There’s a MAC Store in Pearson Airport!: Stopover Mini-Haul

MAC Store in Pearson Airport
Is it just me or does anyone else think having a MAC store in Pearson airport where you are literally trapped during stopovers, is simultaneously awesome and dangerous? 🙂

Toronto’s Pearson airport (for any curious non-Canadians) is basically the main hub for travel in Canada. I fly through here changing planes practically anytime I travel. I was returning from British Columbia last week when I discovered a MAC store had recently opened there. Not having a MAC store anywhere near where I live, I was ridiculously excited by this! lol.

I spent half an hour of what would have been an otherwise tedious stopover chatting with the very nice and friendly sales assistants and trying on lipsticks. In the end, I was good and only left with one new lipstick (mainly because I had recently placed an online order which I correctly suspected was waiting for me upon returning home). I discovered Syrup, a super pretty Lustre lipstick, which is my favourite type of finish out of all the MAC lipsticks.

MAC lipstick in Syrup

MAC lipstick in “Syrup”

Swatch: MAC Syrup

Swatch Lovin: MAC Syrup

(Sorry about the creepy clawlikeness of my hand in this swatch pic)

MAC describes this shade as “cloudy pink”. I would say its a cool toned, purpley-pink. It looks a little more mauvey-pink on me, but I think it might be one of those shades that looks more pink or more purple depending on your skin tone. It has that sheer, glossy, hydrating finish that I love about MAC’s Lustres. It feels so nice on the lips.

So…what was waiting for me when I returned home? Check in with me again for my next post to see swatches and reviews of some MAC limited edition lip products! 🙂

Thanks so much for stopping by ❤


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2 responses to “There’s a MAC Store in Pearson Airport!: Stopover Mini-Haul

  1. Ohh that is a lovely shade! I don’t have any mac lipsticks – I am definitely missing out!


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