I Can’t Stop Buying Revlon Shadow Links!

Revlon Shadow Links in "Bone"

Revlon Shadow Links in “Bone”

It started with Greige, then I picked up some more of the taupes and browns, and now I think I might officially have a Shadow Links “problem”. In my defense my drugstore had them on sale again (for $2.95 CAD) and I also can’t seem to resist anything miniature. The little Shadow Links are just so darn cute!

I decided to try out Bone a light, matte cream shade. It seriously reminded me of Brule from MAC (a “soft-creamy beige”). Brule is officially a “satin” finish but on me it looks completely matte. I use Brule so much it was in my Most Repurchased Makeup Products of All Time post. I love to have a matte shade that matches my skin tone to blend out shadows and use on my brow. I have to say I think Bone is a pretty close dupe for MAC Brule.

MAC Brule eyeshadow

MAC “Brule”

Revlon Shadow Links Bone Dupe for MAC Brule

A dupe for MAC’s Brule?

In the pan, Bone looks a little lighter and cooler toned, but once applied they are extremely similar. Bone blended really smoothly. It stayed on all day (I always use my Too Faced Shadow Insurance Primer). I did try to get a side by side swatch pic, but they just didn’t show up at all; both totally match my skin tone which is kind of the point but doesn’t make for much of a swatch 🙂

I just continue to be impressed by these little Shadow Links!

Thanks for reading!


Nerdy Librarian Girl ❤


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2 responses to “I Can’t Stop Buying Revlon Shadow Links!

  1. You know, I almost picked up a few of these links last time I was abroad but I’d previously heard mixed reviews on them. I’m glad to learn that you enjoy them though – worth another look. 🙂

    Beauty Isles | Blogiversary Giveaway: Too Faced, LORAC and NYX


    • On fair skin they are such a pretty, natural “no make-up” make-up type of look. I can understand with much darker skin tones some of the shades maybe wouldn’t really show up as much (which I think explains some of the mixed reviews). But I just love finding subtle, wearable shades for fairer skin tones.


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