The Body Shop Makeup Review

The Body Shop makeup review

I picked up some of The Body Shop lip and cheek products

A little while ago, I attended a fundraiser for my local women’s centre and I won a gift basket that contained, among other things, a $25 gift card for The Body Shop. As you guys probably know, I have super sensitive skin and cannot use scented products, but I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out some more of The Body Shop’s makeup line. I have only ever tried their Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, which works great on fair skin, and their Honey Bronze Shimmer Lip Balm. I recently popped in and they were having a buy one get one free sale. The SA was very helpful and assisted me with sanitizing and trying on several things, and I decided on a few of their lip and cheek products.

I am a blush-addict, so of course I had to try one of their All in One Blushers: “This extra-fine powder blusher gives smooth, buildable colour and has great staying power. With ingredients including vitamin E and marula oil, it’s make-up and skincare in one.” I picked the shade  #01 Macaroon, a pale peachy shade with a satin finish – not entirely matte, but with a hint of sheen.

The Body Shop All in One Blusher in 01 Macaroon

All in One Blusher in 01 Macaroon

I love this blush! Its so soft and smooth and easy to apply, and on fair skin, Macaroon gives a very natural, subtle hint of peachiness. I’m not sure this shade would work well on darker skin tones but its lovely on fair skin. It also has crazy staying power, and I really like the packaging. Its compact and sleek, well-made,  and I always like it when you can see the shade without having to open it.

The Body Shop All in One Blusher in 01 Macaroon swatch fair skin

Macaroon swatched

I really wanted to try out some lip products as well. The Colour Crush Lipstick, is described as “luscious lipstick gives a stunning pop of colour and rich moisture, infused with a subtle rose scent.” I ended up liking two shades and had to get them both, 340 Berry Me (matte) and 125 Crazy Sexy Crimson. I love the packaging on these lipsticks too. I like that the caps match the lipstick shade ranges and that they snap closed very securely. I was actually surprised that these were only $14 CAD as the packaging looks and feels high-end.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks in 340 Berry Me and 125 Crazy Sexy

Colour Crush Lipsticks in 340 Berry Me and 125 Crazy Sexy Crimson

Berry Me is a unique, grey-toned plum, really on-trend right now with a 1990s grunge vibe. Although described as a matte (which I am typically not a fan of) this feels very rich and moisturizing on the lips. It is very cool-toned, but if you’re not feeling it, its easy to warm it up and make it more wearable by pairing it with a warmer lip liner. Finding the right red is not easy, but I love Crazy Sexy Crimson, a red that has a bit of a brown undertone happening, similar to another favourite of mine, MAC Spice it Up. I wore Crazy Sexy Crimson when I was Snow White for Halloween. The Colour Crush Lipsticks are some of the nicest, most comfortable lipsticks I’ve ever worn. They do have a slight scent, described as “rose” that is more fruity than flowery, but it isn’t fake or overpowering.

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks 340 Berry Me and 125 Crazy Sexy Crimson

340 Berry Me and 125 Crazy Sexy Crimson

I also wanted to try a Body Shop Lip Liner (lip liners being another obsession of mine) and selected #10, the aptly named Pink Brown. The liners remind me of MAC lip liners. For the environmentally conscious, the liners are made from FSC – Forest Stewardship Council – cedarwood, from responsibly managed forests.

Swatch The Body Shop Lip Liner in Pink Brown, Colour Crush Lipstick in Berry Me and Crazy Sexy Crimson

Swatches: Lip Liner in Pink Brown, Colour Crush Lipstick in Berry Me and Crazy Sexy Crimson

I was also intrigued by the Lip Care, a lip balm that looks like a lipstick, right down to the tapered point of the bullet. I was a bit taken aback by the price ($15 CAD for lip balm?) but it is pretty fancy:

“Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps to soften, condition and protect lips. Sunscreens provide a medium level of broad spectrum UVB protection. Mango seed oil, lanolin, lecithin and pathenol moisturize skin.Moisturizing Community Trade marula oil from Namibia helps to repair skin’s moisture barrier and leaves lips soft and supple.”

Plus I love that it is packaged like lipstick so that you don’t have to stick your finger in it (much more sanitary) and its super quick and easy to apply. Unlike the Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment, it hasn’t smooshed or cracked off and is holding its shape well.  It has a slightly fruity scent, likely on account of the Mango Seed Oil or Marula Oil. I am picky about lip balms, but I’m really liking this one so far.

The Body Shop Lip Care Review

Lip Care

I am very pleased with The Body Shop makeup products I’ve tried! Body Shop ingredients are also fair trade, not tested on animals, and 100% vegetarian. I would definitely purchase more of their lipsticks, and I would like to try some of their eye shadows next. If anyone has any of the shadows, please let me know what you think of them, and what shades you would recommend.

All in One Blusher: $16.00 CAD
Colour Crush Lipstick: $14.00 CAD
Lip Care: $15.00 CAD

FYI – has a 40% off sale right now!

I have one more skincare item that I picked up that I will be reviewing next. What are your favourite Body Shop products?

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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17 responses to “The Body Shop Makeup Review

  1. Good to know you have no allergic reaction to their makeup as well! 😅😅😅xx, Annie | Annie’s Beauty


  2. So nice to win a gift card for these items! You got to select exactly what you wanted. I think Body Shop lipsticks are really good quality for the price – I used to have a few but they turned fairly quickly unfortunately.


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  4. That blush is so pretty! And I actually really like Berry Me as well. The swatch looks more wearable than I was expecting just from the bullet. I have an eyeshadow from the Body Shop but it’s really old and I doubt that they still make that particular color. It isn’t the most pigmented eyeshadow in the world but it’s ok and I’ve actually worn it a lot.


  5. I’m like the Body Shop skin care and bath range more. I use their shower gel and face wash. As a teenager I used all their makeup range only (something about it being all good for your skin thing I used to believe) then I kind of grew out of it. I just now only use an eye liner of theirs. 😬☺️ this post made me want to go back and have a look at the Body Shop makeup counter.


  6. Macaroon looks stunning 😀


  7. I never thought of it til you said it but I also like when you can see the blush color through the clear cover. I do tend to use those more and I tend to forget about the ones that are completely closed. Like NARS blushes.


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