Sheer Up Lint Tint: Flower Brand First Impressions

Flower Sheer Up Lip Tint in Airy Orchid

Flower Sheer Up Lip Tint in “Airy Orchid”

I rarely go to Walmart so I haven’t tried any of the Flower makeup yet. Flower, Drew Barrymore’s cosmetic line, is sold exclusively at Walmart. While I was there recently, I thought I would try out something from the brand. I must say, overall I’m not really attracted to the Flower packaging, which may also be why its taken me so long to get around to picking something up.

I can’t resist a tinted lip balm though! I love the Revlon Kissable Balm Stains, the Clinic Chubby Sticks, and the Wet n Wild Mega Slicks Balm Stains, so I thought the Flower Sheer Up Lip Tint looked right up my alley. The shade selection is fairly limited with only 5 choices and the only one that really stood out to me was the darkest, “Airy Orchid”, a berry shade.

Swatch Flower Sheer Up Lip Tint Airy Orchid

Airy Orchid

When they say “sheer tint of colour” they aren’t messing around! It is really sheer on the lips. I had thought that if I liked this that I would try a few other shades, but since they are all even lighter than this one, I’m worried they wouldn’t show up at all. I also expected a bit of staining action from the Flower Lip Tint based on my experience with similar balmy lip crayons and tints from other brands (although to be fair Flower doesn’t claim it’s a lip stain). I did not find the Flower Lip Tint left any kind of stain at all. Once it was gone, it was totally gone, and it was gone pretty fast.

I liked how the Flower Lip Tint felt on my lips. It was very balmy and moisturizing. I also really liked that it was scent-free. So many drugstore lip products have cheap heavy fragrances added which I don’t care for that can irritate my lips. What I didn’t like is that it was very sheer, didn’t give any sort of staining effect, and didn’t last very long. It disappeared within an hour or so. I wouldn’t repurchase one. I think there are other similar lip products out there that I like better.

My first impression of Flower is kind of mixed. Let me know if there are any products from the line that you love that you think are worth trying.

The Flower Sheer Up Lip Tint is $7.98 CAD at Walmart.

Thanks for reading ❤
Nerdy Librarian Girl


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9 responses to “Sheer Up Lint Tint: Flower Brand First Impressions

  1. rasilla

    Ack! For the price, Id wish for a bit more lasting power. Well, luckily there is still a lot to try out from the line 😛


  2. plus+beauty27

    I haven’t tried anything from Flower but thank you for the review! I don’t think I will be trying this lol.


  3. karenmillerthekiller

    I think the eyeshadow quads from the Flower line are pretty amazing and I do like the lip glosses but I haven’t tried a whole lot of their products. I’ve heard the BB cream was good but I haven’t tried it. 🙂


  4. I’ve actually been thinking about buying this exact shade! Thanks for the review 🙂


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