MAC Lipstick Fail

MAC Naked Paris lipstick

MAC “Naked Paris”: A gritty, glittery mess

It hardly ever happens, but sometimes every now and then MAC gets it so wrong. I was going through my lipstick collection and found this sad little unused one. I had such high hopes for Naked Paris when I ordered it online a couple of years ago.

I thought it would be right up my alley:  a lustre (my fav), in the brown/pink family, “shimmery”…what could go wrong? As soon as I opened it I was like:



I have never seen a glittery MAC lipstick before, but “glitter bomb” would be how I’d describe Naked Paris. It has so much glitter in it, you can actually feel the chunks of sparkle scraping across your lips when you apply it. You can see by the swatch, Naked Paris actually looks ok when first applied. But its so deceptive. Within half an hour, there is none of that pretty colour left on your lips, but there is tons and tons of glitter.

MAC Naked Paris swatch

Looks pretty at first, then quickly fades leaving nothing but chunks of glitter behind

I have never had a MAC lipstick wear off in such an unflattering way. This is one of the worst lipsticks of any brand I have ever tried.

Thankfully, MAC has discontinued Naked Paris, sparing others from its awfulness. I guess I will just back-to-MAC this one.

Have you ever had a MAC lipstick fail?

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15 responses to “MAC Lipstick Fail

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  4. I haven’t had a MAC lipstick fail like that, but I recently had a BareMinerals lipstick do pretty much that same thing. Really disappointing as it’s so nice when initially applied.


  5. I’d never heard of Naked Paris…guess this is why they discontinued it. The only lipstick “fail” I’ve had in recent times is…believe it or not, the Estee Lauder Pure Envy Lip Color. And it’s not a true fail because I only tested in store (which I never do but it was a new tube, so I felt safe). For some reason it piled and clung to patches. Which is so weird because everyone is crazy about the formula. I recently purchased the Shine version which doesn’t do that…any may revisit the original at some point.

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl’s Beauty and Lifestyle Blog


  6. It’s a shame it fades away so quickly because it looks like a flattering shade in the swatch. The only MAC Fail for me personally was Morange, the texture is really awful!


  7. V

    Eek! I generally don’t like glitter lipsticks anyway–they say cheap and teeny bopper to me.


  8. my lipstick fail is also a mac item! creme de la femme looked so pretty swatched but i totally ignored the finish… only to realise that asian skintone and a frosty lipstick does not make a good look. 😦


  9. I haven’t experienced too many MAC fails but wow that’s a bad lipstick haha! Glitter in lipstick is usually not a good thing… the only time it worked out for me was with Lipstick Queen’s Let them Eat Cake


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