NYX New High Definition Blushes Review

NYX High Definition Blushes
Who doesn’t love NYX, am I right? My favourite NYX product is their powder blushes, and I was a bit concerned that they seem to have discontinued their familiar blush line and come out with a new formula and packaging. I went to the recently launched NYX Canada website to order some of the new High Definition Blushes along with some other items. You can read about my disastrous shipping/customer service experience with the site if you’d like. The four blushes I ordered survived and I really wanted to review them (although I cannot recommend ordering them from nyxcosmetics.ca).

The original line of NYX blushes came in 29 shades. The new HD blushes have 24 available shades, and only two of the original shade names remain (Amber and Taupe) although I’m not sure if they are still the same colour. Sadly there is no Angel, one of my all time favourite blushes.

I must say I really like the new NYX packaging, which rocks a bow like the Baked Blushes and the Hot Singles Eye Shadows.

NYX High Definition blush packaging

Love the bow detail!

The new HD blushes are much thinner than the old blush packaging and the quilted pattern is noticeably absent. There is just something more sleek and stylish overall about the HD blushes.

The old NYX blush VS the new High Definition blush packaging

The old NYX blush VS the new HD blush packaging

New NYX High Definition blush packaging versus the old blush packaging

The new packaging is much more sleek and compact

I picked the shades Nude ‘Tude, Soft Spoken, Amber and Intuition which I thought were most likely to work on my fair, cooler-toned skin.

NYX High Definition blushes in Nude 'Tude, Soft Spoken, Amber and Intuition
Nude ‘Tude: is a fleshy, peachy light beige that is more warm-toned when applied than it appears in the pan. Its completely matte. It would be too warm on me for contouring, but I love it as a very subtle, neutral blush.
Soft Spoken: is a pale, peachy-pink with the tiniest hint of a sheen when applied. This one is my favourite of the four! Its a beautiful blush for fair skin that gives a natural glow. I don’t think it would work well on deeper skin tones.
Amber: is your standard light, warm rosy pink. It has the same finish as Soft Spoken, a hint of a glowy sheen. Very pretty.
Intuition: is a super-pigmented, deep warm rosy pink with somewhat plum/mauve undertones. This is one of those blushes that is like whoa! when you first try to apply it. Its REALLY easy to go overboard especially on fair skin. Its also the most shimmery of the four. I would say its my least favourite. I like it but its not the type of blush I typically wear day to day.

swatches NYX High Definition blushes in Nude 'Tude, Soft Spoken, Amber and IntuitionI really like the formula of the HD blushes. They seem softer than the original, but otherwise are pretty similar to the NYX blushes you know and love. They were very long-wearing on me like the original formula and didn’t oxidize and shift colour. I still miss Angel though 😦

The NYX HD blushes are $8.00 CAD.

Have you tried the new NYX HD Blushes yet? Are there any of the old shades that you will totally miss?

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❀


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21 responses to “NYX New High Definition Blushes Review

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  2. I love reading these reviews! Helps me make up my mind about what is a good buy.
    I nominated you for a Three Day Quote Challenge if you would grace me.
    You can find the details here:


  3. I just love NYX! Most of their products are fabulous. Great review


  4. Wow I can’t believe what a bad experience you had with them – that is really disappointing. They need a lesson in Customer Service 101 in appears.
    Love the blushes though – they are all really pretty!


  5. Ooh, I like Nude ‘Tude and Amber! I have to say, I like the sleekness of the new packaging, but I miss the ol’ NYX quilted pattern! So sad.

    Thanks for the review! I still have a ton of the Hot Singles shadows to try, too; I went a bit nuts when Cherry Culture had a sale a couple years back.


  6. Great post! I think I might have to try these out. The older blushes were packed into the pan so hard that it’s a little difficult to pick up product on a brush sometimes but if these are softer they may have sorted that out.


  7. I was wondering about these and what the colors looked like. Great post! Pretty blushes!


  8. Be SUPER CAREFUL when handling those blushes. If you drop one, it will shatter. The packaging & actual product are very fragile. I have Amber & Taupe. I dropped them both and both were beyond salvaging. I have to buy new ones. Other than that I love Amber. Taupe is good for light contouring since it’s a cool toned taupe shade.


  9. Oh how CUTE is that bow on the packaging! I didn’t expect that. πŸ™‚
    Is there the same amount of product in the new blushes even thought it’s thinner? I do like how large the pans are now.
    Even before I read your descriptions I chose Soft Spoken as my favourite based on the swatches too! I’m going to keep that one in mind. Thanks for the swatches!

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