Makeup Geek Last Dance

Makeup Geek Last Dance

Love the new Makeup Geek packaging!

In a previous post, Two Makeup Geek Eyeshadows that are Dupes for Each Other?, I compared Homecoming to “Last Dance” which seemed to be identical. Turns out they were! I had been sent a mislabeled Homecoming instead.

Stashmatters commented suggesting I contact Makeup Geek and I did. I sent them an email with a link to my original post, and got a response right away:

“We are very sorry about this, you are absolutely right, you have 2 Homecomings there! We’re going to resend you a last dance. Hope this helps.”

They shipped me a new eyeshadow right away for free. Here’s my new, actual Last Dance:
Makeup Geek Last Dance

Makeup Geek Homecoming VS Last Dance

The original “Last Dance” I received (actually Homecoming) next to my new one

Makeup Geek Last Dance

Last Dance

The shadow is a very pretty and unique shade that is rather complex. In the pan it looks more like a dark purple, but applied, its more of a purpley toned brown. Its also a little iridescent with a purple sheen. I did a very pretty smokey eye look with it that was also daytime appropriate. Its really wearable.

Makeup Geek Last Dance Swatch

Last Dance

I thought it was awesome of Makeup Geek to send me a new shadow. I was really impressed with their customer service.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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9 responses to “Makeup Geek Last Dance

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  2. Oh I’m SO glad that they rectified the situation! Amazing CS from Makeup Geek! This is the kind of service that create goodwill and loyalty from customers.
    The real Last Dance is gorgeous – I bet it would pair nicely with Homecoming!


  3. I love watching Makeup Geek on youtube. She has the most awesome recommendations. Nice shadows. I have yet to start my collection!


  4. plus+beauty27

    Very pretty shadows! It was so nice of them to send you another 1 for free. I love good customer service! 🙂 xo


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