How Adorable is Benefit’s new Benebalm?

Benefit Benebalm

Benefit Benebalm (with the original Benetint)

I was so excited when I heard Benefit was coming out with tinted lip balms to match their Lip & Cheek Stains. I love Benefit’s Benetint. What could be better than having it in lip balm form? How ridiculously cute is the red and pink polka-dot packaging!?

But I was also skeptical because the last time Benefit came out with lip products to “match” their famous boxed powders, it turned out to be pretty disappointing. The Ultra Plush Sheer Lip Glosses in Dandelion, Dallas, CORALista, Bella Bamba and Hoola were too sheer. I swatched them in Murale and none of them showed up on me 😦

I was not disappointed by the Benebalm! It has a lovely rosey red tint.

Benefit Benebalm Swatch

Benefit Benebalm Swatch

Benefit says it “conditions and hydrates with mango butter and sodium hyaluronate”. I do find it very hydrating and “balmy”. The best part is, it smells just like the original Benetint – that slight rose petal scent. If you are a fan of Benetint, you will probably like Benebalm. If you prefer any of the other Lip & Cheek Tints, there are matching lip balms for them too, in Posiebalm, Chachabalm and Lollibalm. They are $22.00 CAD at Sephora and Murale.

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8 responses to “How Adorable is Benefit’s new Benebalm?

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  5. The packaging is super cute, looks so nice:)

    xprincessjas | xx


  6. Suits your skin tone perfectly x


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