Lovin the New Zoya Naturel 2 Collection

Zoya Naturel 2 Nail Polish Collection

Zoya Naturel 2 Nail Polish Collection (photos from http://www.zoya.com)

I just watched MissGoldgirl, Marnie’s YouTube video on the Zoya Naturel 2 nail polish collection. She has one of the shades named after her which is really neat. I think these 6 nude inspired shades look fabulous. The collection includes:

  • Spencer – rich camel cream
  • Chanelle – toasted almond cream
  • Emilia – dark chocolate cream
  • Marnie – deep warm plum cream
  • Aubrey – medium mauve cream
  • Madeline – muted rose cream

Zoya is a difficult brand to find in Canada, but is available online through www.nailpolishcanada.com, which has free shipping. But the site doesn’t have the Naturel 2 shades yet. I am super bummed. For now I will just have to keep them on my wish list.

What do you think of these shades?

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6 responses to “Lovin the New Zoya Naturel 2 Collection

  1. These look beautiful, especially Madeline! Hun, I wanted to ask for your recommendations on what Canadian beauty/makeup brands you would recommend trying that can be found in Quebec? A family member is visiting there and I was thinking of asking them to pick me up some goodies. 🙂 Thanks in advance!


    • I love Annabelle lip liners (not the push-up but the sharpenable kind). I think they’re MAC dupes. Quo is also a great brand, especially the square Luxury Cotton Pads. They are a total dupe for the Shisheido. I haven’t tried a lot from Visanti except the lip gloss which was really great (my review). That’s so nice of them to bring you back some Canadian goodies! Hope this was helpful.


  2. So pretty! I really don’t have any shades like this or any nude-ish shades in general.


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