Review of L’oreal La Nude Palettes 1 & 2

Loreal La Nude Palette 1 and 2

Couldn’t choose so I got them both!

After seeing reviews for the L’oreal La Nude palettes, I was bummed that I hadn’t seen them yet in any of my local drugstores. While I was in Toronto I happened to pop into a Shoppers Drug Mart and when I saw the La Nude palettes 1 and 2 I was so excited I grabbed them both. I had high hopes for these after being really impressed with the Maybelline The Nudes palette (see review).

The La Nudes 1 has your typical brown and taupe type of neutral shades that I think has a nice mix of both cool and warm tones, vs some palettes which tend to lean one way or the other. It has 4/10 matte shades.

Loreal La Nude Palette 1

La Nude 1 – brown and taupe neutrals

La Nudes 2 is more of a pink and plum toned palette. It has 6/10 matte shades.

Loreal La Nude Palette 2

La Nude 2 – more pinks and plums

Here are the swatches of the La Nude 1 VS La Nude 2:

swatches Loreal La Nude Palette 1

La Nude 1

swatches Loreal La Nude Palette 2

La Nude 2

Sadly, I can’t do a positive review of these palettes. I found the quality of these shadows just isn’t there for me. Here were my main issues:

Major fall-out: The La Nude 1 had the most fall-out. It was a mess trying to apply them and I would have to do a ton of clean-up under my eyes with a cotton bud. I did think the La Nude 2 had less fall-out.

Dude, where’s my eye shadow? When I tried to blend these shadows, they would nearly disappear and I would have to go back and reapply them to try to build the intensity back up (who has the time?).

Creasing & fading: Most of the shades from the La Nude 1 creased on me – with primer. The La Nude 2 shades didn’t crease, but both palettes would fade on me throughout the day.

Too expensive! In Canada, the La Nude palettes are a whopping $29.99 CAD. By comparison, Maybelline The Nudes palette is only $14.99 CAD and you get 12 neutral shadows (vs only 10 in the L’oreal palettes). I would skip the L’oreal and get the Maybelline or some of the new NYX shadows which are awesome (see review) instead.

I think I could have been less critical of the La Nudes if it wasn’t for the price. I expected better quality from a $30 palette. I have so many other shadows that I like way more. The L’oreal La Nudes were a miss for me.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❀


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21 responses to “Review of L’oreal La Nude Palettes 1 & 2

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  2. I like the plum palette – but yes, they seem expensive for the quality you get!


  3. That’s too bad! Thanks for the review in them though!


  4. I stalked the displays of these for weeks before they were released and then I was totally shocked at how expensive they were when they finally came out! Come on loreal, you’re still a drugstore brand.

    Bummer that the quality and colors didn’t end up matching the price tag though.


  5. I’ve read mixed reviews of these palettes – but it does boil down to how expensive these are! $30 for a drugstore palette and the case isn’t even that nice. L’Oreal does tend to be on the expensive side typically. I’ve never been all that impressed with L’Oreal eye shadows – I find them dry and difficult to blend. Maybelline, CoverGirl and even Rimmel eye shadows perform better in my opinion! Great review and thanks for swatching all the colours!


    • Thanks! You’re right about the packaging – the case is plain plastic and, because they don’t come in a box, mine were scratched. And I forgot to mention one was missing its applicator, although I don’t usually use the little sponge-tipped ones that come with drugstore palettes.

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  6. God I didn’t realize how much more it was for you all. It’s a shame you didn’t like them for all the money you spent!! I personally love them but I always like seeing how other people feel about the products I love


    • Sometimes I wonder if the same makeup product sold in different countries is actually manufactured differently, like in a different factory? It might explain why sometimes a product being raved about by US or UK bloggers is sometimes a bust when I try the Canadian version. I know the packaging, shade range, and shade names can often be different, so maybe the formulas can differ too?

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  7. karenmillerthekiller

    I really like the first one but I wouldn’t want to pay that much for them!!


  8. Great review! I was wondering about that pallette…….


  9. V

    It’s so weird for me seeing what drugstore palettes cost in other countries. That’s way too expensive for the quality of that product

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  10. Great honest review. I like the subtitles like dude where’s my eyeshadow? Lol

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