Naked Basics 2 Palette VS Original

The new Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette

The new Urban Decay Naked Basics 2 palette

A new Urban Decay Naked palette coming out is always exciting. I had hit pan on several of the shades in the original Naked Basics palette, so I felt pretty sure that I was going to like the Naked Basics 2, especially because I’d heard that the shadows were more cool-toned. I think I like the second palette even better than the first!

Original Naked Basics vs Naked Basics 2

The Naked Basics

Although I used three of the shades from the original palette – W.O.S., Naked 2, and Faint – a ton, I wasn’t such a fan of Venus and Foxy. Venus was too shimmery for me and Foxy was much too yellow for my skintone. I would  use my MAC Brule with the palette to make it work. But I love the two lightest shades in the Naked Basics 2 – Stark and Skimp! Stark is very similar to MAC Brule and makes a great matte highlight or to blend out shadows.

Naked Basics 2 VS original Naked Basics

Top: Naked Basics 2. Bottom: My (well loved) original Naked Basics

I also love the three cool-toned taupey neutrals, Frisk, Cover & Primal. Soo pretty! The darkest shade, Undone, is a wearable medium gray which I will likely get more use out of than Crave from the original palette.

Swatches: Original Naked Basics vs Naked Basics 2

Swatches: Top – Original Naked Basics. Bottom – Naked Basics 2

Both of the Urban Decay Naked Basics palettes are $35 CAD each.

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15 responses to “Naked Basics 2 Palette VS Original

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  3. Oh no. My wallet hates your posts.


  4. Definitely digging this palette more than the first one! They’re pretty similar though…might wait until the VIB sale before I go out and buy this!


  5. plus+beauty27

    Great post! I love the Naked 2 Basics palette! 🙂


  6. karenmillerthekiller

    I’m nominating you for the One Lovely Blog Award! It’s really simple, go check out my post:


  7. rasilla

    I keep telling myself I don’t need it…then I see comparison swatches lol I wonder how much longer I can hold out 😛


  8. I think I hear the Naked2 Basics calling my name 😉 Great comparison!


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