Packing Makeup & Jewelry When You’re Moving

How to pack necklaces for a move

Threading necklaces through an empty bathroom tissue or paper towel roll keeps them from getting tangled

In very exciting news, my finance and I bought a house. In super stress inducing news, omg now I have to sell my house and pack all my stuff! So this has been a very busy week. Not to mention that it’s September and we both work at a university, so we’re both really busy at work too.

In preparation for selling my house, I’ve begun major de-cluttering. I have moved quite a few times in my life (probably 10 times) so I  thought I’d show you some of my tricks for packing. I love the empty bathroom tissue roll for necklaces, or in my case a paper towel roll I cut into 3 sections; I have a lot of necklaces. This is a great way to keep them from getting all tangled. Plastic snap lid containers and plastic sandwich or freezer bags are also great for keeping jewelry organized.
I heart lipgloss
This little “I heart lipgloss” mini suitcase is one of my most favourite gifts that I have ever received. I have had it for ages. I decided to use it to pack all my lip products. And I finally had a use for all of those small cosmetic bags that I accumulated with my Ipsy Glam Bag subscription! lol.

Organizing lipsticks for packing

Finally figured out what to do with all those Ipsy Glam Bags! You could easily use Ziploc bags instead.

I labelled each one with removable masking tape into these categories:

  • Drugstore lipsticks
  • High-end lipsticks (ended up needing 2 of these)
  • MAC lipsticks
  • Lip liners
  • Jumbo lip pencils
  • Lip gloss
  • Lip balm

They all fit snugly into the suitcase.

How to pack lipsticks for a move
Now I just have to figure out how to pack the rest of my collection…

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9 responses to “Packing Makeup & Jewelry When You’re Moving

  1. rasilla

    labeling the bags is such a good idea!!! Dang…didn’t think of that when I went on my trip at all.


  2. Pingback: De-Cluttering my Makeup Collection: Tossing some things I didn’t like | nerdylibrariangirl

  3. OMG. Your system is genius! Especially the masking tape over the bags. So freaking smart.

    When I moved about a month ago, I let the movers take everything except one suitcase and my makeup, which I carefully transfered in their usual case. I’ll definitely remember your system for next time though!


  4. First off, congrats! What lovely news. I too have moved around 6 times in my life, including going back and forth between our apartment in Fairbanks Alaska and the UK (when my hub was in the army). That’s a really clever idea for necklaces, luckily I have a humungous beauty case that has a carry handle and compartments for my make up xx


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