Don’t take free samples in Vegas: Forever Flawless Review

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Cleansing Complex and Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Cleansing Complex and Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel

This is my light-hearted “warning” about Forever Flawless. While we were walking through the Cosmopolitan, a lady standing outside a shop handed us each a free sample of moisturizer in a little diamond shaped package. She told us she would also give us a sample of their undereye serum and the next thing we knew we were sitting in chairs while another sales person was slathering us with creams and demonstrating exfoliators for us, which I have to say were impressive.

Forever Flawless All-Purpose Lotion sample that actually contains no diamond powder

Just say no: Forever Flawless All-Purpose Lotion sample that actually contains no diamond powder

He told us a year’s supply of a complete set of diamond infused skincare (which was three products) used by celebrities like Celine Dion and Mila Kunis was $399 USD. We had no intention of paying that, and as we started to leave, suddenly the price started dropping and he kept adding on additional products at no extra charge. To make a long story short, in the end my friend left with a big bag of about 5 or 6 products (including make-up remover, cleanser, undereye serum, moisturizer, etc.) for $200, and I left with the Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel and Diamond Infused Cleansing Complex for $100. This sales guy was good! Plus, we had also recently been enjoying breakfast mimosas. We decided right then and there: Don’t take “free” samples in Vegas! lol.

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel

Forever Flawless Diamond Infused Facial Peeling Gel

When I got home, I googled Forever Flawless, a Las Vegas-based company, and saw that the price of the Facial Peeling Gel is $179 USD and the Cleansing Complex $99 USD, although I have no idea if anyone is going on the website and actually paying that. So I got nearly $200 off?

I also found several reviews claiming that the products are a “scam” and dangerous, not FDA approved, cause rashes, etc. So I read the packaging very carefully. Its made in the USA, and I researched every single ingredient, and each one was an approved, commonly used ingredient considered safe and non-sensitizing (i.e should not cause an allergic reaction). It doesn’t contain real gold (which you apparently shouldn’t put on your skin). The “karat gold pigment” is simply mica which is in many, many cosmetic products. One site warned about the “dangers” of diamond powder, but that is literally from eating it or inhaling it – I’m really not worried about it being dissolved in a liquid or gel cosmetic.

So, if you have, like me, purchased Forever Flawless products and then were fairly alarmed after googling the reviews, relax. We probably certainly over-payed for them, but they aren’t dangerous. They contain ingredients found in just about every other cosmetic. I’m actually really enjoying the Facial Peeling Gel which I think is a pretty effective and gentle exfoliator. I have sensitive skin and have not had any reaction to the products.

Does diamond powder have “exceptional powers and miraculous therapeutic abilities” as Forever Flawless claims? Probably not. But, I’ve bought plenty of other products with hyped special ingredients (I’m looking at you Amazonian clay, argon oil, hyaluronic acid, mineral makeup, to name a few) that may or may not be effective, and have never felt “scammed”. My friend and I decided we have a funny Vegas story plus some skincare products that we are definitely going to use up (since we payed so much for them!).

Have you ever had an experience like ours?

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30 responses to “Don’t take free samples in Vegas: Forever Flawless Review

  1. Anonymous

    Haha same thing happened at the same place.
    She handed me to little samples. The moment they tried to walk me into the store I said I’m not interested and kept walking. I as well came home and researched the product and the ingredients ….. nothing special !


  2. Anonymous

    I had exactly the same experience in Heidelberg (Germany) last year …


  3. Anonymous

    I too was bombarded in Vegas & when I found out a friend of mine paid less, I went to get a refund within hours. They would refund all but $500 … Then gave me for free 4-5 more items and so rather than lose $500, I left when they reduced the price & added other items … Ended up spending $1500!
    Wow, lesson learned! The products are not worth the high price! Waste of money.


  4. Anonymous

    I was caught at a vulnerable time (right before my 50th bday) while walking at a mall in San Diego. The guy used the Instant Wrinkle Eliminator (Donnabella) under my eyes and then proceeded to show me the forever flawless products. At the end of his sales pitch, he tried to sell me $1,000 worth of products. Horrified (because I’m usually very cheap), I said no. Then the deals started coming. He was trying to push the Forever Flawless products (moisture complex and the peeling gel) but I was interested in the amazing eye cream. I was going to leave with nothing (because the eye cream was expensive) so he discounted it and threw in the two FF items for free. I spent ~$3oo, justifying that it was my early bday present; and I was subsequently appalled with myself for having done that. But I was very very happy with my eye cream. I later googled it and found that the eye cream is over $1,000 on their website; and I’m happy with the FF items. So, long story short, I fell for it, got talked into something I would normally NEVER do, but I’m really really happy with my purchases.


  5. Scammed

    I had a hard sell person at MGM in Vegas sell me $10k worth of products that I brought back to my hotel room and was happy as a lark that I would look younger again without surgery or filters. I couldn’t sleep that night and the next day I told this person I wanted a refund and would immediately bring Al products back to the store where I bought them. This person gave me a song and a dance since this person gave me lots of freebies as well. This person eventually have a refund to the latter products I bought, but said it was too late for the first batch of products. I learned later they were sitting in a bag at the MGM FEDEX office. I told this person about it. A week later I received these products worth over $3k at home I refused them and asked for a signature upon return. My credit card still had the charge on it weeks later. I disputed it and finally after 3 months was credited on my card.
    I was crazy waiting for this to happen.
    Beware of these hard sell individuals!


  6. Oh yes! The same thing happened to me. I was staying at the Cosmopolitan for a few days and got sucked in to the tune of $350.00. I was given a “free” facial for the purchase and came back to a sales pitch of a facial mask that you put on once a month that costs ONLY $5,000. I declined and he came down to $1000 on the price. I haven’t had any breakouts or allergic reaction but it’s a scam. Don’t get sucked in like I did.


  7. Sebastian

    Today I had an almost identical experience. My dad was handed a sample, ushered into the store, and tried a bunch of products. We ended up negotiating a 150 dollar deal on a 700 dollar skin tightening serum. It’s crazy that people are so good at selling you products. Heck, they got my dad to buy 150 dollars of makeup.


  8. OMG You have no idea how freaked out I was when i only decided to search about the forever flawless diamond product (the one with diamod shape/package) after I used it three days. I’m really afraid of having the diamond dust on my body. What a silly person I was thinking that that such a thing would not harm my body, especially when I am a science teacher who should have known better on these kind of stuff. I was of course reassured myself that my life is probably fine after I search all of the ingredients and it does not actually contain any diamond stuff. But I could not forget what the sales ladies said to me about having a diamond .

    Lesson learned. by the way, did you use it/finishing using it? I just wonder. Thanks for your blog post. it really helped me


  9. Annie - Montreal

    I too was given a sample of the lotion only last Monday. As the cute young salesman tried to usher me inside the store, I simply told him I had no time, maybe next time, and walked away ! In my youth, I too have spent at least $80, if not more, for beauty products that I probably could do without because it was hard to resist. Oh yeah, I was promised a free facial, but ladies, we all know that nothing is free, there is always a catch. Once you end up in their hands, they will use their charm on you ! I am now a 65 year old woman (and proud of it) and I get complimented on a daily basis how young I look and I only use Yves Rocher products, there you go !


  10. Shannon

    I just had a similar experience. I feel a wee bit silly, I’ve never spent that much on beauty products ever. I have, like you, read the ingredients and feel fine about what’s in them and what’s not. The young men who sold me were adorable with lovely accents. I’m in my mid 40s and I’m sure having such beautiful young men touching my face and complimenting me did not help me. BUT the products will be used so not entirely a waste and who knows I may look 10 years younger 😜


  11. Susan Abbott

    Thank you. I enjoyed reading your review. In a moment of weakness, I bought $500 USD worth of products. I’m headed back there for my free facial today. When she asked me how I liked the products…honestly they left a “crusty” mess on my skin. She told me to bring them in with me. So, I’ll make the best of it … exchange the two eye creams for their regular lotion (which, by the way, she threw in free with my order), isn’t horrible (totally not worth the price…but I’ll settle & find a way to be a little happier about spending a small fortune on this junk-o-la). There isn’t even anything there that I could “gift” away to a friend for my “lost” money. Oh well…live ‘n learn (in moments of weakness/vulnerability…don’t listen to any sales folks. Happy Mothers’ Day Ladies (which actually is a year-long thang). 🌺


  12. Vegasscam

    I too was bombarded in Vegas, I have used the products I purchased. I love the exfoliation product and the moisture complex however I am out of it and am looking for less expensive product similar to it. A Google- ing I go! Any suggestions?


    • Glad to hear you used and loved the products despite the aggressive sales techniques.

      I like any of the fruit enzyme or acid exfoliants, like Kate Somerville ExfoliKate, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Alpha Beta Glow Pads, or the Phytomer Vegetal Exfoliant. The downside is they also tend to be pricey, but I find they are better for sensitive/acne-prone skin than the physical or abrasive exfoliants.

      Hope you find something new that works for you!


  13. lucy

    this company is a scam… i was walking in yorkville (in toronto) and was approached my an employee who was standing outside the forever flawless store… he saw me coming out of bellair laser — which is an expensive clinic… he asked me if i had 5 minutes–he wanted to show me some products… so i went inside. he asked me how much i spent in bellair laser and asked me if i had a job…(he was trying to measure me and how much i was willing to pay for beauty) based on my answer he recommended that i buy the thermal mask for $600 and vitamin-c serum for $700… he also said beyonce, megan fox and eva longaria are his clients… of course i was impressed by his bullshit but it was too much for my budge… so he reduced the 2 products for $300… after using these products–i realized that these are no different than the $12 products from the local drug store. SCAM. BE AWARE.


  14. sonalm94

    Hey, I nominated you for the Blogger of the month award! There’s a giveaway involved! More info on my blog>>


  15. Ohh I hate scams like that! There are a few in London which give out free soap from the dead sea but then try and heard you in if you take it. I always avoid! x

    Jasmin Charlotte


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