A new way to order makeup online in Canada!

Shoppers Drug Mart has launched a new website, www.beautyboutique.ca, where you can order makeup and skincare products and earn Optimum points (pretty much the best rewards program of all time). I was curious to see how it differs from Murale, also owned by Shoppers Drug Mart. There seem to be two big differences:
1. The Beauty Boutique site offers free shipping over $75 CAD, and
2. you can redeem your Optimum points online! which you cannot do on the Murale site.

Also, right now you can get 8000 bonus Optimum points (until August 14) on the Beauty Boutique site.

I am excited to be able to order Bioderma Sensibio H2O which isn’t carried in-store anywhere in my town. Its also great to have more online shopping options for makeup products in Canada, especially since the recent Sephora shipping disaster.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❀


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11 responses to “A new way to order makeup online in Canada!

  1. This is awesome – finally! πŸ˜€


    • So excited about redeeming points online! I usually only redeem them when I travel and can go to a Murale store, as my local Shoppers doesn’t have a Beauty Boutique and there’s nothing high-end to spend my points on.

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      • I guess living in a big city, I neglect to consider how limited the selection can be in other parts of Canada. I’m glad you can now have access to all the awesome brands! I’ve redeemed for Guerlain, Bobbi Brown, Stila etc… it’s really satisfying to get the luxury brands for FREE!


      • Me too! My last big points splurge was at the Eaton’s Centre while I was visiting Toronto. All Chanel. It was awesome (here’s my post about it). Love saving up my points for high-end beauty products.


  2. BeginnerBeaute

    Got my giveaway in the mail yesterday! I am in love!! Thanks again girlie I will definitely be doing a post on it soon XO


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