NYX Eye Shadow Collection

NYX Singles Eye Shadows
Hi guys! After doing My Favourite NYX Blushes post, I thought I’d share my collection of NYX Single Eye Shadows with you and let you know which ones work for me on fair, cool-toned skin, and which didn’t. However, these square eyeshadow singes are no longer on the main  NYX site, so I am now wondering if NYX has discontinued them!!! They are still available through Cherry Culture and are also still in my local stores. If anyone has any info on this, please let me know!

I have 12 of the NYX Single Eye Shadows:

  • True Taupe (matte): a light, subtle, cool-toned taupe, this is a great shadow for fair skin. I know some people even use it as a contour colour, but I haven’t done that.
  • Taupe: Compared to True Taupe, Taupe is slightly warmer and more brown, whereas True Taupe is more grey-toned. Its similar to MAC Omega, except that Omega is matte and Taupe has a slight sheen to it.
  • Hawaiian Coffee (matte): a rich, medium brown with cool, purpley undertones. This is one of my favourite NYX eye shadow shades. Its apparently a dupe for MAC Handwritten (but I don’t own that shade).
  • Frosted Flake: Often referred to as a dupe for MAC Shroom, this is a shimmery, cool off-white. Its one of those shades, like Shroom, that I never know what to do with. I don’t particularly like a light, shimmery shadow that emphasizes my hooded lid, and I don’t like a shimmery highlight (I prefer a matte shade on my brow bone).
  • Ultimatum: A shimmery cream or “champagne” type of shade. I have a similar issue with this one as I do with Frosted Flake – I never know what to do with it.
  • Nude (matte): a very yellow-toned, cream matte shade. I was hoping this might be similar to MAC Brule, but its a bit too yellow for my skin tone.
  • Black (matte): Seriously the blackest of the black eye shadows!
  • Rock (shimmer): a very glittery, dark charcoal, similar to MAC Black Tied. Great for doing a dramatic smokey eye for a night out.
  • Charcoal Brown (matte): Not very well-named, this shade isn’t really brown but much more grey with some warm, purpley undertones. Its quite a complex type of shade that might look different on different people.
  • Suede: This one was a miss for me – way too much orange for my skin tone.
  • Dark Brown (matte): More of a medium matte brown, than a “dark” brown. Fairly neutral, true brown; not overly warm or cool toned. Great shade!
  • Brown (matte): Another mis-named shade, I don’t really think this is a brown. Its a warm, yellowy cream shade, maybe bordering on tan. This one also did not work at all with my skintone.
NYX Single Eye Shadow True Taupe, Taupe, Hawaiian Coffee, Frosted Flake, Ultimatum, Nude

TOP ROW, L-R: True Taupe, Taupe, Hawaiian Coffee
BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Frosted Flake, Ultimatum, Nude

NYX Single Eye Shadows Brown, Dark Brown, Suede, Charcoal Brown, Rock, Black

TOP ROW, L-R: Black, Rock, Charcoal Brown
BOTTOM ROW, L-R: Suede, Dark Brown, Brown

NYX Single Eye Shadow swatch Nude, Ultimatum, Frosted Flake, Hawaiian Coffee, Taupe, True Taupe

L-R: Nude, Ultimatum, Frosted Flake, Hawaiian Coffee, Taupe, True Taupe

NYX Single Eye Shadows Swatche Brown, Dark Brown, Suede, Charcoal Brown, Rock, Black

L-R: Brown, Dark Brown, Suede, Charcoal Brown, Rock, Black

My favourites are definitely True Taupe, Taupe, Hawaiian Coffee, Dark Brown and Black.  Three misses for me were Nude, Suede and Brown which I wouldn’t recommend for cool-toned skin.

I do really like the NYX eye shadows and I’d be sad to see some of these shades being discontinued. I haven’t tired any of the new singles in the round pans and I wonder if they are the same formula/quality.

Hope you enjoyed this post & thanks for reading!

Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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15 responses to “NYX Eye Shadow Collection

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  2. I think the only NYX single I own is true taupe, lol. That black does look intense though. 🙂

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  3. lol, I love that! DPS for short?

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  4. I have a bunch of these that sit neglected even though they’ve quite nice! My favourite shades are Iced Mocha and Red Bean Pie… now I have this inexplicable urge to collect more of these (I call it the Discontinued Product Syndrome). Thanks for swatching all these so I can draft up a wish list!
    I have just 1 of the new round version and it is a very buttery smooth matte shade called “Blame it on Midnight”.

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  5. plus+beauty27

    Very nice neutral shades! 🙂


  6. Yes NYX has discontinued them, which is a shame because they were my favourite shadows! Taupe is still my jam, and I dread running out!


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