Makeup Storage Solution: The Beauty Cube Review

"The Beauty Cube" Acrylic Lucite Makeup Organizer review

“The Beauty Cube” Acrylic Lucite Makeup Organizer

I, like many of you reading this, am always trying to figure out storage solutions for my makeup. I’d seen clear acrylic makeup organizers online, but so many of them were crazily expensive or didn’t ship to Canada. Finally, with my growing makeup collection bursting at the seams, I found The Beauty Cube Acrylic Lucite Makeup Organizer on

Here are the dimensions of The Beauty Cube:

  • 9.45″ width x 9.45″ depth x 11.81″ height
  • flip top section is 1.57″ deep
  • middle drawers are 1.38″ deep
  • bottom drawer is 2.76″ deep
"The Beauty Cube" Acrylic Lucite Makeup Organizer review

5 drawers plus the top section with a flip-up lid

It also came with 4 sets of removable acrylic dividers: 1 “four section” divider, 2 “six section” dividers, and 1 “triangle” divider. Here’s how I arranged the drawers (and hopefully it can give you an idea of how much/what types of makeup you could store in it if you’re considering getting one):

The Beauty Cube

Bottom drawer

The bottom drawer is the deepest and I’m using it for blushes. I placed a “six section” divider in that drawer. As you can see, because the dividers are removable, which gives you flexibility, the do slide around a little bit. I secretly wish all of the drawers were this deep.

Beauty Cube

fourth drawer

The next drawer is also blushes – including cream and liquid blushes. I don’t have any dividers in this drawer.

Beauty Cube

third drawer

Next I have a drawer of cream eyeshadows. Again, no dividers.

beauty cube

second drawer

In the second drawer, I have some eyeshadow singles. I have the “four section” divider in this drawer. (My apologies for the blurriness. As I blog this, its now too dark to retake any photos. Darn Canadian winters)

beauty cube

top drawer

Currently I have some miscellaneous things in the top drawer including some things I’m trying to use up.

beauty cube

top section with (removable) flip-up lid

In the top, I have items I use daily and new items I’m trying out and reviewing. Right now I have the “triangle” divider in the top section but I’m not sure I like it there; I may move it.

I’m really pleased with The Beauty Cube. I paid $149.95 CAD, plus $18.72 shipping. The shipping was super impressive. It arrived in 1 week and it was packaged incredibly carefully – the box was wrapped in packing foam and then placed inside a second box. There wasn’t a single scratch or crack or anything. It arrived in perfect condition.

Overall, I like the size of The Beauty Cube. Any bigger and I wouldn’t really have a place to put it. It doesn’t take up too much room on my vanity. I love that its see-through and that you can pull out the drawers. It makes my makeup a whole lot more accessible. The only thing I would change would be to make some more of the drawers deeper like the bottom drawer.

It certainly could not hold my entire makeup collection though. For example, I don’t think it would be an efficient way to store palettes. I have my (numerous) eyeshadow palettes stored elsewhere. I’m also not sure about pencils. I have my eyeliners and lipliners in short glass vases and I think this makes them easier to see. I also prefer to store my lipsticks upright and my brushes in a glass vase so I can grab them quickly and easily, but that’s just my personal preference. Brushes and lipsticks could easily fit in The Beauty Cube.

Hope this review helped! I’d love to hear your makeup storage ideas.

Thanks for reading!
Nerdy Librarian Girl


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12 responses to “Makeup Storage Solution: The Beauty Cube Review

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  2. Addilynn Curry

    Are the drawers easy to pull out. I’m trying to decide between that one and the crystal knobs. Those look the would be difficult because they’re so small.


  3. That looks great! I need something like this, too, but am balking at the price. Probably just because I keep thinking, “Well, how much m/u could I get for $160?” LOL. Of course, I need more like I need a hole in the head.


  4. I’ve considered something like this for a while but I don’t have the vanity space, I don’t think (though it doesn’t seem that big). Right now I just use some Muji drawers and the two small drawers that are below my vanity…but I’m still working out what my “dream” storage solution would be for my small space. 🙂

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  5. it really looks nice and polished! Also I see some Besame goodies ;)) Really love that brand and I’ve been eyeing their powders and fragrances lately


  6. This looks great. What do you do with your palettes!?


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