Fitness Friday: 1 Day Watermelon Cleanse

I carried a watermelon

I carried a watermelon

I got this idea from YouTuber Zoeebella who did a video on her 1 day watermelon diet. Its very simple, you just buy a whole watermelon and eat it throughout the day whenever you’re hungry. She also made a watermelon smoothie  in her video (again – very simple, just throw it in the blender).

I know I could not commit to a multi-day fruit cleanse, but I thought one day? That seems doable. And who doesn’t love watermelon? I also thought if you’re healthy with no medical conditions, one day eating only watermelon couldn’t be that bad for you, even if there is a lot of science out there warning against multi-day cleanses. I also chose to do it on a lazy rainy Sunday when I could sleep in a bit later, didn’t have to go to work or be around too many people just in case eating watermelon all day made me murderously grumpy and irritable.

So here’s how I did…

Breakfast: watermelon smoothie
I usually start my day with a smoothie, so it seemed natural to throw some in the blender like Zoeebella did and drink my first watermelon meal. It was really yummy, refreshing, and oddly filling. I did have a cup of coffee as well, because I learned from my 10 Day Detox that going cold turkey without caffeine gives me a headache.

Lunch: watermelon

1 day watermelon cleanse


Really delicious! I felt pretty full after eating a bowl of watermelon.

Afternoon snack: more watermelon
I felt peckish (not super hungry) and ate a little more watermelon, although somewhat less enthusiastically.

“Supper”: more watermelon
I was pretty hungry towards the end of the day. I ate another big bowl of watermelon. I thought – this isn’t so bad and I might be able to make it through this! I had eaten about 3/4ths of the watermelon in total.

But, I didn’t really feel as full as I did after lunch. About an hour later I started to feel REALLY hungry. I almost felt like I hadn’t actually eaten anything all day. I also felt a little light-headed. I also didn’t feel like eating any more watermelon.

Actual supper: boneless, skinless chicken breast
I needed protein!!! I had some chicken breasts in the fridge that I’d prepared for the week. I was starving and had to heat one up and eat it. Then I felt much better 🙂

So the 1 day watermelon cleanse didn’t really work for me. It was a cleanse fail. I think I could do the smoothie and just watermelon for lunch again, but then I’d have to eat some “real food” for supper.

I’d love to hear your experiences with any detoxes or cleanses you’ve done! Leave me a comment if there’s something you’d recommend or something I should avoid. And please like this post if you’d like to see more Fitness Friday posts.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl


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3 responses to “Fitness Friday: 1 Day Watermelon Cleanse

  1. I’m curious, was there something in particular that watermelon is supposed to do for you? Is there something about it that would “cleanse” your system?
    Fruit in general tends to be very high in simple carbohydrates (i.e. Sugar) and very low in things like protein.
    I’m not a nutritionist! 🙂 Just do be aware that eating only one thing could cause some “interesting” spikes and drops in your blood sugar, even if it is only for one day 🙂


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