Dandelion Blush: Soft, Pink Perfection

Benefit Dandelion Box Powder

Benefit Dandelion Box Powder

As August is drawing to a close, I’m posting somewhat wistfully about the softest, loveliest, most perfect summertime blush, Benefit’s Dandelion. This one has been on my wish list for a while and I finally ordered it a few weeks ago. I don’t know why I waited so long.

Benefit Dandelion Box Powder

Benefit Dandelion Box Powder

Benefit describes it as “finely spun with delicate mauves and pinks, this exquisite brightening face powder leaves a petal-like finish”. It’s a soft, light “ballerina” pink that can be used as a blush on fair skin. I love the finish it gives – not quite matte but not shimmery either. I actually think Benefit is right in their “petal-like” description. Everything about this powder is just soft and delicate.

Swatch: Benefit Dandelion

Swatch: Benefit Dandelion

Like all of Benefit’s box powders, it does have a light scent (which I could take or leave). Benefit’s Coralista does not irritate my skin, and so far neither has Dandelion. The box powders are one of the few scented cosmetics that my skin seems able to tolerate.

The Benefit Dandelion Box Powder is $36 CAD.

Which Benefit Box Powder is your favourite?

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