The New NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadows!

NYX Hot Singles eye shadowI recently did a post about my NYX eye shadows only to discover from readers that NYX has discontinued its line of square eye shadows! The good news is they’ve replaced them with a new line of Hot Singles in 88 shades. The Hot Singles have round packaging that is nearly identical to the MAC singles with the addition of a cute little bow on the front, like the NYX Baked Blushes. The round pans are the exact same size as the MAC, so if depotted, I’m certain they’d fit into the MAC palettes.

The new NYX Hot Singles eye shadow (middle) compared to MAC (left) and the old NYX square eye shadow packaging (right)

The new NYX Hot Singles eye shadow (middle) compared to MAC (left) and the old NYX square eye shadow packaging (right)

I was really curious to try out some of the new shadows and when I went to the Cherry Culture site they were on sale for $3.50 USD (about $4.50 CAD). I was so excited to see all of the fabulous neutral shades that I *might* have gotten a little carried away and ordered 14 of them. Be prepared for neutral shadow overload. It was so hard to choose!

I am really impressed with the Hot Singles! I ‘m finding them smooth, easy to apply, and – with only a few exceptions – don’t have any fall-down. They have been wearing well without creasing (I always wear a primer with any shadow). I would say they aren’t quite as long wearing as MAC. They do fade a little by the end of the day, but they are very good quality for their price.

Hope you enjoy all the swatches and that they help you out if you are deciding which singles to get!

I’m starting off with the 7 matte shades.
NYX Hot Singles eye shadow S.O.S., Over the Taupe, and Coquette

  • S.O.S. – This is one of my favourite type of shades, a soft, matte, cool-toned “greige” that is perfect for a no-makeup makeup look. Perfect for fair skin! You could also use it to fill in your eyebrows or maybe even to contour. It reminds me of favourites MAC Omega or Revlon Shadow Links Greige.
  • Over the Taupe – Similar to S.O.S. but darker and a little more purple-toned. This completely matte taupe took a bit more work to blend than the other mattes.
  • Coquette – This shade reminds me of MAC Quarry. Its a soft, matte, purpley brown neutral perfect for a crease or blending out colour. I would say its lighter than Quarry. It blended beautifully.
NYX Hot Singles eye shadow S.O.S. swatch


NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Over the Taupe swatch

Over the Taupe

NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Coquette swatch


NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Suede, Happy Hour, Guilt Trip, Own the Night

  • Suede – This one was a bit of a miss for me. This matte camel shade has got a bit too much warm peachy undertone going on for my skin tone. If you like warm shades, you’ll probably love it though.
  • Happy Hour – A really lovely, matte, cool-toned light brown. Very wearable!
  • Guilt Trip – A deeper, richer version of Happy Hour.
  • Own the Night – This is a really interesting shade! Its a cool-toned, dark brown with a hint of purple. I find this type of shade difficult to find, because most dark browns tend to be warm-toned.
NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Suede Swatch


NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Happy Hour swatch

Happy Hour

NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Guilt Trip swatch

Guilt Trip

NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Own the Night swatch

Own the Night

These next 3 shades have more of a sheen to them, but aren’t shimmery.

NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Damage Control, Loaded, and Strike a Pose

  • Damage Control – This might be my favourite! I love taupe eyeshadow. Its similar to Over the Taupe but has a really pretty, subtle sheen to it and is so soft and blendable.
  • Loaded – Another fabulous taupe that is darker and more neutral (not really cool-toned) than Damage Control.
  • Strike a Pose – Like Suede, this shade is more warm-toned. A warm, light brown with a slight sheen.
NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Damage Control swatch

Damage Control

NYX Hot Singles eyeshadow Loaded swatch


NYX Hot Singles eyeshadow Strike a Pose swatch

Strike a Pose

The last 4 shades are the shimmers:

NYX Hot Singles eye shadow in Lust, Fancy That, J'Adore, and Illusion

  • Lust – An absolutely gorgeous cool-toned brown with a hint of golden shimmer, this shadow in particular reminded me so much of the quality of MAC shadows: it was pigmented, easy to apply, had zero fall-down, and a lovely subtle sheen. The colour is complex and unlike anything I already have.
  • Fancy That – Not really my cup of tea. This warm, peachy-coral type of shade borders on the glittery side and I had some fall-down with it.
  • J’Adore – This one as well was a little too glittery for me with some fall-down.
  • Illusion – Really like this one! A shimmery golden brown similar to MAC Woodwinked I think, although I haven’t swatched them side-by-side.
NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Lust swatch


NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Fancy That swatch

Fancy That

NYX Hot Singles eye shadow J'Adore swatch


NYX Hot Singles eye shadow Illusion swatch


Here are all 14 shades swatched side by side:

Swatches: S.O.S., Over the Taupe, Coquette, Suede, Happy Hour, Guilt Trip, Own the Night, Damage Control, Loaded, Strike a Pose, Lust, Fancy That, J’Adore, Illusion

Top L-R: S.O.S., Over the Taupe, Coquette, Suede, Happy Hour, Guilt Trip, Own the Night
Bottom, L-R: Damage Control, Loaded, Strike a Pose, Lust, Fancy That, J’Adore, Illusion

I’m going to swatch these against shadows from my collection to see which ones might be dupes for the old NYX shadows, MAC, and any others I can find. So stay tuned for that post coming up!

Thanks so much for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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21 responses to “The New NYX Hot Singles Eye Shadows!

  1. I didn’t realize S.O.S. is a new color, I found a swatch of it somewhere last week when I was trying to find something a bit lighter than Tease in Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette. I’m not quite the palest pale color, about a NC15 though… so I’ve been trying to find something a little more natural than Tease in my crease since it’s still kind of dark when I want to go more natural. I got S.O.S. in from ULTA yesterday and I LOVE it, totally agree it is perfect for us pale girls. I actually was looking for dupes for it, because I am now obsessed with this color…. and want to make sure I always at least have an alternative. I’ve seen/heard that it might be close to MAC’s Omega? Hard to tell since S.O.S. isn’t on Temptalia yet…

    Liked by 1 person

    • So… I didn’t look at the date of this post, well a year ago is still new to me I guess lol, I’m often about a year behind on the newest makeup. Anyway, I was playing with S.O.S. and just wanted to add that I finally found a shade that works well with UD’s Last Call. I’ve had that shade forever and I didn’t like anything I tried to match with it from Naked 2 or 3, which I thought for sure I would like something from Naked 3 but at least on me nothing goes well with it.

      Well I already had S.O.S. in my crease, UD’s Virgin all over my lid, Nyx’s Jumbo Eyeshadow Stick in milk in the middle with some Verve over it. I decided to mess around and threw Last Call on… and I surprisingly like it quite a bit. I’ve heard other people say even though it’s a beautiful color on it’s own, that it’s a bit weird to mess with so I’m glad I found something 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • lol – I am just glad that you discovered it. I’m a huge MAC Omega fan too (I think I’m on my 3rd one) so I had to swatch Omega and S.O.S. for you. I think they are similar, but definitely not dupes. S.O.S. is cooler than Omega, which is already pretty cool. But you can see in the swatch, S.O.S. is more “greige” and Omega is more brown.NYX S.O.S. vs MAC Omega


    • I’m kind of relieved to know that there’s another woman who gets genuinely excited over neutral matte eyeshadows.
      To many, they’re probably the definition of boring, but this NW15 is wearing “Happy Hour” all over the lid and into the crease, and my green eyes are going POP POP POP! I may have found my “no makeup look” eyeshadow.
      I also own “Coquette” and love it.
      So far the only miss for me from this line has been “Craving,” a medium gray that went blue on me once applied.
      After seeing this post, I think I need “Damage Control.”
      Oh, the irony! 😀


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  3. WOW these are beautiful, completely my colours and really impressed with the colour pay off – they seem very buildable, just what I love in a shadow! Will really have to get a NYX haul sorted very soon so I can try these out for myself, hope you enjoy wearing them lovely 🙂 XXX


  4. Anonymous

    loving your blog!


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  9. Thank you for all of the swatches hun! They were really helpful. I definitely need more taupes, greys and greiges in my life. S.O.S, Over the Taupe and Happy Hour look promising!

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  10. Oooh those are cuuuute! As if I need an excuse to head to the drugstore.


  11. Wowee zowee! You jumped with both feet into these, didn’t you!
    ALL of these shades are ones I’d buy myself too – you just can never have too many neutrals!
    From your swatches and descriptions, I like: Lust, Damage Control, Own the Night and Happy Hour.
    Thanks for all the swatches – very helpful.


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