Fitness Friday: Low Calorie Hydration!

Karma Wellness Water

Karma Wellness Water

In the summer, its more important than ever to stay hydrated. I’m not a huge fan of plain water. I usually drink sparkling water and love my Soda Stream water carbonator which I previously posted about. I’m trying to avoid sugary drinks which I tend to crave when the weather is warmer, but I also try to avoid artificial sweeteners, like aspartame.

I have just discovered a really cool drink (and I am in no way affiliated with this company). Its has the rather cheesy name of Karma Wellness Water, but try to get past your initial eye-roll. At only 20 calories each, Karma Wellness Water comes in 5 yummy flavours – Pineapple Coconut (my fav), Acai Pomberry, Rasberry Guava Jackfruit, Passionfruit Green Tea, & Orange Mango. The reason its so low cal is that although it does contain some sugar, its mainly sweetened with Steevia, a naturally occurring sweetener made from the leaves of the South American Stevia rebaudiana plant.

The really cool thing about it though is that it contains premixed vitamins in the “KarmaCap” that you mix in, like A, D, E, B6, & B12 (in the Pineapple Coconut for example).

step 1 peel off the sticker

Step 1: Peel

step 2 press

Step 2: Press

 vitamins being released into the drink

The vitamins being released into the drink

step 3 shake

Step 3: Shake!

According to their website, water soluble vitamins lose potency in water: “Additionally, vitamins suffer degradation while they are exposed to UV rays, oxygen and heat. The loss is greater when the vitamin contents are spread across the full contents of bottled beverages. The broader the surface area, the greater the exposure. In sharp contrast, Karma’s vitamins are stored dry in the hermetically sealed cap, the vitamins are stored in a condensed area which limits exposure to the elements, and Karma makes use of opaque plastic and a UV blocker in its cap…By introducing the vitamins only seconds or minutes from actual consumption, it optimizes the effectiveness of the nutrient-rich ingredients.”

You are only supposed to drink 1 per day. I love them. The Karma Wellness Water are $2.29 CAD.

Another thing I have recently tried and am now obsessed with is all natural coconut water. At 48 calories in a 250 ml can, its a much better option that sugar-filled drinks. If you haven’t tried it before, it doesn’t really taste like coconut. Its more of a slightly sweet, nutty flavour that is very unique and distinctive. A study in a peer-reviewed journal showed that coconut water replenished body fluids better than water (Idárraga & Aragón-Vargas, 2010).

low sugar, low calorie coconut water

low sugar, low calorie coconut water

I buy the brand Thirsty Buddha which is $1.99 CAD (again, I’m in no way affiliated with this company).

I hope this gives you some ideas for yummy, low calorie ways to stay hydrated this summer!

Idárraga, A. P., & Aragón-Vargas, L. F. (2010). Post-exercise rehydration with coconut water. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 42(5), 575.

Thanks for reading!
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4 responses to “Fitness Friday: Low Calorie Hydration!

  1. I need to find that Karma water! It looks delightfully gimmicky but also, pine apple coconut?! Yum!

    Coconut water is kind of like the original Gatorade! I don’t love the flavor of it by itself but it’s really good mixed with other fruit juices. Kind of defeats the whole low calorie thing though.


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