Why I Won’t Be Reordering from NYX Canada

I’m so sorry to have to do a *negative* post, but I feel like all my Canadian peeps need to hear an honest review of my experience with the new NYX Canada site, www.nyxcosmetics.ca. I was thrilled when I heard NYX had launched the new site with shipping within Canada in Canadian dollars, and free shipping on orders over $45. I had been wanting to try the new NYX High Definition Blushes and while on the site I noticed the new Simply Lip Creams (Nude, Pink and Vamp) and thought I would try out some of those too.

I’m a fan of the brand and have posted about my love for their old line of blushes, the Butter Glosses, and the new Hot Singles Eye Shadows, among other products. So I’m pretty bummed to have to give my experience ordering from NYX Canada a huge thumbs down. I order makeup online frequently. I live in a small town where not a lot is available except online. I order regularly from MAC and Sephora, and have placed orders everywhere from Amazon.ca, to American sites like Nordstrom, Cherry Culture, Makeup Geek, Besame, Charlotte Tilbury, to UK sites like Rouge Bunny Rouge. I have never received any damaged items. Nothing prepared me for receiving my NYX Canada order.

NYX Canada site bad shipping experience - poorly packed makeup

The only packaging material was one piece of tissue paper tossed in the large box

First of all, the box was very large for the number of small items I ordered. When I opened it, I found that the only packaging material it contained was a few pieces of tissue paper. I removed the paper, and underneath, my items were just on the bottom of the box. There was nothing to cushion them, no additional paper, no bubble wrap, nothing. I immediately thought the items would be completely destroyed. Luckily the four blushes survived, unbroken, by some miracle. The Simply Nude Lip Creams were not so lucky.

Badly packed items shipped from NYX Canada

When I lifted out the tissue, the items were just rolling around in this huge box unprotected

As soon as I took the plastic off of the two Simply Nude Lip Creams and removed the caps, the product fell out. Now I basically have this:

Damaged items shipped from NYX Canada

The Simply Nude Lip Creams didn’t make it

Obviously the next thing I did was try to contact NYX. Here’s where the story gets even worse! On their site, “contact us” does not actually give you any information on how to contact them, like an email address or phone number, just one of those email forms. So on November 6, I sent them an email using the web form and received an auto-reply “We have received your e-mail and we will respond to it shortly.” I waited 5 days and heard nothing. Then, I had an idea to look at the email I’d received confirming my order, and saw it was from the email “nyx@nyxcosmetics.ca” so I tried sending an email to that address, but it bounced back “Your message to nyx@nyxcosmetics.ca couldn’t be delivered. nyx wasn’t found at nyxcosmetics.ca.”

I also noticed there was a phone number in the email (1-866-699-1004) so I tried that. After waiting on hold for about 10 minutes I was told that was the number for American orders, and was given a different number for Canadian orders. I called that number, and after waiting on hold for 23 minutes, finally gave up. As you can imagine, by this point I was a little frustrated. Its now been over two weeks since I initially contacted them and I haven’t heard back from anyone. I might have been less unhappy with receiving damaged items if contacting NYX Canada and receiving replacements was an easy or even a straightforward process. I’ve hardly ever encountered customer service like this.

I will do a separate review on the  High Definition Blushes which all survived the shipping, but won’t be reviewing the Lip Creams. I did still manage to swatch them in case anyone is interested, but I would recommend purchasing them in store if they’re available near you, not ordering them online through NYX Canada.  They retail for $9 CAD.

Swatch NYX Simply Nude Lip Creams in Disrobed and Sable, and Simply Vamp Lip Cream in Aphrodisiac

NYX Simply Nude Lip Creams in Disrobed and Sable, and Simply Vamp Lip Cream in Aphrodisiac

If anyone else has ordered through NYX Canada, please leave me a comment below about your experience.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤

UPDATE: Right after this post went live, I checked my gmail, and there had been an email response earlier that day! Weird timing. It read:

Thank you for contacting NYX Cometics. At NYX Cosmetics, the quality of our products and services is our top priority and we are sorry to learn that you did not have a positive experience with our shipping service. Please, kindly send us the photos you took of the packaging and the damaged items. Upon reception of the pictures, we will replace the damaged items. Best regards

I sent them photos and now I’m waiting to see what happens.

UPDATE (Dec. 28): It’s now over a month later and I haven’t received anything from them, nor has anyone from NYX Canada contacted me. Definitely would never order from the NYX Canada site again 😦


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14 responses to “Why I Won’t Be Reordering from NYX Canada

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  3. It’s good you’re complaining here. Maybe they’ll actually hear you now!


  4. That sucks! Sometimes the best way to get a company to respond is to use twitter.


  5. Wow that’s disappointing. I’m not in Canada, but I’ve ordered from NYX’s normal US site and had no real problems. Everything was wrapped in several layers of bubble wrap to ensure everything arrived in one piece. Well, I did get one of the Simply lip creams last year and had kind of the same issue as you with the product falling out of the packaging (this was an issue for a lot of people). I contacted NYX via social media, they gave me an email to contact. I did that and they asked me to send them photos of the wonky packaging of the lip product so they could forward to quality control and asked for my address so they could send me a replacement product. The new lippie arrived totally fine (it’s been a year and I haven’t even opened it yet as I’m still using the wonky one – can use a lip brush to apply). Hope NYX can fix this for you.


    • Oh that’s interesting. So this could be more than just a bad packaging issue. This is an issue with the actual Lip Creams? The third one I ordered, the Simply Vamp, is still ok. It hasn’t fallen out yet (knock on wood). Thanks for sharing your NYX ordering experience!


  6. Ugh, that stinks! I hate that they have no actual way to contact them. It’s horrible. I hope you can reach them via Twitter or Facebook – companies are more likely to respond when complaints are made public.

    That said, I’m always receiving parcels from HBC and Yves Rocher packed just like that! Literally, lipsticks and nail polishes (!) just swimming and knocking about in an oversized box, often with no crumpled paper, even. It’s so dumb. I’ve been lucky in that nothing has ever been broken before, though.


  7. I have luckily never had a problem with online ordering before. Your story makes me very leary of ordering from NYX Canada online though. I hate it when companies give you the runaround when you are trying to contact them. I hope this gets resolved soon for you.


  8. How disappointing! I don’t understand companies that don’t wrap items individually with bubble wrap – it just make sense. I’m shocked the blushes survived but the lip pencils didn’t!
    And I hate companies that make it IMPOSSIBLE to contact them. They purposely give you a runaround so they figured you’d give up. I hope someone contacts you soon. And you post post these pictures on Twitter / IG and tag them! 😉


    • I’m truly shocked the blushes survived, although I generally found the old formula NYX blushes very hardy and not fragile. The new HD ones are definitely solid! I did get another email from NYX actually. I’m going to do a quick update on this post.


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