never have tried.

I love that I ended up with a vampy dark lipstick, a nude, and a coral shade. Are you a MAC lustre fan? I’d love to hear what your favourite MAC lipsticks are.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❀


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18 responses to “3 New Additions to my MAC Lipstick Collection

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  2. These shades are stunning!! Great additions πŸ™‚ xo J


  3. Glad your fiancΓ©’s daughter is OK! Great MAC picks – I need to try See Sheer.


  4. Film Noir looks gorgeous! Is it drying on the lips?


  5. Welcome back! I’m glad your fiancΓ©’s daughter is ok, that sounds like a horrific ordeal.
    I really really need to pick up Film Noir before winter is totally over. That swatch looks amazing!
    I’ve never seen Patisserie before but it looks so lovely! That’s going on my wishlist too πŸ™‚
    I think you’ll really love See Sheer, it’s such a versatile shade!


  6. So sorry to hear about your family and laptop 😦 Patisserie is one of my favourite lipsticks and possibly even my most worn MAC lipstick – you will love it! The glitter seems noticeable the first few times but after that you get used to it.


  7. I absolutely love lipstick but have never had a MAC lipstick, I’m excited to buy my first one at some point. Great post!


  8. Oh so sorry to hear about your fiance’s daughter – glad to hear she’s ok now.
    See Sheer has been on my wish list for ages – such a pretty fresh colour. And I’ve not laid eyes on Patisserie before – very pretty!
    Glad to have you back blogging. πŸ™‚


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